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10 May 25th, 2011 CONFIRMED: Jeff Branson heads back to Y&R!

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Late last week fans of The Young and the Restless know that Daytime Emmy winner, Jeff Branson tweeted that he “may have good news” for fans of Ronan! And now CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting today that Branson is indeed heading back to Genoa City!

According to SID, “A Y&R rep confirms that Branson will be back on-screen in the coming weeks.”  So where has Ronan been? Let’s hope we get some answers. What do you think will precipitate his re-emergence on to the canvas? And, for how long will Branson stick around this time?

Stay tuned!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I adore Jeff Branson and I’m thrilled to hear he’s returning to Y&R. It hasn’t been the same without him, but I’ll admit–I’d be even more thrilled if Gina Tognoni would join the show after OLTL ends. Those two made a great on-screen pair on GL.


  2. NoCBSWelfare4Writers says:

    I am trying to figure out WHY MAB would piss off FanBases of characters already on Y&R to the point of Exit, but then clamor to bring over Actors from other soaps that have failed because of poor ratings. Ronan’s character is a prime example. Not every viewer is a long-term one nor a fan of multiple shows. No offence to the actor but he is NOT a fit for Y&R at this time but then, neither is Nina, Paul, Diane and a Host of others, including the recently hired Genie Francis. Does MAB have any idea of where Y&R is headed, I mean really?


  3. Justin says:

    Interesting. Just when we find out Tucker has a son. Coincidence? Did we ever find out who his father was? Ronan comes to town to save his father’s life? Stay tuned!


    Samalcis replied

    wtf? Then you’re saying Tucker Raped Nina…? Cuz that be the only way he’d be Baby Daddy…duh! Glad you’re not writing for show…LMAO


    lisa replied

    Tucker isn’t Ronan’s father….it was already established when Ronan found out he was sick ….he looked up his bio -dad and found out he had died from the same disease.

    Justin replied

    This is a soap…why would it not make sense? After all Cane just came back to life! Maybe it would be better if we all wrote the show instead of the DA’s that are!

  4. Lisamaria says:

    Good news! I really hated the way they just sent him off and left us (and poor Nina) hanging. Finally we will get some answers!


    Samalcis replied

    who cares anymore though??? All boring…including Nina zzzzzz
    In and out sons on rotation….??
    Y&R needs to decide on which quick…
    cuz we are all sick of it…


  5. lisa says:

    Just watched John Driscoll’s (Chance) exit earlier this week.
    And was wondering if we’d ever see Ronan again….I had a feeling that story wasn’t quite fininished.
    I am very glad Jeff Branson will be back.


    chris replied

    Glad he is coming back,hopefully not to be with heather,please. wish they would hurry up and bring him back,tired of waiting. love him.


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