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10 December 7th, 2011 CONFIRMED: Bryan Dattlio is returning to Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: Peter Randolph

Great news for DAYS fans who have been excited about the recent rumors and sitings of Bryan Dattilo on the set of of the NBC soap.  Well today, Soap Opera Digest is confirming exclusively that Bryan is returning to the role of Lucas Horton.

DAYS Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng noted “We are very excited Bryan Dattilo, who has been greatly missed on the show, is back in Salem. The reset of DAYS is about bringing core families back together, rekindling old romances, and sparking new ones.”

Dattilo will first be seen on-air in late February 2012.   We can only believe that when Lucas returns to the canvas it will be smack dab in the middle of his son, Will’s important coming out storyline.  And who will Lucas be linked with romantically this time out? Stay tuned!

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  1. Michael Jenkins says:

    Great news!


  2. Eldea says:

    The show should bring back Tamara braun as Ava,pair him w/Lucas,he needs somebody w/edge


  3. Nicole says:

    FINALLY. I’ve missed this guy so much. Was tired of seeing Days without him. I mean, c’mon, it’s Lucas. Definitely one of my favorites. Welcome back Bryan Dattilo! I was waiting on this return :-)


  4. LUMIly says:


    you all know Im very happy he will be back on our TV around the end of Feb:2012 :) )


  5. Kaitlyn says:

    Awesome! Lucas is awesome! I just hope that there is no LUMI romance. Sami belongs with EJ!


    Chell replied

    Sami belongs with EJ!

    All I can say about that is, Not!

    Very happy to hear Brian is coming back to DAYS as Lucus. He is a great actor that is needed on the canvas of DAYS for his son.


  6. Emily says:

    Sami’s got her hands full. Let’s not go there with Carrie again. How many times can he be rejected by Carrie anyway? They could bring Carly back for him or maybe cast someone as Kimberly Brady’s daughter– maybe someone from AMC or OLTL. Bree Williamson maybe?


  7. LUMIly says:

    Lucas is coming back to help his son Will Horton,
    and I hope thats all it will be about,Lucas and his his.


  8. AlistairCrane says:

    LUMI forever!!! I hope Sami and Rafe split when he learns she cheated. And Sami shouldn’t EVER be paired with her rapist EJ. Lucas is Sami’s soulmate and her best choice of partner. Scratch that. There is no choice! Lucas is the ONLY man for Sami!!!


  9. LUMIly says:

    Im so happy Bry is back,but I always thought he and Julie Pinson would make a nice,loving couple.
    Sami and Lucas make better friends,


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