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4 May 10th, 2011 Constance Towers returns as Helena to General Hospital!


Watch out Lucky and Liz! Evil Helena Cassadine is heading back to Port Charles, which means our favorite villainess Constance Towers is set for anoher return to GH!, just as the truth about baby Aiden’s paternity set to explode.

According to TV Guide, “Helena will show up in Port Charles the week of June 27, “arriving at the Spencer family home — much to Lucky’s surprise — with an agenda and Aiden in tow. Helena had intended to keep her wicked secret for years — only using it to her advantage when the timing was right — but the recent firing of Christopher made it necessary to speed up the plot.”  Stay tuned!

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  1. leah says:

    I wish Guza and Frons would do the decent think and resign. Frons destroyed Daytime and may bring down the whole network. Guza has been muckin’ up the writing. Pure planned sabotage. Why wont anyone call them one it? Now they bring back Helena. She only reminds me of multiple dropped story lines… And Tyler should not have been fired… No wonder gh is number 3..


  2. Susan says:

    Hope General Hospital can make Constance Tower’s return worthwhile.

    Somehow I doubt the storyline for Helena will be an exciting one.

    Lately, Guza has become the king of never ending story lines and lazy writing..


  3. ethel says:

    i love helena & i only pray that her return doesn’t flop – the writers better not disappoint us this time around
    i guess tyler will be gone when she arrives – what a asinine move to get rid of nicholas!


  4. FP says:

    Both Constance and Tyler deserve so much better than GH is capable of giving them. Guza has made it painfully clear how little he cares about the Cassadines, so I’m not expecting the writing for Nik and Helena’s final scenes together to be much. And ITA that firing Tyler was an idiotic move.


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