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10 April 13th, 2011 Could a Katie Couric daytime talk show replace OLTL or AMC?

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News out of Variety, has that CBS News anchor, Katie Couric maybe headed to ABC Daytime with her own network talk show, which then potentially could replace one of the soaps in the line-up!  As many are aware there are continuous rumors that either One Life to Live or All My Children is on the chopping block, as the network looks to “freshen-up” their day-part programming.

Variety said,  “The speculation about Katie Couric’s future yak show plans has centered on her cutting a syndication deal. But sources indicate there’s a strong chance that ABC will put a network daytime slot on the table when the bidding for Couric begins in earnest as she sets her segue from The CBS Evening News. It’s no secret that ABC intends to pare down its three-hour slate of daytime sudsers (All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live) in the coming years. A Couric show could be a high-profile transition for the Alphabet in one of the time slots now occupied by its decades-old serials.

ABC’s selling point might be the stability of a uniform network timeslot and the fact that its O&O and affiliate stations tend to be stronger in daytime than its rivals — particularly the NBC O&Os. On the other hand, a network show could not offer the same kind of potential windfall of a first-run syndie strip, which in success can be a license to print money (just ask Oprah).”

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  1. sondra says:

    ABC already has the view. People don’t watch Couric on evening news why would we watch her on a talk show. I am sick of talk shows. I want to be entertained. Not given more talking heads who think their opinions are so valuable.


  2. Lori says:

    I am sorry if they can even think by the possible canc of either one this soaps.And then try to replace it with Katie Couric talked show .ABC is dreaming I sorry I just don’t find her that good enough to even handle what they have to do in a talk show. Yea she did the today show,but that wasn’t that good she needs to have some pretty good writers then.She wasn’t one to asked the right question in a right matter.So I am sorry they will lose viewer in my opionion.This would be the stupid idea they could even think of I know I would have a neighbor who would so upset.Since that is all she watches is the ABC soaps show.


  3. Brian says:

    If ABC cancels OLTL i will never watch ABC again!


    leah replied

    i agree with you and i would boycott everything disney. maybe its time to really organize. contact sponsors.. They cant get away with this.


    Lynn replied

    There is no way I would watch couric doing anything daytime or nighttime…she is full of herself…and way overrated. I agree if they put her on and replace the soaps, I will never watch ABC again, that includes nighttime too.

  4. ture says:

    M**key face better stay away.


  5. lynn malone says:

    Hope not!!!!! Enough talk shows already.


  6. lew says:

    What is wrong with the network brass at ABC?!!!! I like Katie Couric, but like Sondra said, if people are not watching her on CBS News, what makes them think they she will be watched during the daytime hours? Leave the daytime schedule as is. Stop rotating writers from cancelled soaps and GIVE THE VIEWERS WHAT THEY WANT!!!


  7. leah says:

    some one should tell Katie we dont want her.. I am so sick of talk show tv, why cant she take oprah’s slot.. and lets call it a day.. by the way did anyone notice on the day Oprah had soap stars on she seem to of snubbed OLTL.
    shame on kate for wanting to be a part of destroying day time. T.v. is the view not enough? or over talkative kelly rippa- do we really have to have another talk show really?!


  8. Kathy says:

    I have no desire to see or hear Katie Couric during the daytime let alone anytime. Why does she think people want to chow down on their lunch with her? All My Children recently made a costly move to LA, why she thinks its ok to dump them is beyond understanding. Oh thats right shes getting the heave ho, so shes going after someone else…sounds just like her.


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