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5 September 21st, 2011 David Canary speaks on his return to AMC and the end of an era!


He has won six Daytime Emmys and considered by many one of the greatest actors to have graced the soap opera genre.  David Canary, who played twinsm Adam and Stuart Chandlerm returned to All My Children today for a few episodes to wrap up the network television conclusion of the 41-year-old soap that he called his home more than 26 years.

Canary told the Cleveland Plain Dealer why he decided to come out of retirement for these last special moments with his long time castmates! “My feelings were ameliorated by the timing of the announcement — a year after my formal retirement. I felt a great loss for the other actors and crew . . . but my own personal retirement in 2010 led to a long sigh of relief to be rid of the burden of four or five shows a week stacked on my shoulders by Adam and Stuart. But I miss them and was grateful to be there at the end.”

One of the most popular actors in AMC history also discussed the dwindling soap landscape.  “Is it a sign of the times, or are the networks making a mistake by slashing soaps to shreds?” said Canary. “Frankly, I don’t pretend to be able to answer that question. But if asked if I prefer daytime drama over reality TV, my vote unequivocally goes to the former. I think we all need a little creativity and maybe even a little fantasy in our lives — something more than opinion telecasts and trivia contests.”

In an email David Canary had summed up his run on AMC with a special nod to the viewers who loved all his machinations as Adam and the simpleton, Stuart.  “Pretty much everything I have to say about my career on ‘All My Children’ can be said in two words: thank you.  For everything . . . Thank you, Agnes Nixon. You trusted me with some delicate and powerful stuff. And you let me run with it. Uh, I guess that’s more than two words. But in case anybody missed them: thank you.”

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  1. Judy Eastham says:

    Mr. Canary, if you should read this please know that you have brought so much entertainment into my home over all of these years. My mother would rush over everyday to sit and watch with me, and we were always most interested to see what Adam was up to and how Stuart would reel him back in. You will always be loved, and missed. Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it. God Bless.


  2. ethel says:

    i have loved david canary since he was on bonanza – his portrayal of adam & stuart was absolutely phenomenal – he is truly an extraordinary actor!


  3. Peggy Burke says:

    Thank you for returning, David Canary. You are one of my all-time favorites. I LOVED you as Stuart and couldn’t stand Adam! What a great actor you are. To be able to portray both characters so well shows the incredibly talented actor you are. I’ve missed you in the last year and am so grateful you have returned for the last episodes. I am still so MAD at ABC for taking AMC and OLTL off the air. I pray the online version will be a success for all of us Soap fans. Again, thanks David!!


  4. Brian Greene says:

    Bless you David! We love watching your performances in NW Illinois. Thanks for your great work–Mazel Tov! :)


  5. susan perkins says:

    miss you so much! how about recurring @ PP?


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