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28 October 21st, 2016 Daniel Cosgrove Stars In New Series From EP Ricky Paull Goldin!


While Daniel Cosgrove will be wrapping up his second run as Aiden Jennings on Days of our Lives shortly, the actor is about to star in a new TV series entitled Project Dad executive produced by none other than former soap star, Ricky Paull Goldin (Ex-AW, GL, AMC, and B&B).

Project Dad, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Original follows three celebrity dads as they step out of the spotlight and into the role of “mom” for 48 hours.  The series premieres on Discovery Life on November 1 at 7:00 p.m. 

The Dad’s Donnell Rawlings (comedian, Chappelle’s Show), Daniel Cosgrove (actor, Days of Our Lives), and DJ Skribble (world-ranked disc jockey, MTV’s TRL) are left alone with their kids while their partners leave home for a few days. The series turns the camera on these three busy celebrity dads as they try to put their careers to the side and get to know their children. The dads struggle to balance caring for a home, parenting and pursuing a full-time career — on their own.

Project Dad will have viewers laughing, crying and relishing in the real life moments these dads have with their children,” said William J. Rouhana, Jr., executive chairman of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “The show adds to our library of inspirational and entertaining content, and we expect the show to resonate with all audiences. This is our second television series to air on a cable network in just two years, and we expect more to follow.

The concept of the series is based on the hit international series Return of Superman that was originally broadcast and owned by Korean Broadcasting System.  The hit series in South Korea has won more than 13 awards.

Ricky Paull Goldin along with Derek Britt of DB Goldline, William J. Rouhana, Jr. of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, and EunHui Jong of Critical Density Media, LLC are the series Executive Producers. Populus Brands manages the network agreement with Discovery Communications and oversees partnerships, media sponsorships, and trade out sales for the series.   The series will also air next year on TLC on January 5 at 5 p.m.

So, what do you think of Project Dad starring Cosgrove and produced by Ricky Paull Goldin?  Intrigued? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I dont have that channel so i wont see it…Aiden’s return was an epic fail-originally an Aiden and Hope pairing had possibilities until they darkened his character and killed him off only to bring him back in the tiresome double plotline that was meant as a filler to drag out getting Hope and Rafe together…my problem with this Rope pairing is sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt!!!


    Celia replied

    Exactly, Jimmy. He might as well go away. I have developed such an antipathy for Aiden, I FF him.
    I will catch a few minutes of Project Dad to get the gist of it. And, I love Ricky….haven’t seen him in a while.


    jaybird369 replied

    Celia…A-M-E-N!!!!! Hey…I have nothing against May/December romances, but Rafe and Hope…No Thank You. And, at this point, Hope BORES ME TO TEARS!!!!! As for Dario, ‘YUCK’ IS RIGHT!!!!! More and more, there’s something about that Dario dude that TOTALLY ANNOYS me!!!!! Truly lame.

    Later, my friend.

    Celia replied

    Hi, jayjay,
    You bet. Hope brings Rafe down. I don’t see it. It’s not even the age difference so much. She’s just not a happy camper. She is a downer; a depressing, Eeyore-type perdon (Pooh’s friend?)…. it only rains on her. That dark cloud follows her everywhere. What a life!!
    Rafe could have such a free-spirit-kind of life without all the darkness and complications Hope brings with her.
    Her son left, again, jay….she didn’t even budge because she chose to involve herself with all the intrigue. She knew how evil Stefano was! Why not stay away….then she cries to Rafe and involves him.
    She should have packed-it-in long ago. This spy-gallivanting thing is way past her ‘bedtime’. I think those crazy pills she took, a few years ago, are still in her system. LOL. she’s not 20 anymore and Rafe is not Bo. Can’t turn him into her ex.
    Ciao, my friend.

    Patrick replied

    you hit all the points

    I just knew he was being written out…

    oy… I need to let go already… when it’s clear DAYS is the Hope and Rafe show

    as is GH… the Sonny and Carly show

    couldn’t be any worse

    anyway… Rafe needs to meet someone younger to bear his children… and be shown having fun


    Celia replied

    Right? I can’t stand the idea of Hope and Rafe as a couple.
    I have said that Rafe needs children of his own for months now.
    I remember him telling Sami how much he wanted kids ….I loved him with Sami.
    I enjoyed watching all their scenes together….not EJ.
    It’s sad to me how TPTB cannot find the perfect niche for Rafe. I thought he had a go with Blanca. But, she, too, comes with baggage . And of course, it’s Dario to the rescue. Yuck!!!! Why is he on the show, again?
    Hope is such a ‘drag’? That’s what my Gran says, LOL. That’s a 60′s expression, yes? LOL.

    Judy replied

    I love hope and rafe together she dosnt look older than him never even drawd on me about the age different

    Judy replied

    what channel is it going too on


  2. Mandy says:

    Will definitely be tuning in for this. Daniel Cosgrove is a fantastic actor. Glad he will be off Days soon. The writing for him was horrible. He was only used to prop Rope which is a failure as a couple. The backlash for this couple is worse than Daniel/Jennifer. They have very few fans and are hated by the majority. Days has lost 429k viewers since this time last year. I’m one of them.


  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    I wish him luck. The subject of this new project holds no interest for me. I think Daniel Cosgrove is a very fine actor. I really enjoyed Aiden the first go round. I’m enjoying his work this time; but, the change in the character Aiden is sickening. Aiden and Hope were very cute together. I saw many story line possibilities for the relationship between the police detective and the defense attorney. Unfortunately, TPTB didn’t share my vision. Aiden has now turn into this disgusting, twisted, near delusional freak. I will be very glad to see Aiden and his rapist son Chase gone.


  4. Daisy Day says:

    I love Daniel Cosgrove! Can’t wait!


  5. Tivette says:

    I’m looking forward to the show as the concept is good though done before just not on a regular series with celeb dads…men usually appreciate their wives more after doing double duty which is an everyday thing for millions of moms…not to mention single moms in the world! As for Aiden, he’s too dark for my taste and now he seems more deranged and creepy…can’t wait for Hope to do him in!


  6. blake says:

    great that Ricky produced a new show, I know he’s been doing them for a while and I hope he can keep adding his soap buddies to his shows. I wish he would put Beth Ehlers (Harley from Guiding Light) in one of his projects, they were amazing together.


  7. Peri Levine says:

    Sounds OK if that’s of interest to you. Not for me tho. Not a Days fan, so no spill over interest for me to view this. Good luck to DC, tho.


  8. Paul gebbia says:

    I intend on watching and being supportive of these two very talented men , Daniel and Ricky Paul. I have worked with then both and know they will give 100 percent to this project. Can’t Wait!!


  9. Judy says:

    thank god he going to be off day of our live now hope and rafe and finley be happy was the best new if herd all day


    clh replied

    They are the two most boring people on that show. Aiden was too good for her.


    Judy replied

    I love rafe and hope together aiden was so boring it would but you to sleep

  10. jaybird369 says:

    Whatever…as long as he leaves DOOL this time…FOR GOOD!!!!! SAYONARA!!!!!


  11. Kim says:

    Wish Daniel great success. Days did a lousy job with Aiden’s return story. They should have reunited Haiden & used Rafe for angst, not the reverse. Haiden had undeniable chemistry and it is not something you can manufacture. Days made a huge mistake not keeping Cosgrove. This was the last straw for me. Anyway, Cosgrove is a fantastic actor & I wish him much success.


    Patrick replied

    Kim… “thank you”

    “…Haiden had undeniable chemistry and it is not something you can manufacture”

    when production value goes by the wayside… and they PROP ??? favored actors and not the history of the show… especially what worked

    Hope had magic, WITH Aiden… AFTER Bo… Peter Reckell… MADE Kristian Alfonso.. famous

    she’s riding this out till death do us part

    she’s a favored pet

    so … Ken Corday… sit their and tell the audience that she’s your best pet

    it’s written that Dena Higley is hotted out for Rafe

    quality begets ratings and audience stir


    damien replied

    rope looks good on paper but the true chemistry was haiden!! daniel and kristian had real connection … rope is forced.
    after daniels last departure the audience cried foul and begged for his return…. and we get aiden just used again to force a rafe hope pairing…poor daniel… the fans got duped

  12. Peter K. says:

    The way Daniel Cosgrove was used and discarded by Days symbolizes the show’s problems. The Haiden romance had fans, and it was hatcheted so Dena could pair Hope up with her pet Rafe. Then, when she was on leave, the show tried to fix her mistake and bring Aiden back because many fans didn’t like the cheap, mean rewrite that made Hope look stupid.

    Greg Meng had courted angry Haiden fans during the renewal negotiations with the promise of an Aiden return and they were happy and advocated for the show’s renewal. Then, Dena came back and the show treated Cosgrove and his fans like suckers. Eric and Greg Vaughn fans need to pay careful attention to the way that the show preyed on Cosgrove fans.

    Cosgrove deserves much better than Days, and I’m glad he’s still working. Days deserves to be canceled for the way it treats its fans and actors who work hard and win those fans but don’t happen to play Dena Higley’s pets.


  13. janet says:

    I like Danial a lot. Rafe bores me to death. To bring Aiden back to just demonize him even more turned me off the show. Hope and Rafe are boring . TIIC think fans want them together. Not me. I will see if I have this channel and try to remember to watch it.


    clh replied

    Totally agree. Get rid of Hope and Rafe and keep Aiden!


  14. Mo says:

    Doesn’t interest me.

    They ruined the Aiden character upon his return. Don’t really know why they brought him back.


  15. Judy says:

    I never did like Aiden the name is boring I remember when Ricky Paul was on Another Word he would be good on days of our lives I have missed him


  16. Mo says:

    Rafe was married to Hope’s niece! I think they’re an odd couple, along with Lucas and Adrienne.


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