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11 August 15th, 2014 DALLAS Star Josh Henderson Previews The Fallout From The Three-Way With John Ross, Emma, and Pamela!


General Hospital wasn’t the only soap to bring the idea of a menage a trois to its characters!  TNT’s Dallas ended the first half of its third season with Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) joining her husband John Ross (John Henderson) and his mistress Emma (Emma Bell) for a three-way only to have to dial 911 in the middle of it!

Dallas star Josh Henderson was the special guest today on Access Hollywood Live where he previewed what’s in store for the second half of the season of the series, and when the story picks up this coming Monday night, August 18th at 9pMET!

Henderson revealed: “When we left off with the midseason cliffhanger, all hell broke loose! You had John Ross with his wife and mistress at the same time, and then his wife overdoses and is on the floor which is completely John Ross’ fault, and yeah it got a little awkward in that hotel, and there were a lot of awkward moments in that scene!  And of course, Southfork is burning to the ground and my on-screen mother Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is passed out drunk in the house and so is someone else.   So, we don’t know who’s going to make it.  So it’s a little scary!”

During the segment, Josh also discussed his musical and athletic talents and how an original song he wrote about John Ross and JR’s (the late Larry Hagman) relationship will be woven into the score of an upcoming episode of the series.

Watch Josh after the jump on Access Hollywood Live! Then let us know. what you think will happen when the story picks-up in the aftermath of the overdose and the menage a trois on Dallas ?


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  1. GH50 says:

    First, a shout out to Josh Henderson. What a fantastic actor. He is absolutely worthy of the Great Larry Hagman’s legacy. How this actor is not even nominated for an Emmy is mindboggling.

    The “three-way” on Dallas wasn’t the story, it was a scene, it was not discussed or planned by all three characters. It was Pamela’s way to get revenge on Jon Ross and Emma. First by screwing with their minds, and them literally as well I guess, and then turning the tables by having taken the drugs and overdosing during. That was drama and a complete surprise to the audience.

    The GH story was just plain juvenile, crass and full of ridiculous dialogue that was embarrassing for all involved, the actors and the audience. It also comes four months after the Dallas scene which is another example of just how unoriginal RC is and that when he steals an idea, he’s incapable of doing anything with it that isn’t juvenile, low brow and amateurish.


    su0000 replied

    LOL ..
    It is all in humor, have fun with it..
    It will never happen<– and the 3 have no idea how to even go about doing a threesome and that is funny in itself !
    Just the looks on their faces was good for a laugh..
    soaps can be fun if one is not overly serious over the makebelieve bs .. :)


    GH50 replied

    su0000 you constantly miss the point of posters who talk about the quality or lack of quality on GH. You reduce the argument to things just being fun and you reduce those who see its flaws to people who take make believe seriously.

    First, it’s fine to have fun, the problem is with how poorly GH does it, with atrocious, low brow amateur dialogue and storytelling. Comedy is fun when it is executed properly, it is painful and embarrassing in the hands of no talents.

    Recognizing that is not a sign of taking something too seriously. The show exists, people watch it, they have opinions. You get a kick out of what this group is able to produce. I’m someone who is used to more skilled writing and storytelling, drama or comedy. It is not an issue of taking things seriously, it is an issue that the actual quality of the show is extremely poor.

    KansasGuest replied

    I respectfully disagree about the 3way talk on GH. What you saw as crass & ridiculous, GH50, I saw as mature discussions by responsible adults. Talking about participating in such an act beforehand IS the responsible thing to do, isn’t it? I sense a real generational discomfort from some viewers about *discussing* sex. It’s kind of backwards. They, like you, say the dialogue was stupid & unrealistic. Really? The 3 participants all talked about their reactions & feelings to other parties beforehand, not in a frat boy sniggering kind of way (well, barring Franco’s high-5). But, in a rational, adult manner. It indicated thoughtful consideration on everyone’s part before literally jumping into bed, which is the opposite of what Pamela did on DALLAS – a suicidal dare via ambush designed to take everyone over the edge with her. I found Lucas’ honesty a nice change of pace to the tired soap trope of juggling two lovers for months hoping neither one finds out. How many times have we seen (and been bored by) that scenario over the decades? I like that Felix continues to look for his special guy. And I loved the conversations between Carly/Lucas, Brad/Britt, and Felix/Franco because they showed sides of the other characters that we rarely get to see. Carly discussing responsible sexual behavior with her little brother after her brazen history was hilarious!


    jbj replied

    GH50, you claim to be “used to more skilled writing and storytelling, drama or comedy”, and yet you are “mindboggled” as to why Josh Henderson hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy! Talk about a contradiction…


  2. su0000 says:

    aww geez!
    they are having threesomes/menage a trois without me!!

    (menage a trois is the in-thing theses day..

    Great to see that GH is also keeping up with the in crowd! ahha
    (even if only teasing us with a thresome cus it will never happen on daytime, nope..

    almost as good as the 60′s hippy people free love/sex days!!..


  3. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    I love Josh and Julie! They have such incredible chemistry and the producers are foolish for not taking advantage of it. They are a treat to watch and need more scenes together! I haven’t felt this way about an acting pair since Trevor and Florencia. I also want to give a shout out to Judith Light. What a talent! I can’t wait for Monday.


    KansasGuest replied

    Mama Rylan is a hoot! And I’m there with you on Monday. DALLAS 2.0 takes no prisoners & pushes buttons by making the Ewings the most normal of all the families on the show. Certainly compared to the twisted Rylans, Elena’s extended drug-running family, and whatever hired help is currently sleeping w/Christopher, they are normal. One thing is for sure – you would never see Helena Cassadine or Dr. O snorting cocaine & declaring, “Mama like!”


  4. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’m so excited and cannot wait for Monday.


  5. Charday says:

    Look forward to DALLAS’ return and hope it gets renewed for another year. I love this show.


  6. MBmomof3 says:

    Great show. Highly recommend it.


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