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6 June 22nd, 2011 CONFIRMED: Amanda Setton set for a return to One Life to Live!


It’s official! Amanda Setton is set to return to One Life to Live to reprise the role of Kimberly Andrews in August! Setton created the role of the OLTL troublemaker August 2009 and was last seen in April 2010 when she was run out of town by David Vickers Buchanan (Tuc Watkins).  Will the latest ex-Mrs. Clint Buchanan return for revenge or to rekindle her relationship now that Clint (Jerry verDorn) is getting a second chance at life?

“I am thrilled to be returning to One Life to Live’ said Setton.  “I had such a great time working with everyone at OLTL and I am looking forward to the trouble that Kim will get into once she is back in town.”

The New York native New Yorker is also known to television audiences as Penelope on Gossip Girl. Among her additional film and television credits are Sex and the City, What Happens in Vegas, Blue Bloods and Mercy.

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  1. wednesday says:



  2. Brian T says:

    I did kinda like Kim but I am assuming her return has something to do with Clint and Dorian/David’s s/l. I would much rather have KISH come back for a return. They should be there for Gigi’s memorial along with Marcie and Michael.


  3. todd says:

    Great news! Amanda was great at playing Kim. She won us over. We wanted to hate Stacy’s stripper pal, but Amanda made us love her. I couldn’t be happier. Thank the soap Gods!


  4. thursday says:

    Annoying and strange looking girl…OLTL really hate their fans.


  5. david says:

    I am happy she’s returning. Her relationship with Clint was fun and trashy. Poor Clint has had such a difficult time with his heart attack and being hated by his family. Kim is just what he needs to get back shape and start making trouble for everyone all over again.


  6. Ceridwyn2 says:

    While I didn’t like Crystal Hunt’s Stacey, I did like Setton’s Kim. That was fun. And I liked Kim. I loved how she called Jessica and Natalie as the ‘heiress twins’. :)


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