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1 April 25th, 2010 David Canary’s final episode of AMC!


On Friday, soap fans witness the final episode of David Canary as Adam Chandler, as Adam bids farewell to Pine Valley leaving with the love of his life Brooke, played by Julia Barr.  It was the soap veterans last airdate (for now), and it was a another touching show from All My Children, whose week was filled with bittersweet goodbyes to James Mitchell as Palmer, and five-time Daytime Emmy winner,  Canary.

Back in February, Canary revealed that it was time in his career to retire and that he would be back at his home in Connecticut.   He told, “My career on All My Children has given me more than words could ever covey, both professionally and personally. I have cherished each and every moment. Viewers will be happy with how Adam departs the canvas, and I know that leaving JR (Jacob Young) as head of the Chandler household will continue to provide the show with many great stories to come. This is not the last you’ve seen of Adam Chandler. I will be back to check up on the Chandler Clan.”

So did you like how Adam’s story was resolved and the set-up for the in-fighting for control of Chandler Enterprises by the remaining clan?  Let us know.   You can watch the video clip below of the final scenes with Canary and Barr.

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  1. Ken Collins says:

    I have been a long time loyal and loving fan of All My Children sincen the early ’90s
    I have loved characters such as Will Cortland, Dimitria, Edmund and of course Erica
    but no character have I enjoyed more than Adam. The times Adam pretended to be Stuart and vice-versa were simply magnificent acting. But now I must give my complaint to the lackluster, hurried and uneventful manner of Adam’s departure.
    To first waste all that time on making it look like Kendal murdered Stuart to only find that Adam killed Stuart and then to spend all that time on Adam reuniting finally with his son JR to only have JR sleep with Annie and leave JR and his father with no relationship in the end. And finally to see Adam walk off under a street lamp without any fanfare to me totally lessens his great contribution to the show. I will miss him terribly and I am very disappointed with the way he was taken off. Thank you.


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