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3 March 5th, 2010 Crystal Chappell reveals “three well-known names” headed to Venice!

Photo: Robert Milazzo

Crystal Chappell discussed tonight’s cliffhanger on the season finale for her web series, Venice in the newest edition of Michael Fairman’s monthly column, Soapside: The Advocate’s Guide to Daytime.   Chappell teased that there is a big secret between her character of Gina, and her on-screen father, The Colonel ( Jordan Clarke) that will be revealed.  When discussing a season two, for Venice Chappell answered the question of:  ”Will there be any famous soap all-stars joining the cast for the new season? Chappell teases, “There are three well-known faces that are coming onboard that I have worked with before from somewhere in my career!”    Hmmm.

Make sure to read more with Crystal, One Life to Live’s Scott Evans, and a poignant statements from both All My Children’s, Susan Lucci and now of The Young and the Restless, Eden Riegel, inside the new Soapside.

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  1. gldartt says:

    I hope one of them is Nancy Lee Grahm. That would be perfection, especially if her character and Crystal’s had lots of scenes together. Especially if their respective characters were romantically involved. That would smokin’.


  2. Jenene Andrews says:

    Crystal is the person who makes the shows worth watching. She is very great at what she does.Because cares about her family and friends and her fans.are you ever going to be in Ohio at all would like to meet you.i am a really big fan.Jenene


  3. daysfan says:

    Wish Crystal and company best wishes with season 2. I hope they can add the new stars in a seamless way that does not detract from the central romantic relationships.


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