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14 February 24th, 2014 DALLAS Showrunner Cynthia Cidre and Linda Gray Preview Sue Ellen’s Drunken Season Three!


Tonight is the highly-anticipated season three premiere of TNT’s reboot of Dallas (9PMEST/8CST)!   And according to TV Guide, this season will truly harken back to the show’s history by mirroring several of the story points with the original series,  but with the next generation and revisiting some very dark and deep wounds of the past with the veteran characters, in particular that of Sue Ellen played by Linda Gray!

As viewers saw at the end of last season, Sue Ellen hit the bottle after the death of J.R (the late Larry Hagman).   And in season three, expect her to be boozin’ big time! Dallas showrunner Cynthia Cidre previews, “I wanted Sue Ellen to be front and center this season. And she really does have a hell of an arc.   I think it’s some of the best acting Linda has ever done.”

Linda Gray revealed her thoughts on revisiting Sue Ellen’s battle with the alcohol, which she was initially opposed to because of disrupting recovering alcoholics perception since they looked up to Sue Ellen for remaining sober.  Gray now stated with this season three story, “I love that she was running for governor in season one and she’s now headed for rehab,  It keeps me excited about playing her.”

And in what Gray revealed was one of Larry Hagman’s favorite storylines from the original Dallas series on CBS, John Ross (Josh Henderson) will have his mother committed, just as J.R. did three decades earlier. “There is a powerful confrontation between John Ross and Sue Ellen in the kitchen that is my favorite scene of the season,” Gray says.  To top it off, at Bobby’s (Patrick Duffy) urging, Sue Ellen will reluctantly move into Southfork so her concerned family can look after her!  That can’t go to well, now can it?

So, are you excited to know that this season viewers will see Sue Ellen at her drunken best?  What do you think about Linda Gray’s comments?  Are you going to be tuning-in to the season three premiere tonight?  Comment below!

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  1. Jenny Brooks says:

    Can’t wait!


  2. kathy says:

    love this show great acting I will be watching


  3. Mary Moore Fergen says:

    I’m sooo looking forward to the return of Dallas! Sounds like it’s going to be another great season.


  4. janet says:

    Looking forward to season #.I didn’t watch much of the original, but I do like Dallas part 2 . I like the show and like Sue Ellen. Hope she doesn’t turn into JR. .Willl be watching.


  5. Lisa Z. says:

    Sue Ellen was always my favorite character. Does anyone remember when she was drunk and hanging out with the homeless? JR and Dusty found her in the town “drunk tank”. Those were some powerful episodes back in the day.


    Charday replied

    Yes, I remember…and I HATED when that hobo stole her big diamond ring. Can’t wait for tonight’s premiere!!


    jaybird369 replied

    Lisa…I remember that. Lisa…remember (on the old Dallas, of course) when Clayton tried to sober up Sue Ellen on his own??? Then, suddenly, Sue Ellen started to drunkenly throw herself at Clayton. Then, Miss Ellie walked into the room. AWKWARD…LOL!!!!!


  6. AJ says:



  7. Gregg says:

    Sue Ellen is my favorite , always has been, but I am oposed to her being a drunk again. I hope they do not drag that out, I like her better when she is not drunk!


  8. Nate says:

    Linda Gray has always been one of the most underrated actresses, period. I was thrilled to see her used more in Season 2 (TNT), and am more excited than ever for Dallas, hearing she will be front and center. She had my favorite scene of Season 2 at JR’s funeral. Every other scene she was in was a highlight. Dallas on TNT seems to get better with every episode, and the case on Dallas are all exceptional, as is the writing staff behind the scenes. Here’s hoping we get to Dallas Season 8 on TNT, as Patrick Duffy predicted!


  9. Johnny says:

    Linda Gray is never better than when Sue Ellen is on a bender. It makes for unrestrained, electrifying drama where anything can happen. Her and Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki who play full tilt drunks are the best at it. Sue Ellen’s off the wagon times have been epic and I have no doubt that this one will be too. I definitely am not promoting alcoholism but this does show what a lifelong struggle it can be. I will be watching and enjoying.


  10. wolfsmistress says:

    While I worked (or was out of the country) during the original airing of Dallas, I have been very intrigued by the reboot and have loved every minute of it. What I’m wondering is how well they’ll do with JR (senior) gone now. The late, great Larry Hagman added such character and intense thrills to the show, even if all he did was look at you and smile (or not). While JR (junior) is starting to show signs of his daddy’s reputation, can he actually live up to the man’s (vile yet charming) image? And will Christopher be able to take over for Bobby one day? The show will go on, but we’ll see if this season will be able to carry everything Ewing without the shoulders of JR Ewing to stand upon.

    Personally, I’m hoping they are VERY successful!!


  11. Jay W. Gould says:

    Even though good ol’ J.R. is dead, really dead, I sure hope they’ll try to somehow keep him, or at least his memory, around.


  12. su0000 says:

    I started watching on Netflix..
    Tonight and tomorrow night I will (binge) start and end season 2 .. :)
    then I’m ready for season 3 ..
    I am loving Dallas!!!!! (5 starts!


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