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1 June 7th, 2010 Confirmed: James Franco’s momma to GH too!

When James Franco returns to General Hospital this summer for more freaky behavior, as the artist whose canvas is murder ”Franco”,  his real-life mother will join him, too!   Daytime Confidential’s, Jamey Giddens broke the story, and now ABC Soaps In Depth is confirming it.

As previously reported, James returns to GH on Wednesday, June 30, and his mom Betsy Franco, will begin a short-term role on Friday, July 2, when Spinelli tracks down “Franco’s” mom.

Wow! There has been a lot of mom’s and their sons on the soaps recently, right? Think of Scott Evans and his mom, Lisa, on One Life to Live!  That makes me ponder: should I have my mom come on On-Air On-Soaps and jump on the bandwagon?

Anyway, should be cool to see Betsy and James together on General Hospital! What did this mother do to make “Franco” such a whack-job? Hmmm.

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  1. Doe says:

    Does James Franco’s mom have an acting background? I don’t get it. Do the producer’s think that will boost ratings? Well, we will all see how that goes. I do think Franco is excellant all by himself, though….


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