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21 February 21st, 2013 DALLAS Jesse Metcalfe: “I’m excited about the possibility of Victoria Principal coming back to the show!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The March 4th episode of TNT’s Dallas will heavily feature Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher in a winner-take-all car race on a motor speedway against his nemesis and cousin, John Ross played by Josh Henderson. The reason for the big race?  A lucrative methane fuel contract!

Metcalfe revealed to TV Guide how he trained for the big race, and the fact that he clocked 120 mph and will compete in a Toyota-sponsored celebrity event this April  “It’s a really big deal that Christopher win, because it would mean stopping the pumping of oil at Southfork,” Metcalfe related!

But with that episode comes some major turn of events involving J.R (Larry Hagman), when there is some troubling news concerning him! The following week on the March 11th episode, it will lead to a shocking reveal that J.R. is behind the disappearance of Chris’ mother, Pam (Victoria Principal)!

Metcalfe then teased, “All hell breaks loose, as we peel back the layers of the onion, a lot of things come to light. J.R. was attempting to set something in motion, and that involved Pam. I can’t reveal more, but I’m excited about the possibility of Victoria Principal coming back to the show.”

Wow Soapers! Could it be that finally Victoria Principal will return to Dallas? Could Pam be the one to ultimately end J.R’s life? Weigh-in!

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  1. Tali says:

    WOW! I hope so – Love Dallas!


  2. jim says:

    Either shes invovled with the end of J.R. or not, it would still be exciting to see V.P. return.


  3. Nancy Wizner says:

    Anything goes on Dallas. Twists and turns are the best point of this show, and there are so many of them. It’s what makes Dallas so darn exciting! You are ALWAYS on the edge of your seat! It would be very very exciting to have Victoria Principal return. I’m hoping that’s not the plot behind JRs death. Would love to see a much more indepth storyline there. However, with these FANTASTIC writers, it could always turn indepth. Just have to wait and see!


  4. Trevor says:

    This would be the ultimate. Based on viewers comments onfan pages this is what they/we want! We want the character of Pamela to be brought back to life! With the loss of Larry Hagman this could be something that cankeep the show alive and JR’s character still performing from the grave. I hope this is true!


  5. Iakovos says:

    I may be in the minority. I do not need have Victoria Principal return as Pam Ewing. As the seasons went on, I liked her character less and less. And well, she was disfigured and dying — OK, we can rewrite that but… — so many years have passed, so much has happened. I cannot really be excited. And getting hints and spoilers, well… so much for the surprise in storytelling.

    That said, I do live this reboot. And I know I will shed more tears when the show catches up to the reality of Larry Hagman’s passing.


  6. Ces says:

    I think it would be awesome if Victoria Principal came back! I wasn’t a huge fan of Pam’s during the original Dallas series but I think it would be cool to shake up Bobby Ewing’s life with his true love returning.


  7. MBmomof3 says:

    Loving Dallas!


  8. Rodd says:

    Not overly excited. I’ve read comments where she seems to snob “Dallas”, the show that made her a tar. I don’t have any love for an actor that forgets the hand that helped them up the ladder. She seems to be done with “Dallas” and that is just fine with me. They’re doing great without her or Pam.


    k/kay replied

    Victoria Principal was upset when they made the whole season a dream not because she disliked Patrick Duffy just because they made her character weak and she felt they moved her backwards. She went on to a successful makeup workout and produce some of her own movies she always loved the character just felt it was time to move on. By them bringing Patrick Duffy back in a stupid plot we lost Ray Donna and the core of the show it became who JR & Bobby could sleep with half their age.


    Patrick replied

    if you can believe it…. i googled her NET WORTH.. her Skin care line… $200 Million…. that’s staggering….

    she doesn’t need to work.

    Kay – i agree…. she was vocal…. ie: i’d bet, even at that time… it was the menfolk… who made inroads to their “demands”… and the women still had to “fight”… so… kudos to her… and I’d welcome her back with open arms if it means bettering Dallas…. I so wish they would have delayed the series till late summer… like the first season…. season two is just as good…. and it seems like it’s not getting even half the audience because of it’s new day… and different time of the year….

    Dallas’ – Season TWO is on and just as good as last season.

  9. Brian Tripp says:

    This is gonna get good and if the ratings do not go up then something is wrong in this world!


  10. lisa says:

    It would be great to have Victoria back on the reboot.


  11. Jennifer Janeiro says:

    Would love for Pam to come back and kick her brother’s you know what!


  12. Don says:

    It would be great to see her back on the show. But I heard Patrick Duffy say in an interview one time, that Pam had been killed in a traffic accident with a tanker truck. And that as far as he knew, Pam was dead. Of course this is a Soap and we all know no one is dead forever!


  13. James McDonald says:

    Now that is exciting news if they can get her to work on the new Dallas. That would complete the picture. Can you just see the expression on Bobby’s face when he sees Pam again after so many years of being gone. My God, you’re still alive! Maybe that will be a Season 2 cliff-hanger?
    I think the last that we saw of Pam was Bobby saw she was missing from the hospital bed. I don’t know anymore than that. Someone can fill me in.


  14. bc says:

    still no effort for racial diversity from tnt’s dallas reboot despite its ratings drop. it’s bec dallas is a soap opera abt the wealthy and only white chars must be portrayed as wealthy. yet majority of daytime and primetime soaps portray African americans as poorer than the white chars bec of status and white privilege. there are very little African american representation from hollywood and even less Asian american chars from tv and film. scorcese is producing “revenge of the green dragons” w/c is abt chinese american gang members. typical racism from tolerant hollywood. chars who are chinese americans can’t be portrayed by hollywood as romantic leading men. blacks and latinos are often portrayed as members of gangs. Now hollywood’s doing the same thing w/ chinese american chars. racial diversity is only used by hollywood if the portrayals are to bash racial minorities. fictional leading chars from “the last airbender” must be whitewashed and portrayed by unknown white actors while the villainous char is portrayed by dev patel and all the villainous chars are dark skinned. the leading role from “extraordinary measures” must be portrayed by harrison ford even if it’s based on an asian american doctor. that’s hollywood. the roles of asian americans must be whitewashed if they’re flattering. hollywood uses chinese americans if it’s a movie abt gangs but use white actors if the asian american chars are flattering lead roles. this is how holywood bashes racial minorities.

    hollywood films and primetime soap operas do not have artists even if hollywood loves to proclaim otherwise. isn’t artistry abt creativity and imagination and thinking outside the box? and yet practically every daytime and primetime soap opera and tv show is told from majority white chars’ perspectives. typical of the “artists” of hollywood who are really try hards pretending to be artisitic and only give majority of acting opportunities and quality roles to white actors only.


    Dmitri replied

    There are black actors/characters on Dallas, and Latino ones. Dallas is indeed diverse.


    ashlee replied

    Is there a reason you can not type the words “about“, “with“, and “characters“?


  15. jon says:

    Please say its true! She’s the reason I initially started watching Dallas.


  16. Dmitri says:

    I just started watching the show last season, so I don’t know the old Pamela, but I love the soap and I’m excited to see her return.


  17. LLATWTFan says:

    I am so loving Dallas! This sounds so exciting! I can’t wait!


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