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2 May 1st, 2010 Crystal Chappell: Could Shawn Christian be headed to Venice? Plus site relaunch today!

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On-Air On-Soaps caught with DAYS and Venice star Crystal Chappell at Ken Corday’s launch party for his new book, The Days of our Lives: The Untold Story of One Family’s Dream and the True History of Days of our Lives, in Beverly Hills.  In discussing her DAYS co-star, Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel) Chappell teased of the possibility that the soap stud could see time in Venice! “You know, that is a real possibility.  We have been talking.  After the Dallas fan event a couple weekends ago, I had every girl running up to me going, “You have got to put him on Venice.” All the girls - gay and straight – love him.  They just said they want him on the beach and not in a Speedo.  (Laughs)  I am already getting wardrobe tips! ”

Also today, fans can check check out the new website. It is spectacular.  Crystal filled us in, ” We are relaunching our site on Saturday. VShop and VComm are back and everything is finally working! (Laughs)  Also, probably in the next couple of weeks we will lay out a couple of  the other stars who are coming on to season two of the series.  It’s all very exciting.”

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  1. Otalia69 says:

    Thanks Michael and C*O*N*G*R*AT*S to Crystal and the entire VENICE team for a B*R*I*L*L*I*A**N*T Season 1 and fabulous new L*O*O*K on the website! I love supporting Crystal & Kimmy and the dream to bring their story to us. So glad they’re as addicted to us as we are to them!!! Stay tuned…we’re in for some surprises in Season two!!! ☮♡☺xo♥xo


  2. perla says:

    Yeah the new site is wonderful. team venice did a great job. Micheal thanks for keeping us informed with everything concerning Venice web series.

    You are wonderful


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