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14 July 8th, 2011 Could Victoria Rowell finally be heading back to Y&R?

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In a series of tweets on her Twitter account over the last 24 hours, Victoria Rowell (Ex-Drucilla Winters) was enthusiastic about the changes behind the scenes at Y&R and DAYS – the SONY shows – which had recently hired a black writer and director, something Rowell has been fighting and championing for along with the National Urban League.

Rowell went on to say in her tweets that she recently had some meetings with SONY that may bring Drucilla back to the canvas and hopefully on our screens again.

Victoria tweeted, “To now return to The Young & Restless would be sublime in every way.  I recently had 2 meetings at SONY so let’s pray and believe DRUCILLA will be cresting that Genoa City cliff any time now.”

With Debbi Morgan reportedly coming to Genoa City to mix it up with Kristoff S. John (Neil Winters), and if Victoria returned to the fold , there would be one mighty story going on, if the two actresses were to collide on-screen!

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  1. Johnathan says:

    How awesome would that be if Debbi Morgan & Victoria Rowell were both to arrive to Genoa City on Y&R. I jut hope that this does come to fruition we’ve had false hope before so I don’t want to get over excited just yet.


  2. kay killgore says:

    Hmm does all the castmates that she said hated her know this?


  3. Y&R fan says:

    It would be wonderful if Victoria Rowell really would come back. She is such an unique actress. Please Y&R bring her back!!! The show needs her desperately!!!!


  4. Doe says:

    I would love to see Victoria Rowell return to Y&R and pep up the Winters family. Their story is rather stagnet right now. I would like to see some sparks fly. If Debbie Morgan is coming on,too, you have two dynamite actresses to mix it up. Looking forward for this to occur…….


  5. Kalamaty says:

    WOW…. HUGE news that there even in talks, given the very public dispalys of disdain for one another….! I truly hope that VR comes back to the show… I really miss the chemistry between her and La Stafford!! They had so many memorable scenes and were great foils for eachother! Looking forward to hearing more on this…! Thanks, Michael!


  6. kay killgore says:

    I just read on another blog we have actresses threatening to leave if she comes back. Well, I say open the door and let them leave. It is a job go to work read your lines and start acting like professionals! Years ago when EB & PB had a brawl on the set Bill Bell told them both to work it out or they would both be fired. As it should be you don’t have to like someone to work with them. The Winters need a shot in the arm but why she wants to come back is beyond me but if she can handle it I say Bring her on!


  7. Rob says:

    God I hope not!


  8. mommi6 says:

    LOL, I having been waiting for Dru’s return for so long. and if Machelle
    stafford does not see the personal benefit that she can have from Victoria Rowell’s return as Dru, then she is totally oblivious. Machelle should insist on Dru’s return and more of those firecracker scenes between the two of them. Those weren’t the often boring, humdrum scenes we are faced with these days, rofl.


  9. Sarah says:

    She’s one of those actresses that might be a bit of a diva in real life(though I course don’t know), but she’s so good at portraying Dru, I don’t give a s***. I just want her on my screen again.


  10. eb says:

    Damn let her come back. Lilly role sucks and she’s not a top of the list on the soaps. Phyllis hasn’t had a god role since the shelia scene. Peter sucks too. These people can be replaced.. Victor nikii katherine etc are al the best. Let them quit. I dnt hink they would they are all just talking. They know dru is the best and they don’t want to see her take their thunder. Do what’s best for the show in my opinion. its not personal its business always. I love dru and I think she’s awesome. The show needs some spice and I think she could get the ratings up. The show was great. I go to you tube and watch the old episodes because today episodes are sooooooo boring.. bring the old young and the restless back pleaseeeeeeee.


  11. nene61 says:



  12. kay killgore says:

    Let’s face it none of the soap operas on today have a strong African-American storyline, and Maria Bell will not write for them on Y&R I will quarantee you Debbie Morgans character will be involved with the character of Tucker! Does anyone really think Lily could be Malcom’s daughter? She is slowly ruining this show and the actors on it know it. They are just afraid they will be out of a job!! Kristoff St.John has as much said so!


  13. marie says:

    il faut que la vrai drucilla c a d victoria rowell
    elle nous manques les feux de l’amour n’ont plus de la
    saveur depuis son absence s v p faite la revenir
    revient dru


  14. Kerri says:

    I’m hoping that Dru returns to the Y&R and be just as feisty as she was in her earlier days . I just adored her strong character a role she played very well. So please hurry back cause Genoa City needs some new drama , And Neil needs some back up .


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