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12 February 16th, 2012 Darnell Williams reveals more on his new role on Y&R as Sarge!


Daytime Emmy winner and All My Children fan favorite, Darnell Williams (Ex- Jessie)  is set to debut this coming Monday, February 20th on The Young and the Restless in his new role as Sarge! So just what is a “Sarge”? Will Williams be re-teamed with Debbi Morgan (Ex-Angie, AMC, now Harmony, Y&R?) For the answers to these questions and more that are probably circulating in the most avid of soap fans head, make sure to check out Williams new interview out today from TV Guide.  Here are a few excerpts below!

Darnell on what the heck is going with Sarge, a physical therapist on board to help Jack Abbott with his rehab! “He’s like an ex-Marine drill sergeant who bullies his patients into getting better.  We’ll be chipping away the layers to find out why. There’s something pretty big lurking beneath the surface, though I don’t yet know what that is. [Laughs] I don’t even know Sarge’s real name but I do know he’s an a–hole.”

Darnell on if he thinks the powers-that-be brought him to Y&R to immediately re-team him with Debbi Morgan:  “I’m not really sure how they’ll spread me throughout the canvas beyond the story with Peter. I did ask about [being paired with Morgan] and they said, “That’s not why we hired you. We want to stay away from that, though we might tease it a little bit.” I kind of hope they’ll keep us apart for a while. I love Debbi, but it seems too easy to go that route. “

Darnell on how come Lindsay Hartley had tweeted that he accepted a deal with Prospect Park’s then proposed online version of AMC: “There was no actual deal. We had come to an agreement but there was no contract per se. I was just so glad the Y&R offer came along. I had just purchased a house in the [California] desert which I’ve given myself a year to make habitable. I have this inner interior designer trying to get out! I feel blessed to be working, especially in today’s economy. ”

Are you excited to see Darnell in his new role? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Brian Greene says:

    Yay, Darnell! :D


  2. barbara t says:

    I love and miss you darnell good luck on your y&r gig ,sorry but thats not why I am here ,didnt really know where to write this,unless everyone knows this ,and I sleep through another big deal.over at google news ,I have a one life to live news thing ,anyway at the macomb daily ,there was a good reading on general hospital and the writer says that abc will be making a decision on whether general hospital stays or goes ,in the next few weeks ,so start writing ,calling e mailing annoy abc ,let them know how you feel ,I do this several times a day they have to know that we do not want another soap cancelled and will continue to boycott any thing abc/disney.let them know how disappointed you are at there stupid shows that replaced all my children and one life to live with and that you have no interest in that katie couric trash ,that will not be on your television ,so ,here we go people start bugging abc with everything that you got.because we may loose general hospital and that cant happen.


  3. Robert C says:

    I wish ABC would have kept All My Children on the air but Darnell Williams character on Young and the Restless seems to totally different then his character when he was on All My Children


  4. Stephy says:

    I sure hope they don’t do a Harmony/Sarge pairing all I will see is Angie/Jesse. (Right now I’m watching a very spoiled “Laura” everyday)

    Chloe, and of course Jill, are in need of love interests but I’m thinking Ashley might be a love match. I’m more curious to see those two in a scene than one with Harmony.


  5. Jared says:

    Good luck. I love Darnell, but the current Bells who run Y&R and B&B like to stunt cast and then don’t know what to do with these great actors when they have them. Y&R needs to get back to its core characters and stories that made it once great.


  6. Jenna says:

    Thanks again for another great report, Michael!

    I especially liked reading the last paragraph wherein Darnell talked about how happy the Y&R job came along and how grateful he is to be working. It’s just that little bit that shows he is human like the rest of us (not that I ever doubted it). I guess I mean it just shows that they have struggles too.

    When I think of “Sarge” being “Jack’s” PT, it makes me think of Rocky and Apollo Creed. I would love to see Sarge whip Jack into shape and run him right out of that wheelchair. I could see them becoming good friends should the character continue after this, which it sounds like it will. Yo, Adrienne!!!!


  7. Scott says:

    Once again, MAB is just trying to gain viewers. The Y&R is too packed. She knew we’d want a Jesse/Angie of Y&R and teasing us for it? She knows that’s going to piss us off even more.

    When are we firing her?


  8. ethel says:

    i am thrilled to death that darnell will be back on my screen – not being paired with debbie morgan will give everyone a chance to see them both shine seperately – both are very talented & awesome in their own right…


  9. Erica says:

    I love his new role. Fiery. Something fresh. New to see. Cant wait to see more.


  10. linda says:

    I loved them as Angie and Jessie and they are Best friends in real life. I was SO excited to see them in a scene together and wanted them to be Romantic eventually. Then Harmony got mad at Sarge and it all went to hell. I was so upset to see Harmony with that other guy and not Sarge…I felt like they were mean to tease us. But now that I read that though they love each other, they would not want to be paired romantically on the show….at least not right away…I guess I feel better about it….Still….I keep hoping one day. Love seeing Annie from AMC and some others like Laura from G.H., etc… hope they don’t keep making her wear jackets like they did on G.H. Be proud of your figure Genie….and I’d love “J.R.” paired with the actress that played Annie..they were so hot together on AMC. Give Gwen a love story.


  11. Blake says:

    Certainly they are trying to gain viewers Scott. Ratings are what keeps shows on the air. Do you think the network’s bills get paid by some rich uncle ? The bottom line here is that Y&R landed three highly regarded actors/actresses from AMC. That’s obviously going to pull in viewers, and if the these fine actors/actress are given quality storylines to work with, it will up the quality of the show, as well as its ratings. I had actually stopped watching Y&R for like a year, and was watching AMC exculsively. Then when AMC ended, i was watching any soaps at all. The several weeks ago I learned of Debbi and the other AMC talents having joined Y&R, and so now I am watching Y&R again just because of that. Unfortunately it has t taken long for Y&R to get me ticked though with these Sharon & Victor nonsense, but hopefully it won’t last long. In addition to having Debbie and Darnell on, it is nice to see Cricket and Danny back. Loved hearing Phyills say… “I still had that bug”.. Lol. Maybe the whole thing with her do the hit-and-run on Cricket years ago will resurface now ;)


  12. angela says:

    Well I hope harmony lost memory.and sarge is her long lost husband and they have. Children. He:s there to figure out how to break the news to her…that would pretty hot to see ….


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