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8 July 2nd, 2017 “Dakota Rose Money” It Is! GH’s Emme Rylan Names Her Newborn Daughter!

Photo Credit: S Bergman

Anyone who has been following Emme Rylan’s (Lulu Spencer Falconeri’s) journey to motherhood for the third time knows that the happy General Hospital star gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.  At the time of her birth, no one knew what the newborn baby girl would eventually be named.

Rylan, and longtime partner Don Money are also the parents to two boys, Jackson and Levi,and now the men’s side of the family will look after their baby sis, too!

In a post on Instagram over the holiday weekend, Emme revealed via a precious photo of her little girl that she and Don have named their newest bundle of joy, “Dakota Rose Money.”   She added: “We are wildly in love!!” #ourfamilyiscomplete

Share your congrats for Emme and Don and the boys for their newest addition to the family! What do you think of Dakota Rose as the young baby’s name? We love it! Comment below!

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  1. SZima says:

    Dakota isn’t a very feminine name, but I kinda like it! The picture I saw was beautiful!


  2. su0000 says:

    Origin of the name Dakota:

    Derived from the Siouan word dakóta (allies, to be thought of as friends). The name is borrowed from the name given to the tribes of northern Plains Indians, also known as Sioux and Lakota.

    girls’ name (Dakota) is pronounced da-KOH-tah. It is of Native American Indian origin, and the meaning of Dakota is “friend, ally”.
    Tribal name and place name. May also possibly mean “forever smiling.


  3. Mo says:

    Not my fave name, but neither are the ones she chose for her son. But it’s not he worst. Not like the names some singer chose for her kids.



  4. rebecca1 says:

    Dakota Johnson, Dakota Fanning…

    Always liked the name. Cool. And, Rose…I was named after my grandmother, Rose.

    So. Dakota Rose. Love it! Congrats to Emme and Don and welcome to the world Dakota Rose!


  5. Carol says:

    Not my favorite but not the worst either. Some in the entertainment industry seem to give no thought to how their children will feel one day with all those weird names. They just seem to try to outdo their competition. This name seems mild in comparison.


    Rebecca replied

    Really people!!!! CAN’T you just be happy for her , every child and their names are special in God’s eyes. Congrats watch you everyday.


  6. Rhonda says:

    Did Lulu ever realize she was pregnant? That was odd with her wobbling around with her stomach arriving into the scene a full 5 minutes before the rest of her did while others pretended not to notice. I mean, they didn’t even try and hide it nor did they write the pregnancy into the story line.
    It was just weird.


    rebecca1 replied

    Well after they gave her the Cinderella coach dress to wear at The Nurse’s Ball and it became the talk of the “soap community” town…I think they thought, “screw it. they know.” LOL.


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