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13 August 7th, 2015 DAYS 50: Melissa Reeves Recalls Favorite Jennifer Moments: Jack, Frankie, Tom and Alice!


If you feel nostalgic as we all get ready for the emotional 50th anniversary of the iconic soap opera that is Days of our Lives in November, look no further than TV Insider’s postings of Salem stalwart Melissa Reeves favorite moments through the years as Jennifer Rose Horton.

Hand-picked by Reeves, she named three standouts, including a scene of the first time Jack and Jennifer make love back in 1990.  Melissa related about what made this scene so special: “One day, Matt Ashford showed up at Days and shook up my world just like Jack did Jennifer’s.  He was so different and funny as Jack, so human. He wasn’t afraid to play that flawed, broken man. He didn’t need to be the macho man, the leading man, he was just this fun, nerdy guy but also a really handsome guy and the fans loved him and related to him. They could tell that Jack truly loved Jennifer, in his weird way. When I first started working with Matt I was, like, ‘Wow. What is this? Well, this is sure going to be different!’ It was like being on a roller coaster only I wasn’t hanging on for dear life. I was throwing my arms in the air!”

Melissa also chose the hanging of the Horton family Christmas tree ornaments back in 1986 and touched on the very personal relationship she had with the late Frances Reid (Alice) and MacDonald Carey (Tom), and another beautiful moment with another all-time favorite love interest, Frankie Brady played by Billy Warlock back in 1987.

Now, it’s your turn: What was your favorite Jennifer Rose Horton moment throughout the years:  One that comes to mind for us, is the wedding of Jack and Jennifer, and the vows Jennifer reciting to Jack, you know, the wedding at Universal Studios!  Watch that after the jump and then share your thoughts below!

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  1. Aden says:

    Can I also say….and this is not 100% fact but Jack and Jennifer are the last couple I remember having a baby while they were married, and there was no Who’s The Daddy, no no baby switch, no miscarriage, no illness, just a very entertaining couple having a baby to complete their lives. That would be so refreshing in today’s landscape! Days is the one show that has managed to keep couples together. Two reporters nosing around stories is a built in way to keep a couple interesting! Same with Bo and Hope, two cops solving crimes with the relationship dynamic. Head honchos keep claimimg that happy couples are boring. How would they know? It has been rarely been attempted or depicted in daytime!! I love to watch happy couples instead of a constant stream of Sturm und Drang and endless misery. Happy couples does not mean the way Jim Reilly wrote happy couples…where they sit around talking about how in love they are, how happy they are, gazing into each other’s eyes 24/7 etc. Instead of happy couples, use the term TOGETHER couples, who can face hardship, but work through them as a couple and emerge stronger. Like Tom and Lynette on Desperate Housewives!! They were a middle aged, middle class couple but they were hilarious, flawed, they fought, they cried, they loved, they laughed, they threw things, they tried going into business together, they had problems, they separated, but in the end emerged as a stronger couple. How ridiculous would it have looked if they divorced every couple years, remarried, had affairs, divorced, remarried…Victor Newman has been married 16 times. There is nothing entertaining about a man pushing 80 and acting like he is 25.


    maddiehayes replied

    ITA, Jack & Jennifer were always fun to watch, together or apart. Same with Patch & Kayla, Bo & Hope. No matter what life throws at them, they will always end up back together. Because we could FEEL the love and affection they had for one another, these relationships were very well developed, and have stood the test of time. They make us believe in true love and fidelity. These are the types of couples I root for. The ones that easily go from bed-to-bed, I couldn’t care less about! Some of these guys forget about their “true love” the minute another sexy cutie enters their orbit. I’m talking about you, Dr. Dan.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    So well said…everything id like to had mention myself…Days could do well if theyd recapture those moments like in your comments…and Jack needs to return…Jack and Jen should be this generations Tom and Alice!!!


    Carolina replied

    That Chick fil-A moment trumps them all now doesn’t it, Michael Fairman?


  2. maddiehayes says:

    My very favorite moment, and there are LOTS of them, is the “I believe in you” moment where Jack is ranting about how bad he is for her and she cries “you are not the same person and everyone knows that now! .. I believe what I feel, with my whole heart.” and she kisses him. And he just cannot resist her after that, and he kisses her back, and boy, what a KISS! Still makes my toes curl. :D


  3. Torqumada says:

    I like her as actress. But so many characters on all four remaining shows are without a storyline of any merit. Jennifer Horton is exhibit A for DROOL.

    How many times can she play the same scene with Eve? Her kids? Worse still is when they tried to heat up Dannifer, when that had zero chemistry.

    I say bring back Peter DiMera, make her the head of an international cartel of cat burglars…. anything. Instead she meddles endlessly and issues sanctimonious benedictions and homilies on Virtuous Living. For goodness sake Ker her do something.


  4. Gmbenet says:

    This clip is an example of why the era of such episodes of Days of our Lives were called “The Glory Days”! There was REAL love between Jack and Jennifer. Not the phony crap the writers are trying to sell using Chad and Abigail. Ben and Abigail come closer to Jack and Jennifer than Chad and Abigail. However, why the writers had Abigail to mess around with both EJ and Chad, I will never know. What I do know is that the writers made a huge mistake with the current Chad-Abigail story!

    Since we do not really know who the father of Abigail’s baby is, I do hope it really is Ben. The writers seemed to leave room for it to be Ben. I do hope they will confirm that it is him. Let Chad go and find love somewhere else…maybe with Zoe.

    The writers also messed up with JJ by having him sleep with Paige’s Mom, Eve. Although Jack did the same with Jennifer’s Mom, Laura, neither he (Jack) nor Laura were aware of their true identities. Not so with JJ and Eve. They both knew what they were doing when they did it. So there is no going back in the JJ-Paige relationship. What were the writers thinking? What is so wrong with having couples like Jack and Jennifer?

    Thank God Ken Corday made a change in the head writers! I do hope the new head writers, Dena and Josh, will bring Days of our lives back to Glory days and that the Glory of these latter days in Salem will be greater than the former ones!


  5. Tom Jenkins says:

    WOW do you mean at one time they actually did a real OUTDOOR scene instead of that crappy fake leaf park set they currently use for everything? That is pretty impressive – the show now consists of about three sets – Brady’s Pub, the hospital and the Town Square where everyone literally “bumps into” each other….constantly. Well I guess in a town that has only 3 sets one can’t help but bump into a fellow cast member.
    I wish the show would venture to the real outdoors every once in a while.


  6. Ray says:

    All of her scenes with Billy Warlock and Jamie Lyn Bauer.


  7. damien says:

    jennifer and frankie!!!
    i wasnt old enough to catch them their first time around in the 80s but in clips i ve seen they seem so sweet and adorable. i did however catch their second go round in the 2000s and would love to see them reunite again!. billy warlock is sooo cute! it would be a no brainer with eve in the picture to bring frankie back!


  8. Natalie says:

    Was a Jack and Jennifer shipper in the beginning but I think in the end they became a joke couple. Jack was a clown who never grew up and he dragged Jennifer down. I stopped shipping them during that farce of a wedding. It was not funny or a romantic to me it was slapstick at its worst with Matt Ashford’s constant eye slides to the right of Missy’s face. Give me Frankie and Jennifer ANY TIME!!


  9. k/kay says:

    Haven’t watched in way over a decade but she sure does not look like she has aged a bit!


  10. Paul says:

    I first watched Days when Melissa joined after being let go from Santa Barbara. I adored her & the character of Jennifer Horton.

    Closing in on 30 years later, the character has become so unsufferable that my favorite scene is now the fantasy sequence where Eve stabbed a knife into her gut. I’m rooting for these new writers. They’ve got a lot of damage control to take care of and I wish them well.


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