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31 July 19th, 2017 DAWN OF A NEW DAYS: Ron Carlivati’s Episodes As Head Writer Begins!

Photo Credit: S Bergman

All eyes are on Days of our Lives, as today make sure to tune-in to the long-running NBC daytime drama series.

That is because Daytime Emmy-winning scribe, Ron Carlivati’s scripts and material begin to reveal itself as the series will get a burst of new energy filled with drama, humor, romance, and adventure.

Carlivati, who’s work on One Life to Live and General Hospital have been some of the most creative in those shows history, is set to bring his style and vibe to the characters of Salem.  Many have always thought that DAYS and Carlivati’s writing could be soap match made in heaven.

Fans of the series already know that some exciting returns are ahead under his watch including: Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson and Alison Sweeney.

But before all that begins, viewers should be on the lookout for how he takes the current stories and melds them into new ones, and more!

So, tuning in to DAYS today and in the future to check out how Ron’s creative efforts effects your favorite Salemites? Comment below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    Sign me up as one of the fans who think this is a good marriage. Ron’s style and DAYS’ flavor are going to be a match like no other. Remember when the show was celebrating it’s 50th and how it turned into “must-see-TV” for a little while? Well, we’re going to be given back that same high dose of excitement and stories that will keep us tuning in every day but swearing at our TV screens because just when we think a payoff is going to happen, Ron will throw in another curve to keep us waiting. That’s what he did at OLTL and GH. Trust me: He will do it again but at DAYS.


  2. Joe E Nelson says:

    Very excited for this.


  3. Gary says:

    Good luck to you, Ron. Wish you the best and a great success at Days!


  4. 4ever DAYS says:

    Of course I’m tuning in! I’m a fan of DAYS, 4ever!

    I look forward to Ron’s writing and think I’ll be very pleased! And it would be so mean, mean, mean if other viewers don’t give Ron’s DAYS a chance!!!


  5. jaybird369 says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Ron can start (or whatever) by getting rid of that ANNOYING AND PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACE Dario…QUICKLY!!!!!



    LeeAnn replied

    Guess you got your wish ! :-)


    blake replied

    Dario is going to be gone by the end of this month, confirmed by the actor today.


  6. Nick says:

    This clearly shows the level of desperation all parties have to try to save Days, which is this-close to cancellation. This man is extremely overrated, IMO. I mean, people don’t call him “ReRon” for nothing. His nonsensical, repetitive, cartoonish, plot driven brand of writing is not my cup of tea and it nearly destroyed GH two years ago before he mercifully got fired. Even worse, he can’t take any constructive criticism and takes shots at fans on Twitter who don’t kiss his fanny with gushing praise for his work. That’s disgraceful and highly unprofessional. Hasn’t Days been destroyed enough before he was hired?!?!

    For this man to get another head-writing job at a different soap not even two years later just speaks to the pathetic state of this genre. This constant recycling of the same old hack writers bouncing from one soap to another has to stop if these shows are going to have any hope of surviving into the next decade, point blank. How about some fresh, young blood with some fresh ideas for 2017 for once instead of a has-been who’s failed several times and had his day?


    Dave replied

    who peed in your Cheerios this morning? Give the man a chance!!


    Jovin replied

    Awesome post Nick! Those were my first thoughts too! However…a whole other thread started in my brain that could only be titled A Tale of Two Soaps. I look back to much of his work on One Life to Live with fondness. He wrote for the vets on that show. He honoured and paid homage to the past on many occasions. The show had focus and clarity. He wrote stories of romance for all age groups. Then…came his version of GH, which I still shudder and cringe at. He astoundingly gutted the heart and soul right out of that show and appeared to do so gleefully! He turfed the vets and only wrote for his newbie pets. He made Sonny even more of a centrepiece than he even was under the Phelps Guza regime. By the end of his tenure, with no one reigning him in, the show was a convoluted mess with record low ratings. His mean spirited attacks against viewers and actors on social media were unprecedented and hostile…and he should have been fired on the spot for those.

    I believe this is days last chance at a reboot. I hope Ron realizes that he has been handed a Do or Die show…and he cannot use it for a vanity project or to get even. I hope he combines the best of his work at OLTL along with fresh new material for DAYS. I am guardedly and cautiously optimistic…along with some trepidation. I want DAYS to survive and thrive. Ron gets props for being one of the best at interweaving stories into an umbrella. I I hope he does his best work and delivers what DAYS needs.


    Nicki replied

    I love Ron’s writing and GH is way worse now than it ever was and I thought he did a great job. Every writer and producer and even the actors receive a barrage of “criticism” daily- so good for him taking a few shots in self-defense. Let’s not forget that head writers take their direction from the executive producer and other higher-ups whose demands must be adhered to. Some people learn from their mistakes and continue to change and grow and improve. Others, especially, it seems some of the posters on here- do not. Ron has been given a great opportunity, and as of today his work is what we will be seeing. I wish him the best.


    Michael replied

    I always credited Ron with bringing back the vets to GH which Guza chased off. He “saved” Robin from dying and accommodated the actress’s limited availability by a unique (yes drawn out but not his choosing) kidnapping scheme that brought back old time villains Jerry and Faison. He brought Anna Devane back! And also brought back Bobbie, Scotty, Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Laura (for limited appearances), Duke, and Lucas. He also helped build up the Quartermaine’s … AJ came back, he wrote a great exit for Edward’s passing, Tracy and Monica were given storylines or at least involved in storylines, Ned was brought back. Plus the new characters brought on all had some rooting value (OK I hated Sabrina) and I liked how he tried to tie some in to classic vets (Britt was Faison’s daughter!). And he did what no other writer would do … he gave Sonny his comeuppance and put him in jail and he wasn’t on the every episode like under Guza. Yeah, some stories were a bit far out there … but I kind of liked him treating long time viewers to “Port Charles” storylines and characters being woven into GH for a limited time. The Nurse’s Ball (which I always hated) was respected and brought out of moths balls. I think he showed a lot of respect for the history of the show and tried hard to bring back a lot of the vets that were kicked off the ranch by past regimes. And Days is going to need someone like Ron to “undo” past mistakes like Will’s death …


  7. Katiek says:

    The only thing that can save Days at this point
    Is to bring back the vets. Peter back as Bo, Shawn b
    Belle,and Jack!! I’d love to see Days mend fences
    With Vivian and bring her back.


  8. Joel says:

    I have full confidence that he will make DAYS exciting again like it was in the 80′s and 90′s. I only got hooked on OLTL and GH when he was head writer so the third time should be the charm for soap fans across the board.


  9. Ray says:

    Best of luck to Ron. I would love to see the show get back to “Must see” like when Ben was the murderer a few years back. I hope Ron’s style is to stop the killings and kidnappings. I no longer care about Nicole being kidnapped or being held hostage because it has been done so many times.

    Here are a few things I would to see:
    1. Bring back Phillip and Mimi.
    2. Peter Blake would fill the hole that has been missing since EJ left.
    3. Carrie needs to be a major character/lawyer in town. I have always loved Christy Clark.
    4. Make the characters more fashion forward. A few of the characters look too plain. Clothes do not have to be bought at Neiman-Marcus to look good on camera.
    5. In the summer months, shoot the show outside with one camera that way “GL” did in its final years. It would be better than EVERYTHING happening in Horton Square and the park. I would love to see the peer again.
    6. More scenes with Maggie. Where has she been?
    7. No more scenes time spent with the teen scene. Too much time invested into that group of characters that are now no longer on the show. But, I hope the new Ciara and Tripp are the new super-couple.
    8. Give Eve a storyline worthy of Kassie D’s talent. I no longer want to see a one-dimensional character hating Jennifer because of the Frankie chose Jen over Eve. These characters are too old for that.
    9. Speaking of, Frankie and Max should check in every now and then.
    10. If Kayla/Steve and Adrienne are going to drive the show, bring back Stephanie and a hire a few siblings for Sonny.


    Ray replied

    Sentence should have read “Here are a few things I would like to see:”


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I totally agree with your comments about Eve. Kassie DePaiva is a wonderfully talented actress. Ron C. is aware of that from his time at One Life to Live. I hope the Days powers that be allow him to fully expand Eve with Kassie.

    I also agree about the sets. I’m so sick of seeing that pitiful town square and the even more pitiful park. Pay for some sets folks!!!!!!!!


  10. penny says:

    So far, not impressed. I don’t need two Marlena’s and now I hear Adrienne will pull double duty. I don’t care if they’re different characters, I don’t like or want it.


    Pat replied



  11. Jimmy says:

    I’m excited for this because I’ve been a fan of Ron’s writing for a long time. I was very excited when he came on to GH and turned the show around. Yes, his writing can be over the top sometimes, but one thing is for sure: when he’s writing for a show, it’s never boring. Which is exactly what GH has become under Jean & Shelly, and what DAYS was like up until now.

    However, how many “Dawn of a New DAYS” promises have been dolled out in the last few years? The same promise was given in 2011, 2012 and when Josh Griffith and Dena Higley were brought back in 2015. I agree with the above comment that soap writers keep being recycled from show to show, but this change is exactly what DAYS needs right now. And for the love of God, even if RC doesn’t work out, please never bring Higley back.


    su0000 replied

    hi Jimmy..
    thing is; it takes awhile for all to kick in and turned into RC’s vision..
    By November things will trat to take shape..

    I really want RC back st GH ..
    He hard hard drama and humor, I miss him!

    ( the master of twist & turns and surprises )


  12. su0000 says:

    I’m envious of the Days fans!

    They get the brave writing of RC and GH is stuck with the Snooze Queen..


  13. blake says:

    I can’t wait to see how the show is under Ron C.’s writing. I am going to watch today’s episode on the nbc website.


  14. k/kay says:

    Good luck to him better then a game show


  15. Robert in Jersey City says:

    I would love Days to become amazing under his writing. We don’t want to lose another soap!!!

    Ron can save it.


  16. Chrystie-Delancey says:

    PLEASE rehabilitate Zander!! Paul Telfer is too good an actor (and eye candy) to not play a leading man.


    blake replied

    Zander is super hot, and I’m sure Ron C. will write for him just for that reason lol.


  17. Firas from Texas says:

    I’m glad Dario exiting soon!..please try bring Peter Blake back he’s great actor .. more fun to see Kristen and Peter siblings!


  18. blake says:

    Here are Wednesday and Thursday episodes on the NBC website if you missed the start of Ron’s episodes:


  19. Michael says:

    Ron- please save Salem! So excited for RC writing Days!


  20. Pat says:

    I’m unclear if the current shows are written by Mr. C. I hope not because they’re awful. Rehashing 25-year old story lines isn’t the way to go IMHO. 1. we either remember the first go-round. Or new folks are left wondering why this is happening. Every one is said to have a double. But give us a break, no one has an IDENTICAL double.


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