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25 November 28th, 2015 David Canary’s Longtime All My Children On-Screen Love Interests: Julia Barr and Jennifer Bassey Make Statements On His Passing


On All My Children, Adam Chandler (David Canary) had an on again and off again love affair and relationship with Brooke English (Julia Barr).  Meanwhile, Stuart Chandler (David Canary) fell madly in love with the often times infuriating Marian Colby (Jennifer Bassey)

Now the two women who played many scenes and spent much time with the late David Canary have come forward, and shared statements on the passing of this icon. Canary died back on November 16th, but news of his death made headlines just a few days ago prior to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Daytime Emmy winner, Julia Barr told SoapSheKnows: “David Canary was my TV soul mate! I could not have asked for anything more in an actor or a fellow human being. He was the essence of kindness, a gentleman and my years of playing ‘Brooke’ to his ‘Adam’ were a joy! We were all blessed to have him in our lives.”

Jennifer Bassey tweeted her sentiments: “The best of the best is gone. David Canary, great actor, terrific gentleman, kind, considerate and funny. I will always miss him. So sad. “ 

So, what did you think of Julia and Jennifer’s posts on the death of David Canary?  Did you want Adam to end up with Brooke, and Stuart with Marian? Who do you feel was Canary’s best all-time love interest on AMC?  Comment below!

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  1. Gerry says:

    Julia Barr’s Brooke was the perfect complement to Adam. Even when the character was brought on for Erica, I wanted him to be paired with Brooke. While I loved Marian with Stuart, Stuart’s love affair with Cindy was magical and groundbreaking on a number of levels.


  2. Garry Gray says:

    Deepest Symphathy!
    To such a Great Actor!
    He was one of my all time favorites in Daytime TV and on All My Children!


  3. Lockamum says:

    Adam was best with Liza, Brooke, and Krystal. He also had great chemistry with Kate Collin’s Natalie and Janet. Stuart with Marian of course. I always hoped for a Winifred romance. If not with Adam, maybe Caleb Cooney.


  4. Ann Izzo says:

    Each couple complemented each other and David Canary did a terrific job playing Adam/Stuart with Julia Barr/ Jennifer Bassey as the wife. How lucky that they got to work with him and the audience got to know such a wonderful man.


  5. Jenny Brooks says:

    Know something funny? When I first glanced at this article I thought ‘David Canary was NOT with Marion Colby! He was with Brooke and the guy who played Stuart was with Marion!’
    Silly me! That’s how much he still has me convinced that they were two different people playing those roles!
    Such a tremendous actor! RIP.


    Lynn replied

    I was doing the same thing….It’s such a shame that the guy who played Adam is no longer with us, but at least we have that guy who played Stuart. If only he knew how often that happened in mind, he’d either be flattered or think I was an idiot.

    When David Canary performed, he took you deep in the characters he acted, and I could be so angry at Adam one minute, and then allow myself to fall for his explanation just as the damsel in distress he was taunting at the time did.
    A loss for his fans, a terrible loss for his family.


  6. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I have an All My Children book autographed by David Canary and Micheal Nadar…as for the couples…Stuart and Marion…as for Adam-it didnt matter-Adam was always interesting in all his relationships!


  7. Kevin Mayne says:

    It is no surprise that these great ladies of AMC praised Canary. He was such an outstanding actor. I was always impressed by his talent. I had read articles that Mr. Canary was great support behind the scenes.

    It is hard to believe that he is gone.

    My heart goes out to his family as I understand he had dementia. it is a brutal disease for all To watch the person you love and care for slowly fade away from you


  8. louisa says:

    Love all of these actors. All My Children and David Canary will be missed forever. Brooke was my favorite character on the show.


  9. Jamesj75 says:

    Nice to hear from Julia Barr, no doubt.

    Also, nice to see Jennifer Bassey making pubic statements that show her in a good light, unlike that airline fiasco from a couple of years ago…


  10. Marcie says:

    As a long time fan of All My Children and co-founder of the Julia Barr fan group The Barr Association, I have always loved Brooke English. I thought she was wonderful with all of her co-stars, but David Canary was an exceptional actor and Adam Chandler an exceptional character. I think David and Julia brought out the best in each other as actors and that their relationship on screen was wonderful. I miss seeing them both on my screen and my thoughts and prayers are with David Canary’s family.


  11. Brooke English says:

    Brooke was the love of Adam’s life. David Canary and Julia Barr had amazing chemistry.
    Marion and Stuart were sweet. He made her a better person.


  12. Angela Frodella says:

    Julia Barr is a class act and just from watching David and Julia on screen as Adam and Brooke , you could see firsthand the mutual respect and love they had for one another .. Brilliant actors, and compelling characters they portrayed . One of the best working relationships and on air chemistry they shared for years . I will miss that .


  13. Lin says:

    It’s so funny. When I read he died, I expected to read what Julia Barr had to say. He did so well playing two totally different people that the thought that Jennifer Bassey also played his wife (as Stuart) did not cross my mind. He was a brilliant actor and I’m so glad to read he was also a wonderful human being. That this scourge, Alzheimer’s took him makes his passing all the more tragic.


  14. Joe says:

    As Stuart he seemed much more fitted with Marian but I am torn because as Adamhe was too Julie Barr was also a great fit too!

    Yes, I know I am no help. lol


  15. Kathy Bowlin says:

    Without a doubt, his most beautiful relationship was with Cindy. The aids storyline brought so much dimension into the relationship, and it allowed David as Stuart, to show a tenderness that he could never have shown as Adam. Although it was short lived and very tragic, it was also some of the most moving television I have ever seen on daytime. His simple truth, honesty, innocence and ability to open his heart no matter how much hurt he would have to bear from it, is why Stuart was so beloved. Seeing him become a father to Scott, and the relationship that bloomed between those two characters was rewarding in so many ways. It takes amazing skill as an actor, to create two characters who could be the most beloved and most hated of men on a soap. But no matter how bad and cruel Adam could be, you always knew that Stuart was his soul, his conscience, and his Achilles heel. I never stopped hoping for Adam’s redemption, through Stuart. David’s tremendous skill as an actor made those characters into real people for me. I still mourn for Stuart, and probably always will, as I will for David himself. The world has lost a talented actor, and a wonderful man. I wish peace and comfort to his grieving family.


  16. Yolaine San Filippo says:

    Yes David Canary you will be missed!! Great actor so humble and sweet unlike the character he portrayed. That’s why he was so amazing!!


  17. Vicky says:

    I don’t care who he was with. He made them better. But I did especially love Adanm with Brooke and Stuard with Marion. I’ll miss him so much! Never crossed my mind he’s leave us someday.


  18. Brian J. Greene says:

    Rest In Peace, Dear David Canary! (Y) <3 O:) O:)


  19. Brian J. Greene says:

    Bless You Julia Barr, Jennifer Bassey, & David Canary! :)


  20. Harry says:

    Oh this is sweet–thank you.
    I also thought Stuart was touching with Nurse Gloria.
    Remember those fried egg sandwiches?


  21. Kate says:

    Both ladies were excellent with David. I loved both his characters as Adam and Stuart! I enjoyed all the relationships .between them year after year
    I don’t have a favorite cause the cast of All my children are great even those who died in real life or in the show. David Canary will be deeply missed but always loved. Love and hugs, Kate


  22. Amy Rupert says:

    Julia Barr’s Brooke English was hands down the love of Adam Chandler’s life. I spent 25 years rooting for Brooke and Adam and was thrilled by their 2010 reunion. Nobody else but Brooke could bring out the best in Adam and also put him in his place. Julia Barr and David Canary had amazing chemistry, and Brooke and Adam will always be my all-time favorite couple. Stuart had a wonderful love with Cindy, but I do think Marian was a great complement to him, too.


  23. Danny Baugh says:

    It was Adam and Brooke and Stuart and Marian always and forever.


  24. Jonella says:

    Having been fortunate to meet, David, found him handsome, a naturally sweet man. He evoked an aire and we were just drawn to him. Loved him on Bonanza as well. The Gentleman of gentlemen.


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