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10 July 18th, 2011 Crystal Chappell’s first blog gives update on Venice & more!

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Last night, Days of our Lives and Venice creator and star, Crystal Chappell posted her very first V-blog entry on the Venice the Series website. And in it, Chappell gives an update on season three of Venice, the departure of Kim Turrisi from Open Book Productions and Venice,  and a few interesting life tidbits.  Here is an excerpt!

Chappell: “First off, as you know, Kimmy has decided to move on to new and exciting ventures. She’s still very much a part of the V family. It wouldn’t be the same without her. I love my dear friend and I have the utmost respect for her talent and contributions to this show. Needless to say, Kimmy and I will be sharing Jack and Goose for many years to come! Now, it’s hard for me to share Venice news without commenting on my own personal life since the two are intertwined. My family and I are renovating our central coast home and are planning to move back in the fall, I’m very excited to live on the coast again although I’ll be in LA quite often.

Venice IT has been working overtime and doing an amazing job! Hope you like what we have and what we’re adding! You wanted Venice shot glasses, you got it! Hiccup! We’ll be having a promotion…t-shirts signed by cast members! I’ve been in touch with the V west coasters and we’re having a Venice merch signing party that we’ll film and put up on our youtube soonish after…! I promised…beverages…ahem.
We’re getting our crew together and planning an early September shoot. Everyone’s on board. I’m so grateful! Couldn’t do it without them. Amazing cast of friends who are so willing to do whatever they can for Venice…and you.”

So are you ready for a new dose of Venice and the debut of Chappell’s web series The Grove?

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  1. unlimitedjason says:

    She is truly one of a kind.


  2. Perla says:

    Glad that CC is keeping us warm with the Vblog. She’s the best.


  3. Sonja says:

    Oh yeah, I’m ready for season 3 of Venice. I’m hoping that season 3 Gina will be a little more like season 1 Gina, both attitude and clothing. I understand why Gina was miserable in season 2, but Crystal has such great comedic timing, it would be fabulous to get back to that. I’m also looking forward to the Grove. I’ll be giving it a try.


  4. JustMe says:

    ^^I liked the season 2 clothing. And many fans disliked season 1 Gina’s attitude. She didn’t deserve Ani when she was acting like that.

    Can’t wait for VS3 and the Grove! I love that CC’s trying to keep all of us involved by starting these weekly blogs. She’s such a sweetheart!


  5. ginafan says:

    Very thankfull to crystal for keeping us in the know about venice and the park.I like gina in season 1, season 2 gina was to depressed and mopey,ani wasn’t worth all that torment and selfloathing,she was a clinger and a doormat which laura is finding out about . Hopefully gina will find some happyness in season 3,with or without ani.


  6. Minezalil says:

    Can’t wait for V3, or the Grove. I know they will both rock. Kimmy will go on to great things also . Kimmy and Crystal are both amazing.


  7. PJ says:

    So excited for Venice Season 3 and The Grove. Love that CC is keeping us all in the loop. You’re the best, CC!


  8. sara says:

    Yeah, CC is the best love her.


  9. Brian T says:

    Where is “central coast”? Is she still living in CA?


  10. Robin86 says:

    Yes, central coast is CA but she doesn’t get more specific for obvious reasons.

    I actually never watched Venice but reading the blog each week has me very interested.


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