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5 December 17th, 2010 David Gregory and OLTL win big in Awards!

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The votes have been counted and in the end, One Life to Live’s David Gregory (Ford) is the hunkiest man in all of soapland! That’s right! Gregory was a five-time winner in the 12th Annual awards winning the big prize for Best Hunk, and then picking up four more key victories for Best Pecs, Best Butt, Best Torso, and Hunkiest Newcomer.  Gregory also helped his show One Life to Live being voted the Hunkiest Soap. One Life was far away the clear cut favorite with the fans for hotties! Joining Gregory in the Llanview winners circle were: Nic Robuck (James) with a win for Best Face, and David Fumero (Cristian) whose big guns were voted on as Best Arms.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brandon Beemer (Owen) added to his Soap Hunkdom by taking the Best Abs and Best Eyes prize, making Beemer the record holder for most hunk wins since the awards started being voted on 12 years ago. Beemer’s castmate, Zack Conroy (Oliver) won for Best Hair.  Best Hunk over 40 went to General Hospital’s, Steve Burton (Jason). Most Missed Hunk was former GH star, Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky).

In the Most Shamefully Clothes category that nod went to Days of our Lives Dr. Daniel Jonas,  Shawn Christian.  Shawn’s castmates, James Scott (EJ) and Eric Martsolf (Brady) won in the Best Voice and Best Smile categories, respectively. And there you have the 2010 honor list of Soap Hunks!  So are you happy with the winner’s circle? Let us know!

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  1. mmc says:

    Van Hansis should have won the best face and certainly the best smile category.Nobody has a smile like Van.I like Zack Conroy so much and think he is a doll, but I think Van Hansis should have gotten best hair or at least tied I also love Vans’ voice.And Don Diamont should have won over 40.Like a good cheese, Don gets better with age!


  2. bottomchef says:

    Gregory, Beemer were hired only for their looks so of course they’d win a lot of these. LOL. They are being paid to stand around shirtless and say minimum dialogue. Best hair, best hunk over 40, best smile? These categories are hilarious!


  3. Laxer says:

    Everything will change next year once Adam Gregory of Bold and Beautiful enters the competition.


  4. andrea R. says:

    Not suprised OLTL won. YAY Nic Robuck, love his face and the rest of him.


  5. SOS says:

    Everybody who’s seen Days knows that James Scott is the ultimate Soaphunk…brains, great acting and gorgeous. He’s the total package.


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