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73 June 29th, 2015 Daniel Cosgrove Exiting Days of our Lives?

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Over the weekend at a fan event in Montreal, Quebec Canada, Days of our Lives stars Daniel Cosgrove (Aiden) along with Eric Martsolf (Brady) made a personal appearance at the Fino Restaurant Gourmand benefiting the Amal Foundation.

Apparently, numerous DAYS fans who attended the event related on social media that Cosgrove revealed that he was leaving DAYS at the end of his contract, and some were saying he was let-go by the NBC soap opera.

Cosgrove had been in a love story with Kristian Alfonso’s Hope, but now with the return of Peter Reckell as Bo, it looks like the days of Aiden Jennings could actually be numbered!

Daniel joined Days of our Lives back in 2o13, and since DAYS tapes six months ahead did not make his Salem debut till January of 2014.   As of Monday morning, there has been no official word from Days of our Lives as to the actual status of Cosgrove.

So, what do you think if it proves true that Cosgrove is leaving DAYS?  Would you be upset that there is no more Haiden? Are you hoping for a Bo and Hope love reunion?  Is there going to be a new man in Hooe’s life?   Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    While I am sure everyone would love to see Bo and Hope reconcile, I would miss the character of Aidan and Mr. Cosgrove. Is there an endgame to reuniting Bo and Hope? By that I mean is there an on-contract storyline for the supercouple post 50th anniversary hoopla?


    Reagan replied

    Yeah it seems to me- based on Reckell’s past exit– that this would not be a long term return for him. So why reunite them to break them up yet again. We’re kind of sick of it.


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Is Peter staying around…anyway, i didnt mind Hope and Aiden as a couple in the beginning but lately that spark between them has fizzled out so it doesnt matter to me if he stays or goes…they can always pair Rafe with Hope unless Peter stays as Bo and they can write an interesting story for him and Hope ill be fine with that!!!


  3. Shirley Strickler says:

    I would like to see Hope and Rafer together as a couple and also I want him back on the police force.


  4. richard says:

    If Peter Reckell isn’t signing a contract, no need to fire Cosgrove. That would be a waste. I would like Hope to be paired with Rafe, to me Aiden/Hope were lukewarm at best.


  5. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is very upsetting news. I really like Daniel Cosgrove. Aiden and Hope are so cute together. I do wish their relationship had moved along faster. I will definitely miss Aiden. All the best to Daniel Cosgrove.


    jb44 replied

    I will miss him, too. I am so over Bo and Hope. I loved them in the early 80′s but not anymore. I loved Aiden and Hope together and kept waiting for Days to write a good storyline for them. I will definitely miss Daniel. I hope he lands a great part on another soap or show. I would watch. BTW I find Days so boring right now. I think they should stop filming so far in advance. We viewers end up stuck with horrible storylines for months. I have watched Days from the very first airing, but I am getting very close to deleting it from my DVR forever. I am tired of fast forwarding most of the episodes!


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I’ve only watched Days a little over a year. Do have any idea why they tape so far in advance? Has it always been that way?

  6. Jeremy says:

    If this is true, I’m shocked, I really enjoy Daniel Cosgrove as Aidan, he is such a great actor, and his chemistry with Kristian Alfonso is so fresh and exciting. I want more of Aidan and Hope. Maybe, he’s leaving while the Bo story plays out? I sure hope Daniel remains with DAYS. He is a gem!!!


    Susie Q replied

    Couldn’t agree more!


    Patrick replied is also reporting that , another one of our faves has excited with little fanfare…. : “… Brendan Michael Coughlin (Tad Stevens) is the latest casualty of Days of our Lives’ cast cuts. ” June 17, 2015

    what a drag!

    the big mystery seems to be , well two things.

    1. are Peter Reckell and Stephen Nichols both on contract ?
    2. also… what is the longevity of this show past, Sept, 2016?

    if neither Bo or Patch are contracted ? why get rid of Aiden?

    I just read a blip that Aiden and Clyde are both being let go… and these two will most likely be inter related… as Clyde more than likely will involve Aiden in his nefarious misdeeds ???

    I hope it’s not true… I’ve so enjoyed Daniel Cosgrove… Yum!


    Jeremy replied

    @ Patrick,
    As much as I love BMC as Tad Stevens, DAYS unfortunately doesn’t utilize this fun-loving actor. He’s really likeable and, if reports are true, it’s not as big of a loss as Daniel Cosgrove. Aidan is very much in story with Hope. We see T once in a blue moon working at TBD. I understand budget cuts are being made to make room for the veterans returning, etc., however, if Daniel was let go, that wasn’t a smart move for DAYS.

    I’ve loved watching Aidan and Hope’s loving and playful relationship blossom, and it would be unfortunate if the past two years watching the relationship between them grow is just thrown out the window.

    su0000 replied

    Perhaps Daniel will show up in another soap :)


    Jeremy replied

    Hi lovely, su0000,

    IF Daniel Cosgrove is indeed exiting DAYS… I think GH should snatch him up as a Ned recast. As much as the role is Wally Kurth’s, I would love to see Daniel Cosgrove as a Q. We need Ned in story, Olivia will return and, I really would love to see Daniel Cosgrove as new-Ned. He can keep the role warm while Wally is on-contract at DAYS. Hopefully, GH will read my suggestion and nab Daniel as Ned Quartermaine recast.

    Jeremy replied

    *Ned Ashton

  7. Bonnie Canter says:

    I love Aidin he is a great actor


  8. Sharron Tipton says:

    I’m sorry he’s leaving…..However, I think there are many things in his past that haven’t come out, maybe they will before he leaves (maybe that’s why he’s leaving). Question – why are they aging his son if he’s leaving??? We’ll see what the writers do. I hope Hope doesn’t go back to Bo, she needs someone better, maybe Rafe??


  9. Cat says:

    His character is just rather bland. I’ve always found Hope to be annoying so I’d be quite happy for her character to have much less air time.


    CeeCee replied

    You have my vote, Cat.


  10. blake says:

    I like Daniel Cosgrove but I didn’t care for him with Hope so this is good news, they can make room for another vet..

    I also read on DC that Shawn that plays Dr. Daniel Jonas might be leaving soon.


    dmr replied

    Who would be the new “Salem Hero” if Dr. Dan left? Hahaha


    blake replied

    lol true. The man who can do no wrong!

    Patrick replied

    I so hope… that Shawn Christian is let go… he just sucks the life out of every character… except for his scenes with his young son… Parker

  11. rita good says:

    don’t like aiden, should go, bo and hope belong together, if bo dosen’t stay, then hope should be with rafe.


    Tony replied

    I agree with you Rita, Hope needs Rafe or Bo Brady. Days needs to bring back Leann Hunley as Anna Dimera. Aiden was boring and put me a sleep lol.


    Tony replied

    I meant put me to sleep. lol

  12. Reagan says:

    I don’t think Hope is the only character on canvas that Aidan could have been paired with. But… let’s be honest. If they are bringing all these vets back we know someone is going to get cut. It’s a budget thing.


  13. Mary says:

    I love Aiden. Daniel is a very cordial individual and I hate seeing him being treated this way. Don’t get me wrong I like Peter but his character, Bo, has blown his right to be with Hope. Bad move as far as I am concerned. There certainly are a lot of other characters that could leave the canvas and would not be missed by me.



    At our recent Days event here in Montreal at Fino Restaurant there was rumour about @DanielCosgrove leaving #days. Please note nothing was confirmed directly by him at the event
    Thank you! CH Elegant Entertainment.


    Patrick replied

    I hope this, “rumour” is just that

    if they need to clean up shop …. bye bye Clyde, Ben, Daniel…. to start

    matt replied

    Please note that the people at CH Elegant Entertainment are just trying to do damage control. Daniel Cosgrove spent much private time with fans away from the listening ears of those running the event. He was indeed clear about his departure with more than one fan in attendance. This in not a rumour. Daniel was very specific that he had already finished taping. Eric Martsolf also made mention of Daniel’s exit.

    Kathy replied

    There is no reason for the people at CH Elegant to do damage control for something that was never said! As much as Daniel had time to spend with his fans he also had much time to spend with the organizers. Unfortunately things that he said were taken out of context and should not have been spread all over the Internet! These issues are for Daniel Cosgrove to speak about publicly not the fans nor the organizers of any event….as far as we know he has not done that as of yet! All the rumours that have been going on are just that rumours! And unless a formal statement from Daniel Cosgrove had been seen somewhere in writing it is all here say!

    matt replied

    Sorry you feel that way Kathy but Daniel did not mince any words about his departure. He was very clear and very honest with his fans about what was going on, which was greatly appreciated. If by official you mean standing in front of everyone and making an announcement, then no he did not do that. However, he did speak about his exit from Days on both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon with more than one person attending the event. There was no mistaking what was said and certainly no room for it to be taken out of context, especially by so many different people. The organizers of this event were not privy to these conversations, therefore they are not in a position to say that these things were never said. I will agree that Daniel did spend time with organizers and their close friends. Unfortunately that time was at the expense of those fans that attending the event. Lastly I will just add that his departure has already been confirmed by other cast members on social media. It is clear that the character of Aiden will be exiting in November and by Daniel’s own admission, it was not his choice.

    Kathy replied

    First of all I was at the event and think that the fans had ample time to spend with both Daniel and Eric… Your comment about the organizers taking time away from the fan time is false! I’m not sure how u can blame the organizers, considering one of them was ready to drive us over the border should Daniel not have been able to make it. They had no control about the incident with the passport and still offered to do anything possible to rectify the situation! The only time during the evening that they took him away from us was to take a picture with the organization which they were desperately trying to raise money for…. I’m sorry but that to me is acceptable….also as far as I am concerned once the evening finished the organizers took the guys out to chill and relax and enjoy the rest of the night which is also acceptable considering the long drive Daniel made to get there and all the work Eric did to make up for it. Any fan who cannot understand that needs to get a reality check…not sure what Daniel supposedly said but I was there for all of it and although he did state that he was not filming this summer and he doesn’t know what the future holds for him, he NEVER said he was leaving the show and anyone who states that is fabricating it….if other cast members have mentioned in on social media then that’s their right but we as fans have no right to say anything unless it is officially announced by the actor! Plus one more thing….actors sign confidentiality agreements with their employers, if by any chance anything was said (which it wasn’t) true fans should have kept it to themselves and not spread it all over the Internet in order for the actor to get slack from the employer. Any fan who doesn’t realize that also needs a reality check!

    Kathy replied

    Oh and one more thing! I didn’t have tickets to the bowling the next day and although they did not have to, the organizers generously offered us to come to the bowling for free to make up for the time lost due to Daniels tardiness! I’m sorry but that is very generous on their part and if any fan has anything negative to say about them then they need to get their heads checked! On that note good night!!!!

    matt replied

    I haven’t a clue what you are speaking of in regards to “chilling” with Daniel and Eric, nor do I care. In regards to information being circulated on social media, this again goes back to private conversations that took place. I will not go into that any further. What I will repeat is that no one from CH Elegant was present during these conversations. Regardless of how many times they claim to have been, it doesn’t make it so. Furthermore, those in show business and the soap opera world in particular are experienced enough to know that should they not want information regarding storyline or casting decisions leaked, it is best not to say anything. I am a bit confused by your posts. Are you a CH Elegante organizer or a fan that diligently monitors responses to their account? As a fan that was simply attending the event, you appear to have the inside track. One of those close friends I mentioned in my previous post perhaps? There seems to be a bit of flip flopping in which you reference this event, while at the same time calling for reality checks for others. In any case, Daniel’s true fans will continue to support him and speak out against the decision by Days of Our Lives to remove his character from the canvas. Thank you for the discussion on the matter but this concludes my participation.

    matt replied

    Kathy, it’s very interesting that bowling is being brought into this discussion, given that that event also started an hour later than advertised and seemed to take even longer than that to actually get underway. Fans were told this was due to interviews taking place which were delayed due to organizer socializing the night before. In addition to that, the karaoke event was also very late in getting started due to poor planning re: noise allowances. It was unfortunate that one DJ hired for the event was left to carry each piece of sound equipment down to a dark basement area of the restaurant to set up once again. The cocktail party was 30 minutes late starting as well and finished 30 minutes earlier than advertised. Disappointing for many fans that attended. Will not be attending an event by this organizer again.

    michelle replied

    I was at this event and unfortunately I have to agree with Matt. Eric and Daniel were awesome but the organization, venues, food and everything else was subpar in my opinion. Daniel did mention leaving Days and there were a lot of people that heard it and asked him questions about it. He answered honestly. In this day everything goes viral sadly but I don’t think either side is to blame entirely. I blame Days for making this horrible decision to begin with. Daniel is a great actor and he did an amazing job with what he was given. I think Aiden had a lot of potential and should have been kept around Salem. I think Days is making a huge mistake by letting Daniel Cosgrove go. He has A LOT of fan support.

    Amelia replied

    I heard the same things at this appearance from Daniel. It is a terrible shame but it is true that Aiden is leaving. I really love the character and don’t wish to see him leave. I think Days has one thing on its mind and that’s vets. As much as I love these older characters, I really think there should be a mixutre of old and new for all fans to enjoy. My fave part of going to this event was meeting Daniel and Eric. Both great guys. My 2nd fave part was playing with the dog that was running around the restaurant during the karaoke. I think this little guy belonged to one of the organizer’s friends but I thought it was strange. I’ve been to lots of Days events but never saw that before. The lady sitting beside me was afraid of dogs and was not happy about it. It did make for some interesting pictures though. I hope I get to see Daniel and Eric again but not under those circumstances. The whole thing was a bit unusual.

    elm51 replied

    i feel the same way mary!


    Elite Advisors replied

    Mary, I agree with you! What I do not understand…. Peter is back for a very short period of time….. it is not a long term gig…he has been very vocal about that. So what happens when he leaves yet again? Bad decision DAYS!


    4ever DAYS replied

    How can you say Peter has been very vocal about his return not being long term? Please point me to the confirmation that I must have missed. Or are you speaking about his statements BEFORE he reached a deal with DAYS?

    Just because he said he would never be long term again, does not mean he wouldn’t change his mind.

    He could have signed on for 3, 6 or even 12 months and already agreed to extend his stay. We don’t know, do we?

    Now, I’ve challenged you to prove me wrong. If you can prove it’s short term, then where’s the proof? If you can’t, then I advise you to quit making statements as if they’re facts or using older statements that others can misconstrue as being new statements by PR.

    Taelyn replied

    I think you are experiencing “Wishful Thinking” Ive heard that Peter IS on Contract.. I mean thin k about it.. hat is there to “Tie up” after a couple years away Only to leave again? Coming home to die?? Walking away from Hope then leaving again? Peter would not waste His time.. Or upset his fans that way.. He knows that to come back then leave again right away would only open up a wound.
    Im not saying his path back to Hope will be easy.. Much will depend on the back story of his absence… But Im sure it will be one where he could not come home for some reason, and was unable to contact her.. REALLY Unable.. But Bo and Hope will reunite, Thats a given.

    Im sorry TPTB felt DC had no place in Salem without Hope.. I could have seen him paired elsewhere.. But Im sure he will find work pretty easy. He is a good actor, I was never a Haiden fan.. But I know he has a strong fanbase.

    Kathy replied

    Matt! Your blubbering and going off on the organizers is just proof that u have no class and no idea what you’re talking about! Firstly, I am a huge Daniel and Eric fan and didn’t know anyone from that organization before this event…therefor u stating so is false and before u accuse people of things u should really check your info out first! Secondly, I did get to speak to the organizers of the event in the evening a few times and found them to be very nice and thoughtful! U stating that u would not attend anymore of their events, well maybe they wouldn’t want you there anyways! Not sure which fan u are but I did notice a few fans that had no class at all during the event and no matter what the organizers did to rectify the situation those fans were not happy! I also noticed some fans a little (wacko) I guess by your responses above u were one of those! Sad actually! This will also be my last conversation on this thread! I will definitely be attending more CH Elegant events and am sure to have a great time just like I did the last one! I don’t have any more insight information than u have, all I know is that although there was slight unforeseen glitches at the event that is not a reason to bash nor state derogatory things against the organizers! Especially the fact that they are doing this all from the goodness of their heart and from what I understand don’t make any money on any of the events they organize! Shame on you for being so selfish and going off on an organization that is doing good in this world, if anything u should maybe take a lesson or two from them! On that note I hope u have a great life! God knows with your attitude and negativity u will need all the help u can get!


  14. Susie Q says:

    Enjoyed this pairing of Hope and Aiden and have been very upset of late that they have been on the back back burner. If this rumor proves true, now they are firing him for lack of interest when they have not written a plot for them to have interest in! Very unhappy about this….


  15. Sue says:

    To be honest, I was always a huge Bo/Hope fan….right from the beginning. But it’s out of character for Bo to leave his family this way….and I believe the writers are the ones who dropped to ball on this. For whatever reason, Peter left his BO character behind. IMHO…he should not have been invited back for the 50th. We all know he’s not coming back permanently, so he’s coming back to put an end to his ‘story’??? Aiden’s son is supposedly being aged along with Ciara’s character. I’m not getting this whole thing. I’m sorry about Daniel Cosgrove. From having the chance of a great storyline with Kristen, he’s now on the back burner. Kind of ticks me off. If he’s leaving, I wish him the best. If it’s just rumor, then I hope the new writers find a great storyline for him….


  16. Tom Jenkins says:

    I like the actor, sincerely I do but the character is a little on the uninteresting side. I think it would have been more enthralling to have him be a real psychopath as I thought the direction for his character was turning. Instead, he’s Mr Nice Guy, I mean Salem has enough of those. They needed to do something inventive with his character, not just help at School functions. Maybe he needed an evil twin brother from Scranton to pop up and confuse Hope – I’m kidding to a certain degree but really they needed to make his character more compelling. This show needs some new writers.


  17. Jimmy says:

    This isn’t surprising, seeing as DAYS is returning to its roots and legacy characters for its upcoming 50th anniversary. And with the recent and upcoming departures of newer characters like Jordan, Serena, and Xander, it wouldn’t be surprising if Aiden was the next to go. And after him I could see the show getting rid of Clyde (hopefully) and Ben. Needless characters who are pretty boring do not a good soap make.

    Plus, with Bo returning, I assume that reuniting him with Hope is the endgame, though if Peter Reckell isn’t staying on-contract, I don’t see the point of axing Aiden. Daniel Cosgrove is a good actor and will be missed on the show, if he does go. But, just like with Serena, his character didn’t really pop, even if the actor is good.


  18. Tim S. says:

    Not an Aiden fan with Hope.. .would like someone else ..maybe Patch… aka Stephen…. hmm a good love triangle between the three.. forget Bo….now that I write this.. Bo needs to be with Hope.. too much history.. Bo and Hope forever!!


  19. boes says:

    I hope not. Daniel Cosgrove has been great, and his Aiden character is practically the only actual grown-up maile on the show. And he and KA are so good together.

    I loved Bo and Hope together for a long time, but I’d rather see her with Aiden these days. And I think Days benefits a LOT from having Cosgrove in the mix.


  20. Eileen Hargis says:

    Lets wait and see what really happens.


  21. mark says:

    I think he is so handsome but this was a waste of talent. They didnt really know what to do with him and it was bland.


  22. Christine says:

    Why not keep Aiden and send Clyde and his boring son on the next wagon back to the hills. Aiden can be with Paige’s screwed up mother. I cannot think of her name at the moment. Oh! Oh! Oh! , If Zander is leaving the show why not let him take care of Clyde for Victor then maybe Victor will let Zander stay, I think he is great!!!! And please put me out my misery with the dumb face look that Will gives when he is busted.


  23. Mary SF says:

    Well I thought it was fishy that Days had no money that they asked PR to take a pay cut and he decided to leave instead and now suddenly the money fairy has shown up and there is cash to get all these big names back– I suspect another serial killer might hit Salem come fall in order to get rid of some characters to afford all these returns– perhaps Aiden could be the killer –he does seem like he has some deep dark side to him–LOL

    Seriously, if he decided to leave on his own then I respect his choice; if he was let go because his character no longer had a place in the grand scheme of things- well that happens, but if he was let go because of the budget then that sucks, one actor shouldn’t have to lose his gig, so another actor can get his.


  24. Polly says:

    TeamBope Always


  25. Joy says:

    fdirst I like adian and hope so sad to see him leave if it is true but i donot think hope and bo will be a couple cause we do not know how long he is staying o n d ays nad i think hope and rafe are oing to hit it offa nd as for luas and adrienne and justin not sure how that will happen do like adrineea nad justin but he idd cheat first and has beofre i would not mind htem getting back i would just feel sorry for lucas as for erica and nicole it ink they are destine to be togehter nad will and sonny not sure how that is gonne end


  26. Jason says:

    I want Hope with Rafe. I think they deserve a year or 2 while Bo kisses Hopes ass for a loooonger ass time


  27. Rose Simmons says:

    I don’t like it when we get used to seeing a couple In love with great chemistry together then out of the blue they break them apart it’s not fair I love Aiden with hope and besides Bo won’t be staying he’s just making a guest appearance for the 50th anniversary Aiden is a better man for hope my new favorite couple and he’s younger and better looking sexy man .


  28. Mo says:

    Wouldn’t totally surprise me. After the mystery of his wife’s death was solved, Aiden hasn’t been too interesting or had much to do.


  29. Gmbenet says:

    Before making a judgment, I would like to know exactly what Daniel said, word for word. Sometimes what a person says can be misunderstood or misconstrued. So as far as I am concerned, there is not enough information given here to draw a conclusion one way or the other.


  30. Willa Sargent says:



  31. KIm says:

    I will really miss Daniel / Aiden and Haiden. They were a spectacular couple with real chemistry. It is sad and I will not be watching Days anymore because this is just wrong.


  32. kelly says:

    Is this DOOL’s message that Peter Reckell has decided to stay on as Bo long term?


  33. Steph says:

    This is so very sad. Aiden and hope finally clicked. Hope’s passion for life – after years of dismal behavior and a lifelong fan (me) despising her — then along came Aiden.

    This choice sickens me. Why bother to have given Hope ANYONE if they are just going to trash them…?


  34. Steph says:

    In addition, I don’t even want Bo back. Their story is long in history – who the heck cares about him anymore?


    Claudia replied

    Is it true that the young actress that plays Ciara is being let go? She is so good – We’ve watch her grow up. I suppose they are doing the sudden age thing, but why not let her grow into the teen handful she is destine to be.


    Steph replied

    I hate to answer this like this, but I honestly couldn’t stabd Ciara until just recently. For years- and I’m taking in I consideration she was young and inexperienced- but it seemed she over-acted and felt like she was almost reading or being told what to say. The same – but FAR worse – goes for Chase. But. I do admit, Ciara did grow on me.

    I don’t know why bringing back Bo would bounce Ciara – um.. That’s their child :) DUH?

    But Bo had his choice. Hope had finally stopped her brooding and whining about him being gone, and she was happy with a good guy FINALLY.. Bo just has no room on the soap.

    And on a more passionate subject – having Melanie gone for good- that’s heartbreaking. I am truly sad that she returned for her six month contract and left.

    There are so many things wrong now with people leaving.. After all, I’m still missing the “real” Will who would never be such a pathetic jerk.

    Just my opinions though :)

  35. Dawn H says:

    I like Aiden and will miss the character, but am really happy to see Bo and Hope, and are pulling for their reunion. They are my favorite all time super couple!!!!


  36. Kim R says:

    I will miss Aiden. Daniel and Kristian had wonderful chemistry.
    They always get rid of the good ones.


  37. vicky says:

    I like hope and aiden together and Daniel cosgrove is a good actor.They alredy got rid of james scott and they seem to be getting rid of all the good people on days.


  38. Charlene says:

    Please return sparks to relationships BO/HOPE.
    Resign Peter R to at least 1-2? Years ..
    Aden/hope dry romance!!


  39. Donna says:

    Well, I don’t want Aiden to stay if he is going to kill Hope and as I see it right now that’s his plan in order to get out of debt with Stefano. I want Bo and Hope back together at least for a while. If Peter is not staying I agree with other fans. Hope and Rafe would make a wonderful couple, but with the exit of James Scott (EJ) and Sami the Soap needs a power couple and Bo and Hope are just that couple. The writers need to take heed to the fans and write a story line that’s believeable.


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