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14 July 8th, 2014 Cynthia Watros New MTV Series FINDING CARTER Premieres Tonight!


Those missing the talents of Cynthia Watros from their daytime screens, where she last played Kelly Andrews on The Young and the Restless can find her tonight!  That is when Watros highly touted new MTV series, Finding Carter premieres with a two-episode special beginning at 10PMET!

The premise is centered around a teenaged girl named Carter (Kathryn Prescott) who discovers that the woman who has been raising her, actually kidnapped her years ago, and isn’t actually her biological mother.  However a savvy police detective named Elizabeth, played by Watros is!  The drama raises the question of how do you integrate into a family you never knew you had, and the complex relationships that arise and more!

Watch the trailer for Finding Carter after the jump! Then let us know, if you will be checking it out to see Daytime Emmy winner, Cynthia Watros in the 12-episode series?

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  1. su0000 says:

    I miss Cynthia Watros as Kelly on GH..
    Dixie (she always acts Dixie/stereotyped) is not cutting it for me, she just could not replace Cynthia Watros..
    I will tune in just see Cynthia Watros, it looks good .. I might even like it!!


    Dina replied

    You are nuts, Cady is way better in the role of Kelly. Cynthia was miscast, but Cynthia was great on Guiding Light as Nurse Annie.


    Beacon replied

    There’s no way in hell Cynthia was miscast. She was magnificent as Kelly. Tortured, vulnerable, the works. Get a clue.

    Moviegal replied

    I’ve always loved Cady, but I think that Cynthia Watros brought a vulnerability to Kelly that just seems to be missing from Cady’s performance here. I blame the wonderful Jon Lindstrom for this – Cady’s just too damn happy to play the tortured Kelly!


  2. Lainey says:

    I hope this does really well for Cynthia. She’s s tremendous actress and deserves prime time success!

    I wish she was still Kelly on Y&R. Cady MacLaine is miscast in the role and isn’t bringing it. They should have created a new character for her instead I think.

    Kudos to Cynthia on her new adventure <3


    David replied

    I love Cynthia Watros, best of luck to her on her new show. I loved crazy Annie Dutton on Guiding Light, Cynthia is a wonderful actress. Cady Mcclain what can you say, I love her as Kelly Andrews. Sorry to say this Lainey, but Cynthia was not right, for the role as Kelly. Cady is rocking it, She also is a terrific actress. Actually both of them are wonderful ladies, they sure can act. I prefer Cady, in the role of Kelly.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe different but sounds like a reworking of Switched At Birth where a young girl learns she wasnt raised by her real mother and had to integrate into the family she never knew she had…only difference is that S.A.B. involved two girls and both had to make the adjustment…so, been there, done that…ill pass!!!


  4. Mark says:

    I miss her as kelly Cady McClain isn’t cutting it and I love Cady! She was so good as Rosanna on ATWT.


  5. Nanci says:

    I liked Cynthia as Kelly, too.
    Not hating Cady as Kelly, but just
    not connecting with her, either.
    Since Cynthia left, the character
    of Kelly just seems kind of pointless


    Ernest replied

    Cady McClain is attractive, talented, sweet, and so.

    In my opinion, she was a better replacement of Cynthia Watros than someone else was.

    I like her as the new Kelly on Y&R. Jack Abbott finally has a woman who is hot and wants to be with him.


  6. k/kay says:

    I still think by all intents & purposes JFP wanted to cast her as the Nu-Phyllis but for whatever reason they thought Stafford was coming back. I did prefer her take on the Kelly character but I blame the writers more then the actress they just did a total 180 on the character. As they are doing with Billy and brother Jack neither has any edge anymore they are just bland.


  7. 4ever DAYS says:

    Y&R should change to black lipstick.


  8. Ernest says:

    I liked her as Annie Dutton on GL. I even liked her as Kelly Andrews on Y&R.

    But, I think that she fits perfectly well for the role of Elizabeth Stevens on “Finding Carter”.


    Max replied

    How Great is Cynthia Watros on her new show. She is amazing. Watching Finding Carter just for her.


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