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13 May 20th, 2011 Could GH be writing off Rademacher & Marcil Giovinazzo together?


If you picked up the latest edition of Soap Opera Weekly on newsstands now, there is  front page cover image of General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo with the words “Bye-Bye!”  on it.

So the question remains, and the speculation begins.  In light of the current storyline where Jax is having huge issue’s with Carly and Brenda is having huge issue’s with Sonny, and both over baby dramas, plus Jax seemingly being the white knight to always come to the aid of Brenda, this scenario does look ripe to precipitate the exit of Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo ( who recently told Access Hollywood, “My time is almost done” referring to her contract with GH) and Ingo!


Add that to the fact, that Rademacher has consistenly been seeing less air time, and this exit strategy or scenario would seem to make sense.

So, if we had to lose both Ingo and Vanessa as contract and/or canvas casualties would you be cool with GH sending them off together? Let us know.

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  1. LL says:

    The sooner she is off my screen the better. I can stand the horrible fake crying anymore!!!!


  2. Sherry says:

    I’m not so sure I would be ok with Ingo (jax) and Vanessa (Brenda) leaving together… but that’s what TPTB will probably do…


  3. kasaundra says:

    He** no!!!I am not okay w/that one little bit. In 2003, when Jax broke off the wedding to Brenda, as far as I’m concerned, Brax ended there. I only see friendship w/Jax and Brenda. Brenda does and always will be totally inlove w/Sonny. If anything I could see Brenda leaving w/her son Alec but not with Jax. However I’m going to stay positive and say that I don’t think VMG is leaving any time soon!!!I don’t even buy what the cover of SOW is saying!!!Until she makes a statement about it, I’m going to stay positive and say that she’s staying for a while or at least until August. If Ingo leaves, it will be from another s/l but he’s getting ready to go into a big custody battle w/Carly so who really knows if he’s leaving!!!


  4. sondra says:

    Keep Ingo. Let Brenda go. Guza has turned her into a whiney, neurotic person I don’t even recognize. Makes no sense she instantly fell in love with Lucien and feels nothing for Alex. Could it be he is Jax’s?


  5. Em says:

    hell no!!! Brenda belongs with Sonny, her husband! GH gives us this great wedding finally and the two need to be together! So long Jax, Sorry Ingo!


  6. Gina says:

    I don’t know how they could let Brenda & Jax leave together. She came back & said she loved Sonny for all those years & that she could not be without him. They just got married give them time to be happy!! I do not understand the writting latley..


  7. Jules says:

    VML has either phoned it in or it’s the writing….totally lame story lines since she came. The Brenda character is totally different and VML does not seem at all invested. Neither does MB. They have little connection or chemistry any longer. What a wasted opportunity.


  8. MimiC5812 says:

    Absolutely not! Jax deserves a proper send off, but not by walking away with Brenda. The whole Sonny and Brenda storyline has been destroyed by the forced interjection of Jax. None of it is realistic which probably accounts for the loss in ratings.


  9. lisa says:

    brenda and sonny will always belong to each other. the writing for this epic couple has sucked almost from day one with a few exceptions like the wedding. to add insult to injury they have messed with brenda’s character making her too weak and childish. now they have continued to destroy their connection by distancing them emotionally from each other every since the wedding! no wonder gh has bad ratings now. gh needs to put this couple back on course asap. leave jax and carly out of it!


  10. Novelafan says:

    I’ve been a fan of the Sonny/Brenda/Jax storyline for years. Yes, I think the writers have clearly showed that Brenda may have an all-consuming love for Sonny it is not practical in reality. They never really can sustain a relationship–love is not enough. Jax, on the other hand, is a man Brenda has also loved but not with the same level of passion. I think Jax and Brenda can have their happily ever after now that she had an opportunity to be with Sonny.

    Finally, I think TPTB really see Carly as Sonny’s true love and partner.


  11. margie Dalton says:

    That probably be a good exiit. Now that Brenda & Sonny finally married was hoping for a long contact.


  12. dominicsmythe says:

    NO NO NO would be so mad and upset that I would leave GH!! the love of sonny’s life is brenda; she makes him a better man and she makes him happier than he’s ever been. not sure sonny deserves brenda’s love, but i always wanted to see a s/l evolve where sonny does earn her love, eg. he leaves the mob for her and his children. jax will always be a very dear friend to jax and someone who treated her well HOWEVER he said he didn’t love her. that was a deal breaker and brenda can never forgive him. sonny, on the other hand, for all his flaws has loved brenda all his life. before GH gets canceled i hope and pray vanessa marcil returns to reunite her character brenda back with sonny. that’s the only acceptable ending!


  13. SnBalways says:

    I have and will always hope for Sonny and Brenda to be together. I hate what the writers have done to these two characters, they have really done them an injustice. I don’t blame Vanessa for leaving, she understands that they are completely ruining Sonny and Brenda. Although, I loved the wedding it is obvious that they will run one of the hottest supercouples to ever hit TV into the ground.


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