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7 February 1st, 2011 Crystal Chappell on Venice castmates, Jordan Clarke & Nadia Bjorlin!

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In part two of  TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco’s interview with Crystal Chappell, (as a wrap-up to the successful season two of Venice) the actress, producer, and writer discusses the pivotal scenes between Gina and The Colonel and Lara and Ani, and the amazing performances by Jordan Clarke and Nadia Bjorlin in the hit web series.  Here are a few excerpts!

Chappell on Gina’s emotional letter to Ani and writing for Clarke and Bjorlin: “The letter was the first thing I wrote. I read it to Kim [Turrisi, Chappell’s writing partner] last February; we had gone to a hotel so we could do some work. When I read it to her, she said, “Wow; OK!” So from there, we had to see where Gina would end up; where she gets to at the end of the season. I love the relationship between The Colonel and Gina. It was funny because when I decided The Colonel was going to have a stroke, I knew Jordan Clarke had just had a stroke, so then I had to call him and say, “So, Jordan, here’s the story — you’re having a stroke!” He started laughing. He said, “Girl, I know what to do. I know what it’s about.” He was totally cool about it. He said, “I even have a cane — I’ll bring it with me!” That needed to happen.  I like writing for people I love and admire. You can give Jordan anything. Even with just a look on his face — especially when Gina finished the letter … that was one of my favorite moments. When we landed on Jordan’s face, you saw what was going on. I love writing for people I know, especially after I get to know them better and finding out what their strengths are. Also, with Nadia, for instance, Susan Flannery and I were there and watched her go to that dark, dark place. I was so proud of Nadia. That was another favorite moment of mine of the season: when Lara breaks down.

Chappell on Bjorlin’s performance in episode eleven when Lara pushes Ani into the wall in a drunken stupor: “Once I saw the finished episode, I told her, “I think you’re going to be really, really happy.” I’m happy for her. I love it, I love it. You know what she told me the other day? This is kind of cool: Nadia went to an audition and the director was saying nice things about Venice … and that’s how Nadia got the film audition and how they knew her — based on her performance on Venice.”

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  1. Imane Assi says:

    So happy that finally more people are recognizing NB’s amazing talent.I hope she will get more opportunities to shine.She so desirves it


  2. bookchick says:

    If by more people, you mean Nelson Branco, that is nothing new. Nadia could read a phonebook and he would be salivating over how amazing she is. He has a handful of favorites that he obsesses over. He lost any and all credibility as a soap “journalist” a long time ago.


  3. Imane Assi says:

    No I mean by many, people who watch the show and start to focus on her acting instead of her look and are blown away by her performances….Yeah..he is “obsessed “with her.Tha’s the rpoblem with you people.Wheneverr someone praises NB,that someone is “obsessed” with her.Just about every single NB’s fan was called all kind of names on Venice/Days boards,banned,…. by haters like you.I am one of the many others.And obsessed is just one of these names…we’re used to it…It’s so pathetic.


  4. bookchick says:

    Imane, read my post again. It is not about you or Nadia’s fans. It is about Nelson and his lack of objectivity. I am not a hater just because I don’t agree with your or Nelson’s OPINIONS that Nadia is a good actress. Calm down.


  5. Imane Assi says:

    Becasue he praises Nadia he lacks of objectivity?I geuss if he had said that she sucks as an actress you woudl have agreed with his opinon and applauded him….Just the same,whenever someone praise NB,that someone is obsessed,blablablabla….


  6. bookchick says:

    Have you read any of Nelson’s work other than what he has written about Nadia? He is a hack. He has a list of favorites that he fixates on and Nadia is one of them. So is Crystal Chappell who I happen to think is a great actress but I don’t value a word he says about her either because he has his head so far up her butt. He wants to be friends with the actors he writes about. He is not interested in being objective. Stop putting words in my mouth and projecting your own issues on me. I didn’t call you or any other Nadia fans obsessed. I could easily tell you how I feel about you but I have kept this to my opinions on Nadia’s acting and Nelson’s bias. I am sure Nadia is a lovely person in real life. I don’t hate her but I do hate her acting. Just because you love her acting doesn’t make you right and me wrong. We are both entitled to our opinions and I would appreciate it if you would stop assuming things and putting words in my mouth.


    Imane Assi replied

    All I see is that everytime someone praises NB’s acting or NB, that someone is called obsessed and worse.An not only here but on every Venice/Days board.So noThing new here.No wonder NB’s fans aren’t as vocals as they would like to be.Given the treatment they get….wether tHey’re called names,or banned or whatever…They’re not allowed to be vocals and passionate about her..but CC/Carly,AS/Sami,JS/EJ….fans can be as passioante and as vocals as they want no problem…Chloe can be bashed,called all kind of names,mocked,….no one is banned,But when I or anyone else defend her,,,,we’re called all kind of names or banned…NB’s acting can be bashed or mocked,no problem…but when I or anyone else defend her, we get the same crapy treatment…that’s not new…try to find one positive thread about NB or Chloe on these board…very hard…yet God knows she has a HUGE fanbase…but they’re not allowed to be vocals….What us ee is a huge jealousy towards NB and it’s been taken on Chloe/Lara or her acting even though she’s doing an amazing job.She could as well win Emmys or any other award,people like you will always find somthing ti absh ehr or her acting.Yiou are free to not like her acting but stop calling anyone who praises her or her acting “obsessed’ and worse.


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