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4 January 24th, 2011 Crystal Chappell talks “Venice” Ani/Gina preview & her first time writing!

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In a great chitchat with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco in his Soapgeist column out today, Venice star Crystal Chappell, discusses the success of season two of her web series, and gives us a sneak peek into season three, in particular the next steps in the Ani/Gina relationship.  As indicated by the number of Soap Opera Spirit Award nominations, Venice’s writing team ( Chappell and partner, Kim Turrisi) was really one of the key ingredients that made this must-see soap viewing no matter whether on broadcast television or the Internet.  Simply put, riveting story, great production values and an extraordinary cast made Venice season two, quite the stunner.

Here are a few excerpts below from the interview with Crystal!

Chappell on the next beat in the Ani/Gina pairing and not working that much with Jessica Leccia (Ani) in season two:   “You’ll be seeing a lot more of Gina and Ani in Season 3. Here’s a sneak peek: You’re going to see how they met in Season 3 and their journey. Yes, I am being selfish — I’m giving myself some more Jessie! It really felt like … you don’t want to get to the end result too soon. I felt like with Lara we had a viable triangle that could carry us for quite some time. I really wanted to heal Gina. She had to soften her edges in Season 2 and the only way we could do that was through The Colonel. I really like Ani and Lara; I think they’re beautiful together and I love their chemistry. And now all these real-life issues have popped up: Ani has these body issues despite how beautiful she is [and Lara has a drinking problem].”

Chappell on the success of her first foray into writing with Venice: ”I never really sat down to write anything before. If I have a passion for something, it’s acting and directing. I would like to become a better director. I’m hoping I can do that in Season 3. Listen, writing is new to me; I just wanted to flesh out the characters and make them relatable and equal. Having worked in daytime for 20 years helped; all I wanted to do was entertain the audience but you just never know if people think something is stupid or if they’ll like something. Certainly, the supernatural aspect was [a risk], but having Guya be psychic and ‘smell people,’ I didn’t think that story would be too far of a reach. You just hope it works but you never know.  I wrote it (Venice season two) in five days.”

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  1. KelseyUSA says:

    Heart Crystal!! Can’t wait to read more of Nelson’s interview in SoapGeist!


  2. KateL says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m a sucker for “first time” stories. First meeting, first kiss, first love makin’, first fight.. Not that I expect to see every first but even the first meeting and the first kiss would be enough. Those are usually what I usually watch over and over again, with any couple I like. And I love Gina & Ani. I remember being a little “aww shucks” at the beginning because I thought we’d never get to see their first slow, hesitant kiss. :) Sorry I’m babbling, just got excited.


  3. Anne-Marie says:

    I totally CANNOT wait for Season 3 of Venice!!! So looking forward to watching Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia telling a great story…


    Donna replied

    Anne-Marie, I hear you girl!!! I just finished Season 2 today and I so can not wait to see Season 3!!!!


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