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9 July 16th, 2013 Could Michael Muhney Be Appearing in Veronica Mars Movie as Sheriff Lamb?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Rob Thomas, who created the television show Veronica Mars, will  deliver on his promise to share big news about the Veronica Mars Movie that was fan-financed on Kickstarter! The record-breaking campaign raised their hoped-for $2 million in less than 10 hours, in large part from fans who had been starved for more stories of the young female sleuth.

Now this week, in addition to to giving details about the official fan event happening as well as of their panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con,  Thomas also shared a very interesting photo from the set.  One that has fans abuzz that The Young and the Restless star, Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) and the former Sheriff Lamb of Veronica Mars, might be making a return in the movie even though the Sheriff was killed-off!

For some clues to this Zap2it reported on the photo in question, “The picture is pretty simple, a photo of someone’s trailer door. However, the mystery comes with the name written on a piece of tape attached to the trailer, Sheriff Lamb.   Marshmallows will remember that Sheriff Don Lamb (played by Muhney) was killed in the third season, after being hit in the head with a baseball bat.

Zap2it speculates stating about the photo and what it means, “So, is Muhney returning? If so, how do they explain this one away? Is it something as simple as a flashback scene, or is it a case of Zombie Sheriff Lamb? A very plausible explanation could be that Lamb’s little brother or sister is now Sheriff of Balboa County, where the show is set.   

It won’t take long to find out for sure, as Thomas promises to explain the photo Wednesday (July 17).   At that time, he’ll also unveil a special website just for Kickstarter backers.  Then, of course, there’s Comic-Con on Friday, when all of the main players will take the stage in Hall H to greet their fans and show off the first footage from the movie. There will be a second chance to see the cast and watch pieces of the movie at a second event, organized by Thomas, Friday night at the Horton Plaza Regal Cinema in San Diego.”

In addition, according to the L.A. Times, Rob Thomas has signed on to co-write two Veronica Mars books. The first will be about an adult Mars and pick up where the movie leaves off.   Vintage, the publisher which will be putting out the books, hopes that fans will be equally hungry for books about Veronica Mars. The television show, which starred Kristen Bell, ran from 2004-07 and was canceled despite pleas from avid fans.

So with Veronica Mars having a renaissance, do you hope Sheriff Lamb is alive and well? In a flashback? Would you like to see Michael Muhney n in the motion picture version?  Are you a fans of Veronica Mars?  Share your thoughts below!



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  1. Alice says:

    Oh please let this be true!!! Loved him on that show!!!


  2. Annie says:

    A day or two after the movie was announced, I tweeted MM and asked him if he had been approached. He tweeted me back (which was kinda cool!) and said that he was not approached but that he was very happy for the cast and crew. Things definitely could have changed since then, but at least initially, he was not in the script.


  3. Margie says:

    Yes! Michael Muhney has been weird on the topic of VM. He tweeted early on (like the day VM got to 2 million) that fans should not bug Rob with letters and e-mails begging for Lamb to be back – which made me really want him back all the more.


  4. bstanley says:

    Yes. I love Michael Muhney in anything. He was great on Veronica Mars and he is even greater on Young and Restless. He is so sexy and talented. Would love for him to return. Yes, Yes, Yes.


  5. Mary SF says:

    It could explain why he wasn’t on Y&R much lately-


    Ryan replied

    He hasn’t been on Y&R Much lately because Dylan is on 4 days a week.


  6. Justin says:

    Jerry O’Connell got the part according to the Hollywood Reporter.


  7. MBmomof3 says:

    I loooooved MM as Sheriff Lamb on VM! My family and I loved this show and can’t wait for the movie. I’d love the books too. Yes to MM as Sheriff Lamb and YES to Veronica Mars! YEAH!

    If MM can’t return as Lamb, then they should just leave the character dead. No need to recast this character.


  8. bc says:

    It’s really weird that hollywood is pretty much begging for people to finance their films thru these campaign fundraising efforts. It’s great though that a number of campaigns failed to raise the funds they need for their vanity projects. The worst one has to be music video of zozia mamet from low rated hbo soap opera “girls” w/c has no racial diversity from its cast despite it being ny based. Stupid zozia couldn’t even proofread her little pitch for funds when she didn’t correctly spell the word privilege. This jewish daughter of playwright and conservative convert david mamet couldn’t spell the word privilege. Hilarious!


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