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13 May 19th, 2012 Crystal Chappell Debuts as Danielle as Karen’s Secret Life Comes Out to Thomas – Watch the Video!


On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, soap fans were in for a treat with the return of Crystal Chappell to network television in her new role as Danielle.  As has been reported, Danielle is the long-time partner of Karen Spencer played by Joanna Johnson.

In key scenes introducing the couples long-time relationship, Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) wants to bring her beau, Thomas (Adam Gregory) home to meet her parents.   And while Thomas is looking forward to meeting her dad, there is no dad for her to show him!  After some banter, illustrating that Karen is uncomfortable with her life being exposed, she is finally put in a situation where Caroline, who is proud to have been raised by two moms, tells Thomas that Dani and Karen are her parents.

Of course, there were some blistery moments when Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) stops by the ladies beach house and notices pictures of the duo on the mantel over the fireplace.   Bill made his ‘as-expected’ smarmy comments and left, which then justified Karen’s fears that her brother can never know she is gay and has a partner, Danielle.

Now after the jump, watch the scenes with Crystal Chappell and Joanna Johnson and more and let us know what you thought of the introduction of this storyline to B&B!

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  1. kay killgore says:

    Stop it can we make cc anymore well let’s stop with the sterotype & as I predicted the 2nd day they are on you guessed it Steffy/Liam/Hope was mentioned! Truly Madness!!


  2. Blake says:

    Love CC on B&B! So glad to see her on soaps again! She and her character need to be on B&B for the long haul! And Karen also!


    kay killgore replied

    In case anyone does not understand want I meant we have two good actresses I am expecting at last a grown up story and poof once again steffy/Liam/Hope. They don’t have to be discussed by everyone in LA but no Thomas had to bring them up, However I don’t like cc haircut she is attractive don’t try to make her otherwise BB.


  3. David Larsson says:

    The ladies were splendid but I can’t help but feel Adam Gregory over did it with the facial expressions.

    Also, I like that they cut Chappell’s hair. Smart move.


  4. heidi says:

    I watched this and was struck first and foremost by the horrible stereo type used. I should have expected it from BB. First… I am do not mean to offend anyone… but why take a very attractive Crstal and make her look like a Ridge/boy. Her hair is dark and short and not attractively done and she is dressed like a guy. Why on a a show where they have beautiful people, clothes and money do they have to meke her look like the D*** word. She could have been attractive and well dressed. Venice shows two attractive females together and not a female/girl and female/boy in such a blatantly bad way. Sorry Crystal and sorry to the gay viewers. They just had such a great opportunity and they had to make her look like their formulaic type male on the show (Ridge, Bill, Thomas, Eric and etc). The reaction of Thomas and what he said was lovely and very well done. BB let’s let Crystal look like the beautiful female that she is along side Karen.


    kay killgore replied

    Thank you, Heidi that was what I was saying but not getting the words right I sometimes feel someone is going to take offense to what I am trying to say thanks again fo saying what I was thinking. I just cringed when I saw that get up is she suppose to be a truck driver?


    heidi replied

    Thanks Kay… I agree with the truck driver look and it is so sad!

    verlin27 replied

    thank u for saying it i need cc attractive and bitchy BB please don’t mess this up


  5. junebuggnc says:

    My only issue was that they made Thomas just a little too dense with all the clues smacking him right in the face. I love CC and am so glad she is back on daytime TV. I’m really looking forward to this story. She is why a returned to B&B after a 6 month break. I’ve had enough of Steffi, Liam and Hope. I’m still FF thru those scenes!


  6. Perla says:

    Glad that CC is on B&B, really looking forward how this story will play off. Heidi and Kay i agree with both of you about the look they gave her, i like her more when she is dressed lady like she is too pretty to be dressed like this, So dear people of B&B hear our cry and dress CC the way it should be beautiful as she is. Thank you Mr. Fairman.


  7. I like truck drivers says:

    Why does CC have to look like a glamorpuss in every single thing she does? Perhaps y’all are the typecasting ones.


  8. PJ says:

    The introduction of this story line IMO, went very well. With a few comments thrown into the dialogue, we were given a fair amount of back info about Dani & Karen’s relationship, why Karen is reluctant to divulge the truth to Bill & Co, and so on. I also liked the informal setting. Dinner, them pottering around the kitchen, a long time friend over for dinner, etc, etc,. There was a very realistic feel to it.

    So happy to see CC back on daytime. I personally didn’t mind the way Danielle was dressed, but I would like to see them do a better job with CC’s hair. You’ve got a beautiful woman here B&B… C’mon!

    I quite like what I’ve seen so far. There’s a lot of potential to this S/L, therefore one can only hope that it’s aptly handled by B&B. I also hope that episodes containing Karen and Dani’s story, won’t be few and far between.


  9. lou says:

    I’m a Crystal fan and she’ll do a good job in this role, but I agree that her hair is distractingly bad. Come on, Bold! I also didn’t think she had much chemistry with her co-star but that’s always an issue when they come on already as a couple and don’t let the actors build it up. Also looks like those two will only be touching foreheads.


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