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4 February 22nd, 2011 Confirmed: Sarah Brown moved to recurring status on B&B!

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As many had already guessed something was up with the status of Sarah Brown, when the three-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actress was not featured in the dazzling new opening sequence of The Bold and the Beautiful that premiered on-air this week!

Brown, who came on with strong story as Aggie/Sandy in November 2009 has been languishing on the back-burner, and while a official show spokesperson confirmed Brown’s drop to recurring status to CBS Soaps in Depth, the show also confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that just because Brown is on recurring does not mean she will not be seen on the series.

On-Air On-Soaps thinks Sarah is one of the best actresses around, and if B&B isn’t going to fully utilize her, then perhaps she might be better served elsewhere.  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. PT says:

    It’s BOLD’S lost. Too bad too sad that BBell insist on parading the likes of Hope aka Hopeless and her harem of DULL men over a three time EMMY winner like SJB…..Not to mention the ENDLESS parading of Brooke and Ridge the show’s STUPOR couple who FIZZLED and SIZZLED out way back in the 90s. If BBell thought the 1.9 was something for the PSA EPPY of Nick CIGAR smoking, then let him keep parading the aforementioned characters along with Scamber aka Amber while FAN FAVES like Taylor takes a unspoken recurring status along with John McCook. The show IMO has become a LAUGHING stock that LACKS drama….BBell doesn’t have the WRITING staff or the CREATIVITY to write for the likes of SJB and Rick Hearst…..Me thinks Bold will SOON meet the fate of ATWT, Passions and GL!!!! Hence, and RIGHTFULLY so with the lack of BALANCE on the show.


  2. Rob says:

    She was never really given a story or a reason to like or dislike her. Its a shame that she can actually act unlike most of the existing cast. Ive kind of given up on this show since the cringe-worthy Thomas/Brooke storyline. Now out of nowhere Thomas has the hots for Daizee?!?!? When Thorne half joked that maybe Thomas was gay I had hope thats the direction teh story would take but apparantly there are no gays in fashion in LA.


  3. mary says:

    They do not want Emmy winners to overshadow their leads.
    They are really desperate to get one right now, making one of them looking like Mother of the year!!

    The show became all about backstage politics.
    Viewers are lost with what is going on with this show.
    Repetitious stuff and BORING!!!


  4. Terry says:

    I am sick of this lacking of balance of this show.
    This everybody loves Brooke, Brooke the almighty.. made me dislike the character airhogging all through
    the year. You have to be involved with her to be on screen no matter what.
    Some thinks dissing Taylor make her look better and they are wrong.
    It does not work unless Taylor is on the show, and all the columnists, like NB and this one, SID, SOC
    are all in on this. They even ignore the portrayer of Taylor and bash her endlessly bullying her on internet.
    It does not make a pretty picture for Brooke and her drivel.

    And I am not even a Taylor’s fan.


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