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2 December 7th, 2009 Crystal Chappell featured in March 2010 Curve Magazine!

Crystal Chappell - Nov 19, 2009Media Magnet Crystal Chappell has another mainstream magazine feature coming out in March 2010, thanks to Jamey Giddens over at Daytime Confidential who got the soap superstar for a new interview in Curve Magazine.  Jamey and Crystal chat about how Guiding Light’s Otalia inspired  her new web soap Venice.  Here is an excerpt below!

Chappell:  “It was totally inspired by them. I was completely invested in Otalia and always will be. I couldn’t quite let it go. It didn’t feel right. I had so many people writing to me telling me some of the terrible things that happened to them being gay, and also the really joyful things.”

“So I went to my friend Kimmy [Turrisi], who is a writer, and said, “I wanna do a web soap about a gay woman. She’s out and proud of who she is, so it won’t be about her struggling with her sexuality and I want it to not just be about her, but about her community and family”. She came back to me with these amazing characters. I approached Jessie [Leccia] and she was like, “Well sure, I’ll do it!” She was just as committed to Otalia as I was.”

Make sure to check your newstands in early spring for Crystal’s ‘Curvy’ feature!

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  1. Otalia69 says:

    like i’ve said before…Crystal is on a roll and i’m so excited to be along for this ride! she’s so brilliant and amazing to her fans…as TV Guide Star of the Year and i’m sure an EMMY win coming up it brings me back to the quote of the year, ‘It’s Crystal Chappell’s world, we’re just lucky to live in it!” looking forward to your featured ‘curves’ in March!

    thanks again Crystal…for everything! here’s to many more seasons of VENICE! xoxoxo


  2. maksam3 says:

    Thank You Crystal Chappell

    Looking forward to “Curve” .


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