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19 March 5th, 2012 CONFIRMED: Kristina Wagner back to GH! First Airdates Late April!


Soap Opera Digest is confirming this afternoon through a GH spokesperson that Kristina Wagner is indeed heading back to Port Charles to reprise the role of Felicia Jones-Scorpio!

Finally after many false starts, rumors and a fantastic tweet from soap columnist, Carolyn Hinsey, fan favorite Wagner is on her way back to the series as the new creative team of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati continue to lure back to the show the big names from General Hospital’s heyday!

Look for Kristina to first hit the airwaves in late April! And, as we have been reporting their are more return in the works! Stay tuned!

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  1. Jack says:

    Finally! Now could we get Jack Wagner returning to GH? That would be perfect! Even if it would be for a brief visit, I would take it!


  2. Mark F. says:

    This is very good news, indeed!! Bring back Jon Lindstrom, Kin Shriner, Billy Warlock, Stuart Damon, Lindze Letherman, Jacklyn Zeman, Lynn Herring and that will really be the icing on the cake!! :)


    ethel replied

    I agree!!!


    Robert C replied

    If i am not wrong the characters of 3 of those people on your list are dead how would you bring them back on the show.


    lipstickcat replied

    Has that ever stopped them before?!

    Mark F. replied

    My thoughts exactly lipstickcat!!!


    Christy replied

    could have some heaven scenes! :-)


  3. Teresa says:

    I am so excited. Not only for Kristina’s return but now that the new regime’s episodes are in full swing I’m on the edge of my seat everyday. I hate and LOVE the cliffhangers each day and the quick movement is a very nice change. I absolutely can’t wait to watch the next day to find out what happens. NOW THIS IS WHAT SOAPS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT, and what got me hooked 40 years ago.


  4. Debi says:

    I feel like its my birthday. Scotty, now Felicia! :)
    Maybe with my girl Felicia back, we will finally see her and Mac forever??

    WELCOME Kristina, Kin, Kassie, Kristin & Todd!!!!!!!


    Debi replied

    Are Scott & Felicia coming back as long as Robert did?


  5. Michael S says:

    Woo-hoo! Kristen Storms has to return now!


  6. Chantal says:

    I just can’t wait! It’s a dream come true! Never thought I would see Felicia again on GH. Now, if Frisco could just follow…


  7. BR says:

    That’s great news….. but sorry to tell, but RavenBeauty spoiled this in early February. Check her column.


    Heather replied

    Who cares about RavenBeauty. Half of her rumors are false.


    Debi replied

    LMAO Heather. Isn’t it strange how some people worship Raven like she is some Saint? Cult leader? Half her rumors are false, and usually the other half you can get the information if you search hard enough yourself.

    BR replied

    Sure think what you want. Actually go look. It’s all documented.

  8. Deshawn says:

    I’m so glad Felicia’s back now bring back Sean donely


  9. Debi says:

    NO Frisco & Felicia are OVER.
    I want her with Mac. Teach Alexis a lesson!
    That isn’t to say I don’t want Frisco back, because I do.
    Reality they both have moved on in the real world, they should as well on the set. jmo


  10. JanH says:

    Love that they are bringing so many back… Finola, Tristan, Emma…now Kristina… My only issue is that they never stay (look at Vanessa…) They stick for a few months maybe a year and then they’re gone…no wonder everything has to always revolve around Sonny and Jason…they don’t ever go anywhere. Hopefully the new writers/producer will keep some of them around for a while in addition to utilizing the entire cast more… Now bring back some Q’s!!


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