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0 January 11th, 2010 Darin Brooks talks Blue Mountain State and his foul-mouth at Emmys!

Darin Brooks

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It’s finally here, the premiere of Daytime Emmy winner and former Days of our Lives star, Darin Brooks (Ex-Max) new primetime comedy series, Blue Mountain State. The show is set to premiere tomorrow night January 12th on Spike TV.  In it, Brooks play Alex a second-string college quarterback who would rather party and have lots of babes…at one time!  Brooks spoke to TV Guide Magazine about his new role and his dirty mouth at accepting this year’s Emmy for Younger Actor.

Brooks on having a potty-mouth accepting his award at the Daytime Emmys ( Brooks got bleeped by the network): “Here’s what happened: I left Days in May, immediately went to Canada for three months to shoot the entire season of Blue Mountain State, then came back to L.A. at the end of August just in time to go find myself a suit and get to the Emmy ceremony. It was nuts! Winning the award came as such a shock, which is why I swore on national television. [Laughs] Also, it’s hard to stop now that I get paid to swear.”

Brooks on if he feels in his new role of QB Alex, that his character thinks he can get away with almost anything: “Yeah! But Alex doesn’t do it in any evil, vindictive way. He’s a good-hearted kid who just wants to get by, and nobody’s going to keep him from doing that. For an actor, it’s very freeing. Days was kind of like a machine, you knock out so damn many pages every day, so damn many episodes every year, you shoot weddings that go on for a week. That’s not a bad thing but it is a machine. Blue Mountain State is done on the fly. They let you improvise. They want you to improvise. I’ve always got crazy s–t playing in my mind, and they let me go with it.”

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