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48 December 23rd, 2013 Daniel Cosgrove Has Joined The Cast of Days Of Our Lives!

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In a move that was kept top secret, it turns out that Days of our Lives has added yet another leading man coming to their canvas in the form of none other than soap veteran Daniel Cosgrove!

The actors known for his work on Guiding Light as Bill Lewis, As the World Turns as Chris Hughes (the final one before the show was canceled), and All My Children as Scott Chandler, has landed the role of “Aiden”, and has been shooting at NBC since this past September! With DAYS so far ahead in their shooting schedule, Cosgrove won’t appear on-screen as Aiden till late January!

Cosgrove told Soap Opera Digest on his new role, “This is the first time that I’ve ever played a daytime character that wasn’t played by someone else!”

So, just who is Aiden? Who on the Salem canvas can you see Aiden turn his romantic attentions towards?  We have our ideas, now we want to know yours! Weigh-in below!

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  1. Chaz says:

    Happy to see him back! Only hope the cast is not becoming too bloated and vets air time will decrease….again.


    Lisa replied

    Chad, Cameron, Gabby, and someone else who’s name escapes me have left or will be leaving, so it shouldn’t make a difference. They just added Liam and now Aiden. Therefore they are still down 2 characters.


    Sharon Jones replied

    I think Aiden will hook up with Hope….they will make a cute couple….Now that Bois not coming back…Hope needs a mate… he is my choice….


  2. MaX says:

    Love him so happy to have him on Days!


  3. Ray says:

    Good news. I enjoyed his work on “AMC.” I hope with Daniel, Eric, Rafe and all of these new characters being brought n can lead to a new storyline for Kristian Alfonso. I hope DC’s new character will lead to a great storyline with Jordan and Nicole.


  4. mo says:

    Why? The cast is so huge as is. Would love a STORY for Julie and Doug. Could Aiden be Bo? ;-)


    Gmbenet replied

    No, he said in quote above that he is playing a character that no other actor has played. I believe Peter Reckell will return as Bo. However, “Bo” may return only to find out that Hope has moved on romantically. If so, serves “Bo” right. Bo and Hope will probably eventually reconcile, but whatever happens in the meantime, “Bo” deserves.


    Pitstop replied

    There is no more BO. Peter said he will not come back and the character will NOT be recast

    Gmbenet replied

    After Deidre Hall was let go in 2008, she said her days in Salem were over. But she came back. You never know.

    Sometimes situations and circumstances change or people have a change of heart. I understand Ken Corday said when Peter Reckell left that “Bo” would not be “killed off”. What if Mr. Corday changes his mind? (I don’t want or expect that to happen, but it could.) In a similar manner, Peter could have a change of heart or a change of circumstances/situation and want to come back. I cannot and would not dare to speak for Peter, but after reading his recent Twitter tweets, I am wondering if he is open to returning to Days. I hope so. If Peter and Ken Corday can work something out that is mutually satisfactory….it could happen.

  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He might be someone from Jordans mysterious past…Jordans abusive,controling husband is coming to Salem and he isnt too pleased shes hooked up with Rafe! But thats not Jordans only shocking secret…wait til Rafe finds out Jordan is the unknown grandaughter of his enemy Stefano Dimera…Jordan is the daughter of Anna and the late Tony Dimera! Ok, you got me…i made it up! lol


    Joshua replied

    Uh-Oh! That must mean “Days of Our Lives” will be cancelled within the next 12 months.

    E.V.E.R.Y. S.O.A.P. Cosgrove has “joined” over the past four years has been cancelled within a year of his joining …



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    And i watched all those soaps when he was there…scary!

    angejohn replied

    I’m just joking, but please stop watching Days now so it won’t be cancelled.

    Lisa replied

    Actually a different actor was on AMC playing that character when the soap was cancelled. So maybe that cancels out “the curse”. ;-)

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Days is new today…GREAT! But why is GH a repeat!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied



  6. Mark says:

    Love him and days is my fave soap right now!!


  7. Mike says:

    Uh Oh the notorious soap killer has joined DOOL! Beware!

    ATWT, GL and AMC were all canceled after he joined the show!


    ann replied

    That’s exactly what I was thinking! DOOL is doomed!:)


  8. Marie says:

    Why all these new cast members when the vets are left with little to no story line. Example Rafe Galen Gering.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Galen is far from a vet. Most of the (older) vets are either too “old” to be front burner, or the interest of head writers isn’t there.


    Patrick replied

    I read an excerpt… in SOD.

    Galen Gering… has been in the soapworld… a combined 14 years.

    Passions and DAYS.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    He may be a soap veteran, but not on this series. And Daniel is a vet, too. I believe Marie meant DAYS veteran that’ve been on the series.

  9. Cindy says:

    Danny Boy, ahhhh, be still my heart. He’s wicked good!


  10. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I love Daniel, so I’m very to see him joining DAYS. While I’d rather have Michael Muhney join the series, I can’t be too upset. Aiden seems like it could be a great character. I cannot wait to see him back on my TV screen!


  11. Libby says:

    Daniel Cosgrove has a reputation as solid actor. I have seen him in a few primetime roles by clearly he can work in the daytime production pace. I get the feeling the Mark Collier (Liam) is a short run role.

    Daniel Cosgrove has more experience and fan base. All good for Days. I am also pleased he is a new character and not a recast. More freedom to write a new story. Also, interesting to see his age range 40s. Days knows demo and are casting for it. Good for them.

    Maybe Sony / CBS advocated for him. He has been on a lot of CBS shows – day and primetime. Also, since Cosgrove super experienced and working regularly….could mean DAYS really need to let go Chandler Massey in a hurry to free up $$ for DC.

    I cannot see the Wilson story staying front burner or gaining legs much past the Feb Sweeps Event.

    I like Days is keeping info close to the vest.


    Patrick replied

    I do not know.. adam from eve… when it comes to Guy Wilson…. ie: the nuWill

    judging from the pic…. I see from afar…an innocence. He has charisma to reel.

    if he doesn’t take it all so seriously… because, he’s replacing a tour de force… 2 time emmy winner… and culls from his own ability… then…. I see.. Sonny… Justin, Adrienne, Sammi, and Lucas… Marlena, and Kate.. notwithstanding… the superior cast… giving way to Guy Wilson… shining… and paving his own road


  12. Omar says:

    Great casting news! He is a good actor and I really liked him over at AMC..This show is so consistently good..I am so glad I decided to tune in about 1 1/2 years ago..Great cast and writing team, still learning the show history but catching on.


  13. Charlene King says:



  14. Jules says:

    Weird casting choice. His “reputation” aside, DAYS should be going for actors in the community with loyal, solid fanbases behind them, a la the other 3 soaps. While it doesn’t necessarily equate success in a role (Steve Burton on YR anyone?) I just think it would make more sense in terms of garnering more eyeballs. I know that’s not a guarantee either, but to me with DAYS flying high right now, why wouldn’t they at least try for it? Why let GH, YR and BB snag them all? Are those players more expensive? Probably but if they’re out of work and have a family to feed I’m betting everyone can find a happy compromise.

    Daniel is a solid actor from what I’ve seen, and DAYS really may just be looking for the right guy in the right role. But from the stockpile of more “A list” soap actors around (Michael Park, Vincent Irizarry, Rick Hearst for example, maybe Tom Pelphrey, Eric Sheffer Stevens or Chad Zannon if they were going for a bit younger) I just wonder if they too could do the role justice, while bringing in more prestige/talent/big names – whatever – to the show.

    Also, the thought did cross my mind that DAYS is up for renewal in January. Good thing ratings have been on the upswing!


    Patrick replied

    Jules… there would seem… so few… fans.. who soapbox… DOOL….

    I count on you.

    think the layers… the threads… of meshing… the cast… the older gen… their offspring… and their grandchildren… I think… it’s the bomb… thee one soap… that solidifies… what encapsulates… what serial IS: the best cast on daytime

    for a show that is written… 4 months… “4 months”… 4 MONTHS.. in advance… and… not one, 1, O-N-E.. complaint… from me… think the 6 week production of all the three remaining soaps… missing pieces of the puzzle…

    are we right?

    darn tootin!

    DOOL.. is replete with complete

    I love this show

    as for getting… Q ratings actors who press more than others… finding actors who don’t compromise.. the other actors… who care to mold.. themselves within the confines of writing… and cast popular… then… have at it!

    I press how complete.. this year has been for DAYS

    it deserves to repeat as best Serial…. 2 years in a row… best soap! Tada!


    Libby replied


    Leslie replied

    Patrick…when I read your post …I envision… William Shatner saying it… It’s the… strangest thing…

    Patrick replied


  15. RLeternal says:

    I do not like DC and neither do I like his acting. He was terrible on ATWT. And he has the reputation of being on soaps that get axed within a year of his joining. It is surprising that DC gets hired regularly whereas far better and more talented actors like VH and ESS are not hired by soaps and shows.


  16. Patrick says:

    “don’t you get lost in those magnificent eyes… and his presence”

    “Ooh, la, la”

    I watched him on Guiding Light – As the World Turns – All My Children

    he is so likable… innately sexy… a keeper… sexy… loveable… all that

    I like him


    Patrick replied

    he’s a throwback… to the golden era… of gentleman… on fire… a mans stature… that reels… good television

    I love his take… his innate… sensual… steals your heart


  17. Alan says:

    I thought there was supposed to be a live triangle with Will and Sonny. Maybe it’s him.


  18. Johnny says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh…its Cancellation Cosgrove! He finished three soaps in 2 years! Guiding Light, As The World Turns, and All My Children. But Im just kidding. He is a likeable performer and a good actor and Days is good for hiring him.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Maybe since he was a recast in those other 3 cancelled soaps and now playing a new character at Days that isnt a recast, perhaps he’ll finally break that cancellation soap streak he seems known for from some of these post ive read…?


    Patrick replied

    I just hope… he’s a doctor… as well…

    I’m still so over… the mr. sanctity…. daniel…. double ugh!

    he’d be fun to watch… and would overshadow… daniel…. and bring vibrance and excitement… to Jordan and Kayla

    and hell raising Anne…. and Siren Theresa

  19. Karen says:

    Did they really hire Aiden for the story with Jordon Ridgeway? If not and they want Aiden with Hope; then why did they hire Liam? I thought that Liam signed a contract to play a significant role on Days!!!!! Supose to be Hope’s new love interest!!!!!! Waist of a good character!!!!!!


  20. Pat says:

    Aiden and Hope would make a cute couple!


  21. Kel says:

    Don’t forget 90210!!! haha! just kidding… I love DC, solid actor!!!

    I wish if Pete Reckell didn’t want to come back even just for a recurring scene here and there like Doug and Julie, that DOOL would get Robert Kelker-Kelly to. They are destroying the character and integrity of the Bo fans know and love!! It would be different if Hope were gone as well but with Kirsten Alfonso still on the show… it is only right that BO & HOPE take their rightful place as this genrations Tom & Alice! Especially as we approach the 50th anniversary!

    As fo DC’s character, Aiden, I think it would be great if he were the man from Jordan’s past…. also maybe Stefano’s long lost grandson? and a new pursuer of Sami? My how that would put EJ over the edge!!! Especially if he were Tony’s son!!! Delish!!! Besides, 1) he is too young for Hope and she is not a cougar nor desperate and 2) She belongs with Bo and if not Bo how about Daniel (yeah yeah… I know – Jen! or how about Brady? I have thought alot lately that maybe they could help and save each other in a strange way….

    Sorry, have been on a surgery leave and board outta my mind! DOOL helps occupy my time! ;)

    As f


  22. Kel says:

    Oh yeah, forgot about the Liam guy…. he would be great for Hope. Maybe end up doing a Romanesque twist with him that it’s Bo!! That Stefano found out what Bo was up to kidnapped him, brainwashed him, did plastic surgery and turned him into the new pawn 2014!!!

    Again, I have too much time on my hands!!


  23. Kel says:

    Alison Sweeney announced on Ellen she is leaving too!! So long DOOL!! SAMI was the only core character with her interaction with th other characters keeping the show going! Has been a great 50 years but they will cancel soon after!!


    Bryan replied

    Thank god Sweeney is leaving. Sami (and actress Sweeney) is the reason I’ve actually skipped episodes or FF the Tivo. Sami is a mess. She’s judgmental, meddlesome and a troublemaker — and not in a funny, lovable or loving way. Her (and Kate’s) current self-serving bullying of Gabi has me rooting for Nick. But the storyline is so full of repulsive characters that I have to admit to skipping much of it (Gabi is the only person I sympathize with. Even Will and Sonny are repulsive). Then there’s her repetitive droning about Kristin to EJ, bringing it up whenever they argue, even when it’s irrelevant. Get over it or break up. Then there’s her interference of Eric’s life, i.e. Nicole. Hopefully, it’ll also mean Goodbye, Sami.


  24. sylvana sgro says:

    It’s nice to have Daniel join the cast of DOOL. I hope that he doesn’t close out this show too just like the other 3.
    I think that he will end up with hope.


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