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20 September 28th, 2011 Could Y&R be recasting the role of Heather Stevens?

According to Soap Opera Digest, The Young and the Restless is currently in an active search for an actress to fill a contract role of a character in her mid-20s,  described as “quick witted and high spirited” with “a lot of heart”, and “while she is self assured, she is unaware of the dynamite affect she has on men.”

The role begins taping in October.  This has left soap insiders to presume that the talent search is to recast the role of Heather Stevens most recently played by Eden Riegel, and before the Vail Bloom.

So is there any actress familiar to soaps that you could see as the new Heather? What are your suggestions? Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    I think Natalia Livingston (ex- Emily, GH) would be great in this role. I’ve always been a big fan of hers, and I think she could pull this off well.


    ethel replied

    you know natalia would be awesome in the role of heather……


    Jeffrey Moree replied

    I agree she would excell in that role!


  2. Barbara says:

    Y&R has shown a lack of talent with recasting roles in the past couple of years. I’d rather not push things and risk getting another miscast in the role. Just bring Val Bloom back to the part. She was fine.


  3. Jack says:

    The girl who replaced eden riegel on amc would be a good choice and kind of funny.


  4. Annie says:

    Couldn’t they just bring Vail Bloom back? I always liked her as Heather.


  5. Devoted Fan says:

    Why not bring back Vail Bloom? We, well *I*, need actors and actresses on this show that are reminiscent of the actual Y&R, not MAB’s Y&R.

    And I know this is off-topic, but if MAB is really going to reunite Adam and Sharon, then I am CONVINCED this show is scheduled for cancellation and TPTB are trying to guarantee a deep-seated level of apathy in its viewers.

    Prove me wrong, somebody please.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree with you, Devoted Fan. I think the Adam storyline has been bungled beyond the point of credulity. Yes, we allow for some crazy plot paths in daytime drama but this rollercoaster has not been a good ride. The MAB Y&R seems to allow for such character shifts and ignorance of histories and relationships just to fill a quick arcs that do not build with suspense or build on histories, and then end without resonance for new paths.


    michael replied

    i have to agree, bring back Vail Bloom – she started off shaky, but really grew in the role and was very sexy! meanwhile if Sharon (my favorite character!) goes back to Adam I may seriously have to take a sabbatical from the show. I don’t care if he saved her entire family from a burning barn, it would be character assassination for Sharon – not to mention lazy writing!

    and is there any doubt that Debbie Morgan is going to play Yolanda, Devon’s mother?

  6. kay killgore says:

    Vail Bloom was great she was sexy and she had chemistry with people on the show. But I will gurantee she will hire an actress that is well known that lost her job and you are suppose to accept her in that role. MAB is only still there because she is family. Y&R has become so disconnected I FF thru it whenever I do watch!!


  7. toscanti says:

    I feel Gina Tognoni would be an excellent recast for the role of either “Heather or Victoria”. She is one of the best actressess on daytime TV.


    Torrey replied

    I love Gina, but there is no need to replace Victoria. I love, love, love Amelia Heinle…and I don’t think there’s any need for a recast with her.


  8. JustSaying says:

    Explain this to me:
    Described as “quick witted and high spirited” … “while she is self assured, she is unaware of the dynamite affect she has on men.”

    She’s quick witted and unaware of the affect she has on men. What kind of contradiction is that? In any case, must be a polar opposite of Sharon.

    As for Heather, sure she’s a legacy character. But let her go. Just as long as she doesn’t die.


  9. kay killgore says:

    Hey guys after checking other boards I don’t think this is a recast for Heather I think it may be for Noah’s age group! But with this nut case who knows I am talking about MAB!!!!


  10. kay killgore says:

    But as I can add into this Vail Bloom was never a bad actress why Nelson Branco ragged on her acting all the time I do not know. She sure looked hot in a bathing suit!


  11. lew says:

    Bring back Vail Bloom.


  12. kalamaty says:

    I would have to disagree with an earlier post that mentioned Y&R has had some poor casting choices as of late; case in point.. Jessica Collins. She has been amazing to watch… not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she’s a very fine actress, and holds her own with Genoa City’s elite. I’m looking forward to seeing her story unfold more and more eacy day.


  13. Jane says:

    I am thrilled to see Eden go. I never liked her portrayal of Heather and I truly hated that they let Vail go. If they do recast the part, I hope they do a better job than last time. And what about Yolanda? Wasn’t she supposed to be dead?


  14. Roula says:

    Bring back Vail Bloom she was great! I also love Jessica Collins as Avery! I hope her and Nick get together.


  15. Robert says:

    I completely agree with the others that say Vail Bloom should return to the role of Heather Stevens. Eden Riegel is a terrific actress. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t fill the shoes of Vail who gave Heather Stevens a strong and stubborn personality. I guess we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks or months but I say bring back Vail Bloom.


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