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3 January 18th, 2012 Crystal Chappell’a new V-Blog on The Venice Funeral Episode & The end of OLTL!

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

Today, Crystal Chappell posted her latest entry on her V-Blog on the Venice the Series website to relate her thoughts on the hilarious and creative funeral episode that was posted today as episode nine of the hit web soap made its debut.  The actress/writer/producer also shared her sentiments on last Friday’s ending of One Life to Live, a show in which she appeared at Maggie Carpenter.   Here are a few excerpts!

Chappell on the Venice funeral:“Who doesn’t love a good funeral? Well, really it was a memorial but whatever! Hope you enjoyed episode 9 of Venice. It’s one of my favorites. I know that some of the folks I work with told me I’m insane when I suggested this episode. They’re not wrong…but, if I’m going to be crazy, I might as well enjoy myself! LOL. Thanks to Desiree and all the other wonderful funeral guests! You were amazing! Mr. Harrison White for his beautiful self and vocals. Maria Webster for her wonderful guitar and backup. Kelly Moneymaker’s touching music. The cast. I’m blown away every week. So proud of all of you! And I mean all of you…every episode has been a revelation. I continue to learn every week. Mr. Sabatino…. I didn’t know when I went off to work that I’d come home to such fun lyrics…xoxo. You made all the professional whores out there feel special…even if for just a few minutes. ; )”

Chappell on the end of OLTL:  “It wasn’t a good end for me on Friday. I sat in my living room…and I’ll admit, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve sat and watched a soap in real time. The days seem full of that work stuff. One Life should be very proud. They exited with integrity. What a great show! Congrats to Frank and Ron and the whole cast. I cried. I remembered. I wished it wouldn’t end. I still hold out hope that these shows are not lost to us. We just need to restructure a bit and I think that’s doable. I, for one, will do all that I can to support. I hope you do too.”

What do you think of Crystal’s comments? Let us know!

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  1. imane assi says:

    No Lara dn Ani.Episode 9 sucked big time.The funeral should have lsted 10 minuese and the other stories should have moved on in the rest fo the episode


  2. Blake says:

    That is great what she said about OLTL! Glad to see the actors right there with us fans!


  3. kelltwomyn says:

    Thanks for posting this Michael. Venice just gets better & better! Crystal is one savvy woman and I am proud to support this show.


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