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5 June 9th, 2011 CONFIRMED: Carlivati to GH…BUT will finish writing OLTL till the end!

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OK… now we can all take a deep breath and be happy!  Hot on the heels of Robin Strasser’s tweet this morning that One Life to Live’s head writer, Ron Carlivati was on his way to General Hospital for a script writing position possibly co-head writing position, comes word and confirmation from ABC Soaps In Depth that it is indeed true!

So Ron will be heading over to GH to bring some much needed emotional and clever storytelling to the characters of Port Charles . And, we can confirm he is NOT leaving OLTL early!  He will be staying put writing all the episodes up till we have to say goodbye to OLTL in January 2012!

What do you think of this news, soapers?

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  1. Sean says:

    Him coming aboard makes it appear TPTB are in fact invested in GH, not just biding its time til sinking. Perhaps a life raft has been hoisted?


  2. todd says:

    That sort of ends all hope of OLTL being saved. I don’t know if he can make a difference at GH. It will not be OLTL. GH does not possess the characters I care about. The actresses on OLTL made RC’s writing seem so fresh, compelling, humorously campy, and a little smarter than most.


  3. jbj says:

    While nothing can make up for the death of the best and last East Coast soap, I’m really happy to hear this news. I still love many of the actors on GH, even if I can’t stand their characters anymore. I think RonC, like Garin Wolf, can write to their strengths, instead of using them as puppets for his own agenda. I am, however, going to start playing the which-GH-character-is-going-to-fall-into-a-RonC-archetype game. Should Tracy or Alexis become the new Dorian? I lean toward Tracy, with NLG as the new Nora, but that seems too obvious…


    ario replied

    ok, i’m so tired of everyone acting like
    gH is the worst soap on the air, or of all times. yes bob guza was awfull and shoud of been gone years ago, yet
    gH is still one of the soap w/ the best cast, a very rich history and hopefully now that its got new writers it will live up to its legacy, GH has a richer history then oltl an amc combine. it has a record 10 emmy as best soap opera, no matter what you all say when all soap are gone from the air it will also go down in history as the best soap of all times. so no matter what you amc oltl dool,yr,bb and any other soap opera out their, thinks how awful gh is now, the fact is GH has a better record then all those soaps. so to compare characters from oltl like if their legacy characters is a joke, oltl is so cartoonish, yes its entertaining but its also cheesy, which might explain why they only have one best show once. so to you all amc and oltl fans i’m sad your shows got cancelled buy abc did not make a mistake on cancelling the wrong show, i.e GH VS OLTL. so enough w/ the wrong show got cancelled swan song, its getting old…


    jbj replied

    GH is the first TV show I remember watching, 30 years ago. I’ve picked up and dropped several soaps since then, but have always folllowed GH. Kim Mc is my sister from another mister. GH has never been the worst soap ever, even during the poison balls storyline or the aborted Ice Princess-Part Deux storyline. That place in hell is reserved for Passions, although it should be for the Bold and the Beautiful (but its ratings are consistently decent).

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