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25 June 11th, 2010 Photo Special: DAYS Fan Weekend 2010. Who was there & what went down!

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Last weekend, fans of Days of our Lives converged in Los Angeles for the annual Days of our Lives Weekend 2010 edition.  The three day fan fest featured your favorite Salemites attending various charity events.   Saturday morning, former DAYS star, and star of the new web series, The Bay, Martha Madison opened the doors to her restaurant, Henry’s Hat which served as the fantastic back-drop for the star-studded Breakfast with Samantha’s Friend’s Benefit.  Alison Sweeney, Crystal Chappell, Charles Shaughnessy, Judi Evans, Lauren Koslow and very special guest, Deidre Hall, were just some of the actors who warmed the hearts of the crowd.

Friday night featured the Friday Night Dance Party for Love Charitable Events, which had some of the younger set of Salem cranking up the heat. Casey Deidrick, Molly Burnett, Shelley Hennig, Mark Hapka, and James Scott, were dancing the night away with fans for a good cause. Another fantastic day event was Saturday’s, Afternoon In Salem For Love Charitable Events To Benefit The Cancer Research Institute. Soapers got to see Ejami together…Alison Sweeney and James Scott, plus Arianne Zuker, Eric Martsolf and Lindsay Hartley were also on hand working the crowd into a DAYS frenzy as was Marky Mark Hapka!

DAYS stars also walked the red carpet at the DAYS Charity Event benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  On hand were: Galen Gering, Alison Sweeney, Eric Martsolf, Justin and Lindsay Hartley, Nadia Bjorlin and Shawn Christian, and Shelley Hennig to name just a few.  And finally, Sunday saw many old and dear Salem favorites attending The Frances Reid Memorial Brunch. Stars in attendance included: Bill Hayes, Suzanne Rogers, Patrika Darbo, Patsy Pease, Maree Cheatham, and Arianne Zuker paying tribute with the fans to the legacy of Alice Horton, donuts and all!

Check out our special photo gallery of the events after the jump!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for all the good snaps! It was a wonderful weekend in L.A. full of fun and charity. The event at Henry’s Hat was so nice with all the veteran actors and some of the newer stars as well. The FLCE events were such a treat for EJami fans and all the stars who attended were kind and generous to each of us. DCE had a good number of Days stars and Justin Hartley!! All in all, it was a fan’s dream weekend.


  2. Waverly says:

    Beautiful photo gallery with all the stars looking so happy to help support these worthy causes. Thanks Michael for giving us a glimpse of the events with these fun photographs.


  3. Lisa Greenway says:

    Love the Team Jamison Photo!


  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for posting those great pics! Too bad I missed seeing “EJami” in person.


  5. Keia says:

    LOVED all of the events! I loved that I got to meet James and Ali for the first time, and all of the other great cast members as an added bonus!

    Although I must admit that the highlight of the DCE, was that fact that I got to meet Justin Hartley! Mr. Green Arrow himself! (I am SUCH a fangirl! LOL!)

    I LOVE “Smallville”, and loved him as the original Fox Crane from Passions!

    So to get the chance to meet him in person was awesome!


  6. Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with those of us who were not able to attend any of the many events last week end. Everyone looked great and they are all wonderful for supporting such wonderful causes.


  7. bottomchef says:

    I don’t usually go for James Scott, but wow! Those glasses work for him. He looks so doable. But this comment will probably make him more full of himself, since that’s how he seems like in his interview here.


  8. Kimberly says:




  9. anniePie says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES, Got to attend both Sat afternoon and eve events, wonderful time, stars were so gracious and generous with their time. Did especially love the afternoon event, wow James and Ali so terrific together, was on such a high till KC ruined it but I will keep on hoping and rooting for my couple EJAMI. Thanks again for all your great interviews.


  10. iluvej says:

    The one of James and Ali is gorgeous! Thanks from a very happy EJami fan!


  11. Jessica says:

    Awww…James & Alison!!! EJAMI!!! Leading Lady Alison Sweeney (Sami) & her Leading Man James Scott!!! (EJ!) Awww, the King & Queen of Days and their wonderful amazing & off the charts chemistry and love story & family together as extremely famous and extremely popular SUPERCOUPLE EJAMI!!! EJ & SAMI! They’re so wonderful together!

    Look at that great pic! Go Lovely & Gorgeous Jamison & Ejami!!!


  12. Doe says:

    Photo gallery is great, Michael. What a good looking bunch of people!, The scene with Melissa Reeves was wonderful to see . She is a doll and hasn’t changed at all. It would be nice to see her back on the DOOL canvas. I’m sure there are others who would agree with me……


  13. pinky says:

    They look great together.

    I have never considered that JS is full of himself, but if he is, who could blame him? I mean, just look at him? I do not see a flaw.


  14. Deborah Kallus says:

    Thanks for posting your great pics. Ali and James just look too adorable for words…


  15. CeeJay says:

    Loved the pics so thanks for sharing! Thought Ari Z and Eric M look terrific, like the newly crowned Princess and Prince of Days…they need to be a couple. But where were my faves, the Queens and King, Kristian and Peter???? ;) ;)


  16. kelltwomyn says:

    Crystal Chappell was rocking those sandals! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. The Frances Reid tribute had to be full of tears; I know the show is moving me to tears with Alice dying. However, it is really good to see some of the vets, even if it is only for a bit.


  17. Michael Jenkins says:

    I love James and Ali picture long live Ejami.


  18. Willa says:

    Loved the pic with Ali and James. Go Jamison/EJami!!


  19. guest says:

    I refused to go to the Flce event bc it was run by the whole 50 members of Forbidden Love. We finally know their true numbers, and a friend showed me the list of people that went. I was told they sold fifty tickets, what a joke. I would never go to an event run by them for their own agenda, Ej and Sami. I am so glad that Ken Coraday put out his article directly after that underwhelming event.
    The other events were fab, and everyone was very nice. I heard nobody asked Limdsey Hartley any questions, poor thing. Goes to show it was all about James Scott and Ali Sweeney.


    Cody Webber replied

    What you “hear” is often wrong. Lindsay Hartley was asked at least one question I saw, a question about her character’s different jobs since coming to Salem. The Q&A was very short, to leave lots of time for the auction. The actors where very vocal during the auction, jumping in to try to drive the bids higher, especially Alison Sweeney, Eric Martsolf, and Ari Zucker. Those three clearly love attention, but Lindsay Hartley was quiet. I think she must be a shy, quiet person.

    Refusing to go to a charity event because you don’t like some of the organizers fictional rooting couple is childish. There were Days cast members there besides James and Alison, including members of other pairings of Sami and EJ, Galen Gering, and Ari Zucker. They must have felt cancer research was a worthwhile cause. The agenda was raising money for cancer research, not James Scott and Alison Sweeney. Nobody tried to convert me to being an Ejami all weekend. And there where way more than 50 people there. I couldn’t even tell you how many. I would think 50 members of one website organizing an event must mean they have a huge membership, since a very low percent of any group has people who actively do things like organize charity events. Whoever did it, they did a fantastic job.


  20. Scarlett says:

    Sounds like good time for a good cause!


  21. Kim says:

    I don’t get it! Even in that picture the chemistry is there!

    Go EJAMI!


  22. guest says:

    The beautiful thing is I didn’t go bc I don’t like Ej and Sami. This was nothing but an event for their fans, who have made posting in general and watching the show miserable. Why, bc they are mean and vicous and spiteful. I know I am not the only one who has been treated badly by the Ejami fan base. If you must know, I ablsoutely refuse to associate myself with people who act like nothing more then school yard bullies. Now, I did get a look at that list, so I know for a fact how many people were there. A friend showed me. She is very trustworthy. Now, as for not wanting to associate myself with people who are like a cult at best, that is my right and it is not childish. As a free thinking person, I have the right to spend time with whom ever I want. I refuse to spend time with people who behave like bullies on the net. There they have the key board to hide behind, who knows what they would do to people w.o. that key board.


    Angie replied

    Please there are die-hard fans in any soap fanbase, it is nothing new.
    And the Ejami fans are certainly not the worst so don’t participate, not big deal many other will participate for you, don’t worry ! lol


  23. Cindy says:

    Can CC please do something with her advertise here forehead. Cut some bangs ease up on the botox or something.


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