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12 September 23rd, 2013 DALLAS Jesse Metcalfe Reveals Christopher To Get New Love Interest & Disappointment In Larry Hagman Omission From Emmy In Memorium Tributes!


Jesse Metcalfe attended last night’s HBO Emmy party and spoke with and shared some new information on the upcoming third season of TNT’s Dallas for his character of Christopher Ewing, plus his disappointment at last night’s Emmy telecast that former co-star and TV icon, Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) was not among those singled out for one of the five In Memorium tributes throughout the 3 hour plus televised event!

On Dallas Jesse revealed, “Christopher’s getting a new love interest. So that’s pretty exciting for me.”  He also said that next week he is excited to get back to work when  Dallas begins principal shooting for its third season!

Now on to the controversy that Hagman was not chosen by the Emmy producers to part of the five In Memorium tributes that aired on the telecast last night.  Metcalfe said, “Obviously I certainly thought that Larry Hagman should have had a special tribute in that five that were honored.  He’s an iconic TV actor, and not many people have made a character as famous as he did, so I thought he was sort of passed over a bit,” Jesse said.

As far as the new way the Emmys handled the Memorium tributes, Jesse related, “I thought it was very moving, I thought it was very heartfelt, I just wanted to see a friend and someone who deserved to be honored get honored.”

Watch the clip of Jesse talking about Dallas season three and Larry Hagman after the jump! Then, let us know, are you intrigued to hear Christopher has a new love interest?  Do you agree with Jesse’s sentiments on the omission of Larry Hagman from the Emmy In Memorium tributes last night, other than him being in the clip package with many other recently deceased performers?


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  1. Charday says:

    Yes, Hagman should have had a special tribute on the Emmys. Look forward to the third season of DALLAS!


  2. Mary SF says:

    Frankly although the five that got special tributes were moving and well done, I just feel it was wrong to single them out from the rest of members who passed away and did equally wonderful work. By singling out a few, you get this why them, why not these people debate going out– and before you know it everyone will want their own special tribute. They should keep the In memory format the way it was before, everyone getting the same amount of time and attention or in Hollywood terms, equal billing. If they truly feel someone who passed away that year is deserving of special recognition for their work they should give them a honorary Emmy posthumously that has some form criteria to be met so it doesn’t become a popularity thing.


    Rodd replied

    Mary, I agree. No one should have been singled out. It’s dangerous and offensive. Now we have Larry Hagman fans upset, Jack Klugman’s sons upset; who knows who else. Everyone who knew those who passed on would have felt their person deserved a special tribute and they’d probably be right. But time is of the essence and a segment on each person would take all night. I think the producers need to stick to the traditional tribute model and then everyone gets happy. JMHO.


    janet replied

    Jack Klugman was another reason I shut it off before it ended. I think the actors who have been around and made a contribution to TV should have been reconized. The people running these shows are BRAINDEAD. let them watch.

  3. blake says:

    How the f*** did Larry Hagman not get included? I didn’t watch it but I hear only 5 were focused on. Why??? Why not focus on any set and just show pictures and clips from actors that have passed like the Oscars did???? Did they not realize how huge Larry was? Dallas in the 80′s was must see tv, and he was famous before that for I Dream of Jeannie. someone really dropped the ball with this year’s memorium. I think they did the same to Jean Stapleton. Hello? She was Edith on All In The Family, a groundbreaking show at it’s time!


    Mary SF replied

    No Jean had a special tribute given by Rob Reiner and it was touching and very moving.


    blake replied

    Thanks for updating me Mary. I’m so glad Jean was included. But no Larry Hagman???? That’s absurd of them!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Both Larry(who also played Ed Gibson on Edge of Night in the early 60s) and Jean shouldve been included because of their long history to television and connection to two popular iconic shows ‘Dallas’ and ‘All In The Family’. Its crazy things like this why i rarely watch award shows these days!!!


  4. Travis-Tyrell Thomas says:

    She was one of the five. Rob Reiner did Jean Stapleton’s Memorium on the telecast.


  5. Terry says:

    Since he did act in movies, perhaps the oscars will make up for this giant mistake that the television industry made.


  6. Paul DeCroix says:

    So nice to see Jesse blossom into the handsome star he is today. I adore him!


  7. janet says:

    What a joke the emmys are.Its just a tribute to the who I met your mother actor. Forgot his name. He sings , he dances , he was on almost all of it. Just made me remember why I avoid them. Larry Hagman was tv. he had two iconic shows. he was someone everyone recognized. he wasn’t the only one. This zac guy was what On one show they did him. I had to listen to his jokes, his dances and when the actors who won were told to shut up and get off, I turned the channel .The emmys are a joke.


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