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17 December 11th, 2012 DALLAS Sets Air Date For J.R. Ewing’s Funeral! Proper Send-Off For Icon Larry Hagman On The Way!

Photo Credit: Agence France-Presse

One of the biggest swan songs in television history is now set for March 2013!  The Production team of TNT’s Dallas reboot has revealed to TV Line, that they plan to lay J.R. Ewing to rest in the second season’s eight episode, which is slated to air on March 11th.

This information comes nearly three weeks after the sudden passing of television and Dallas icon, Larry Hagman (J.R.)  Hagman had already completed filming a number of Season 2 episodes prior to his death. Although production was not significantly impacted, producers quickly began crafting a proper sendoff — one that is rumored to feature a number of returning Dallas vets (including several that have not yet been seen on the TNT version.)

We already know that Joan Van Ark (Valene), Ted Shackelford (Gary,) and Charlene Tilton (Lucy) were filming episodes, could they be part of J.R.’s goodbye now?  And, what about the on-going rumors last reported in the U.K. that Victoria Principal is being lured back as Pam, even though the actress has turned down to be part of the reboot previously? Think it could happen now?  Just more rumors? 

How would you have J.R. die on-screen? Natural Causes? Health problem? Murder?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Bill Wilson says:

    J.R. finds out he’s dying (offscreen, of course), and decides to push the issue and set up Cliff for the crime!


  2. Rod says:

    Anything but a murder. Been there done that


  3. Rob says:

    he should just die in his sleep but then there should be one hell of a reading of the will


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    Totally agree


  4. D Hewitt says:

    I think that Hagman would have preferred to be murdered on the show. It would be a more dramatic exit.


  5. D Hewitt says:

    I do know one thing. I’m sure going to miss him.


    gloria replied

    Gosh, you & me both.


  6. MK says:

    I just wish they could let him off-screen still pulling the strings. I hope the conflict lives on. also it is freaky that this happening around the show’s 35th anniversary.


  7. Iakovos says:

    I would like JR to die of natural causes, not a murder. JR would go out on his own terms!

    I do not need to have Victoria Principal/Pam return to the reboot. Sooooo much has happened to Bobby Ewing and such. I cannot think that he and others are over her departure. Let Pam rest. There are new stories to tell. And who cannot love Brenda Strong and Ann Ewing? There is so much press about the young guns, but I am pleased to no end about this actor and character and how she is used in the plots.


  8. SUSAN says:

    anyway it is written jr ewing can never be replaced on dallas for he was a true tv icon

    who does not ove jr on dallas and major anthony nelson on i dream of jeannie
    he also has other roles in which he was outstanding i hope the new dallas
    will continue so jr can live on in his son john ross someway but only time will tell

    but i will continue to watch the new dallas and watch my dvds of the old one as well
    for he will be missed and never replaced in our hearts, rip our beloved “jr”


  9. Robert says:

    I think a murder would be fitting for one of the greatest characters in television history. Yes it was attempted before, why not make it for real with a good old fashion who-did-it story line. If not, natural causes is fine.


  10. Scott says:

    No, Victoria Principal and Pam would help with the void and would really be am awesome idea to have her return. Read a suggestion to have Barbara Eden’s LeAnn De La Vega return for the episode. Another great idea!


  11. Mirko di Wallenberg says:

    Let JR be murdered by Sue Ellen or Pam for destroying their lives! BTW I still have to catch up on the new season 1 reboot so I do not know if both ladies still have grudge against JR!


  12. kim says:

    I think Pam and Bobby should be together. Who is this woman he is married to I have nver heard of her. They should at least address the issue of Pam she Christphers mom and pam would not have just walkd out on her son!!! They need to close that chapter or bring her back.


  13. kim says:

    bring pam back!!!!!!


  14. kim says:

    let jr die of natural causes.


  15. justin says:

    JR is such a classical character, and he’s so multi-faceted and complex. He’s so much larger than life. I think the most sensible thing to do is have him die in the most small, unceremonious, and quiet way possible: dies in sleep would probably be best. I also think he should die alone. I like the irony that someone who was guns blazing in secrecy and deception in his life would die by the smallest of things.


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