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10 January 5th, 2017 Connie Britton Confirms “She’s In” For The Duration Of New Season Of Nashville! Official Two-Hour Premiere Tonight On CMT!


The official two-hour season premiere of Nashville is set to air tonight on January 5th oat 9ET/8CT on CMT!  And while Nashies are about to get their fix of the music city drama,  there was one big open question looming over this season.  Would series star Connie Britton (Rayna) being bowing out after the first 11 episodes or so of the 22 installment fifth season?

The answer came during Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen Show, when DeGeneres was interviewing Britton previewing tonight’s premiere.  When asked about the rumors that she was exiting the show early this seaon, Britton kiboshed it, stating: . “I’m in. I’m for the duration, and we’re about to start a new season.”

Connie went on to add:  “It’s an exciting new season because we have new showrunners, so we have new writers and the stories I think it’s going to get us to back to what Nashville is about and what the stories and characters are, and what that town is and what the music is.”

Excited to hear Britton will star in the new full-season of Nashville? Ready for the two-hour premiere (part one was already seen by some during a special sneak preview on CMT that aired in December).  Comment below!

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  1. sonniorsolita says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Great news. Really looking forward to the new season.


  2. davlestev1 says:

    They must have paid her what she was asking. New writers compelled me…indeed…not buying that load!!


  3. PennySoap says:

    Yes! Can’t wait to watch tonight!


  4. rebecca1 says:

    Thrilled that she’s staying but not thrilled with the new adaptation so far…much preferred the ABC version. Hoping it’ll get better; the writers (from their other shows) are great so my expectations were high.


  5. nancy dillingham says:

    The show was much better written–cohesive and compelling storytelling. I am much encouraged–and delighted to see the new producers. Characters presented in a more positive and upbeat manner. Sounds promising. I will watch this season.


    rebecca1 replied

    Nancy…I just saw your comment regarding the “new” Nashville! “Characters presented in a more positive and upbeat manner”…what!!!??? LOL. It’s been nothing but gloom and doom in the first two episodes. Juliette is in a deep depression, Scarlett is depressed over Gunner, Gunner is frustrated about it, Rayna is soul searching and lost, Deacon doesn’t have confidence in himself, Maddie was once again pissed at her sister, Will is once again conflicted..there was not ONE character who was upbeat! I have no idea what you were watching…

    I’m still a great supporter of the show and thrilled it’s back and Connie is staying for the season..but it’s not been “upbeat” in any sense of the word.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Yes, you read correctly rebecca,1, the show is upbeat because it leaves much room for HOPE. Deacon and Rayna love each other–he flew all that way because he was worried. Juliette is ALIVE (OMG–if that’s not hopeful, I don’t know what is??!!!!)–and she is SEARCHING for some meaning as to why she is alive–and the story indicates that she WILL find it. Scarlett may have initially been depressed BUT she went home and talked it through with Gunner–isn’t that HOPEFUL? Maddie apologized for treating her sister badly–and is writing with her–isn’t that HOPEFUL? Aren’t we all conflicted? That what drama (and life) is all about? And the story arc looks hopeful to me. Will has been through a lot and possibly come through with some acquired wisdom–isn’t that what we ALL strive for? And isn’t that HOPEFUL?
    I guess we all see what we wish to see–and I see hope–and, as I said, more compelling–and, yes, upbeat OUTCOMES.
    What show were YOU watching, you asked me. Guess I’ll just ask you the same.

    nancy dillingham replied

    And, aren’t you excited about the new producers–the same on that produced a wonderfully successful show (s)?
    Well, in an interview the congenial actor that plays Deacon says in HE’S excited (and he sounded VERY UPBEAT and HOPEFUL. That counts for a lot in my book.
    And Hayden P. (who plays Juliette sounded very positive and UPBEAT about the show on Harry Connick’s show AND Good Morning, America.

    rebecca1 replied

    Well first let me say I find Harry’s show totally boring. Watched it twice and that was it for me.

    Second…drama is not the same as upbeat. Upbeat is happy, fun, playful, cheerful…The show, at this point, is none of these. We already knew all these couples loved/love each other. Nothing new there. We already knew Juliette would be alive. The story opened and everything/everyone was dark. Rayna was depressed and had to find herself, Juliette was understandably shaken and depressed, too. Maddie, even though the ABC show ended with her coming back to her family and embracing them all (including her sister) was suddenly morose and nasty to her sister, again, for the majority of the episode. Gunner and Scarlett, again when we last left off on ABC, were back in love…suddenly…she was doubting him again. We barely saw Avery other than him wheeling Juliette around. Now, yes, this can all be good drama. But…in ONE episode? That’s how they chose to premiere the new version? I found it “heavy”. No happiness to be found.

    Second episode was bit better but I found the gushy too-much repetitive talk between Rayna and Deacon boring and sappy. Will? Nothing’s changed with him. He was lusting and missing his boyfriend on ABC…now that he got him back he’s tempted and conflicted over his attraction for the designer. When we left them on ABC they were happy and getting back together and suddenly Will’s back to internal conflict.

    I don’t enjou seeing Juliette having some sort of religious revelation. LOL..just not the sort of story I enjoy. I want the show that I loved on the ABC version…friendship, community, joy of music, collaboration…loved seeing Avery, Scarlett and Gunner making music together, loved seeing Will in the house interacting with them, loved Rayna and her manager, Avery in the bar he worked at…just “the scene.” I MISS Will! I loved his character. And, as I said in my post…the entire Nashville scene was very inviting. Sense of community; everyone knew each other, interacted…a very tight knit microcosm.

    I also said, yes, I love the writers. I know they’ve done some very good work and I anticipated loving their version. I’m not giving up. I’m “hoping” that the show will get back to the characters, including the town, “Nashville” that held its allure for me. I find it, so far, too much soapy melodrama…and the characters not as I remember them.

    rebecca1 replied

    Oh, and of course Charles Esten (Deacon) is going to say positive things about the show. He’s on it! LOL…they go on talk shows to promote their shows. Part of the job…

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