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29 October 18th, 2015 DAYS Aiden To Andre: “I’m A Man In A Desperate Situation Being Forced To Kill The Woman I Love!”


Haiden’s love story takes a major detour when this week on NBC’s Days of our Lives, Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) has come up with an unthinkable plan to pay off his debt to the DiMeras!

How will he do it? By cashing in on Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) life insurance policy, after murdering her himself! And how will he walk away from the crime? By making it look as if the necktie serial killler struck again, and strangled the life out of poor Hope … his bride to be! In the latest NBC promo for Days of our Lives, it seems clear that Aiden is torn about what to do since he says he loves Hope.  He even says to Andre (Thaao Penghlis) who is blackmailing him, “I’m a man in a desperate situation because forced to kill the woman I love.”

The question posed in the promo is: “Is he (Aiden) marrying her for love … or for her money?”  Feeling trapped, Aiden in the promo also says, “There isn’t any other way.”  NBC teases, “It’s going to be a wedding to die for.”

Watch the promo from this week’s DAYS after the jump! Then let us know, do you think Aiden can really go through with this and attempt to murder Hope?  Do you think Hope and Aiden’s wedding will go-off without a hitch? Are you upset by the turn in Haiden’s storyline? Will Bo (Peter Reckell) come back to Salem, and somehow save Hope from being the next victim in town by a man impersonating the real serial killer?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Well, all I have to say……
    Days had more murder/killings in 2 months than GH has had in a year ..
    and that is not right, nope.. ummhumm..


    Patrick replied


    between you and JimH

    rioutous humor

    “Thank You”


  2. Patrick says:

    Aiden in the promo also says, “There isn’t any other way.”

    I am going to be sick about this… for all of time

    I am going to be sick about this…. for all of time… ie: Kassie DePaiva

    ie: Daniel Cosgrove

    it’s mind pull must see… coop de ta … telee

    what… read between the lines… give him a character flaw… there isn’t any other way… throw in his gambling problem

    and this aids and abbets … reason?

    two of the finest acts… on DAYS / Sony / NBC are being let go

    I love supercoupledom

    1. John and Marlena
    2. Bo and Hope
    3. Steve and Kayla
    4. Justin and Adrienne
    5. Will and Sonny

    I know all this !






  3. Chloe says:

    I really liked Haiden and hate how the new writers have ruined him. If they had to bring back Bo, why couldn’t they have paired the adorable Daniel Cosgrove with someone else on the show instead of turning him into a bad guy? They’re basically rewriting Aiden & also rewriting Bo, who left Hope to go chase the DiMeras. Now suddenly that’s not true & he actually left to find a cure for Caroline? Really? I don’t buy it. And from what I’ve heard, Bo isn’t even coming back for good, so what’s the point? At the end of this, there will be no Haiden and no Bope. And if she winds up with Rafe, I shudder to think how they’ll destroy his character if Peter R. decides to drop in for another short visit.


    mollie replied

    You are 100% correct on all points! Daniel Cosgrove is a keeper. Plenty that the writers could do with his character besides running him over with a bus. :(


    elm51 replied

    exactly – i could have wrote a better post!!!!


    dmr replied

    I agree; and the writers have developed this storyline for Bo as a hero-in a way for Hope, his family, and the viewers to forgive him for abandoning his family. I’ve just never been a fan of Peter’s rendition of Bo Brady. I did like Aidan, however. This storyline makes Hope (a detective) seem like a very desperate woman.


  4. James R. Poissant says:

    Nothing against the actor but I never cared for the character of Aiden so this story is one I am dying to see play out. I already have it in my head that Bo will come to the rescue and this is when Hope sees Bo for the first time in a very long time.


  5. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe Bo returns in time and Aiden kills him instead…Doesnt Aiden have to be married to Hope first…how isnt he certain Ciara and Sean are the only ones in line to cash in on her life insurance…will suspicions now fall on him as the necktie killer…what if Aiden mistook a now teen Ciara for Hope and kills or almost kills her instead?


  6. Judy says:

    Those writers should be ashamed for writing such a dumb storyline and trying to ruin such a beautiful couple. It’s disrespectful to both Daniel Cosgrove and Haiden fans. Me and the other Hadenites loved the slow almost 2-year build up. Now the writers do more than necessary to try to ruin him. It’s disgusting.


    elm51 replied

    they threw aiden under the bus & ran over him several time – unbelievable!!!


  7. Mo says:

    If he really loved her, he wouldn’t kill her. He’d rather die himself. So I don’t buy that he loves her. He loves himself more.


    CeeCee replied

    Right on, Mo. Aiden has taken the word ‘love’ for granted since day one. I also echo James R. sentiments. I have never liked Aiden , EVER. I have always had a strong antipathy for him. I hope he gets his….and, off the show.


    carol replied

    You got that right I never trusted him since day one .and this just shows how sick and greedy Aiden really is,Oh anyone notice how quick Chase grew up in a week? Now beat it Aiden


    gloria replied

    I agree, I have never trusted him. I don’t even believe his story that Chase killed his mother or whatever it was. And yes, that was horrifying that Chase is suddenly taller than his father! That was so unexpected-growing him up overnight. Why I wonder? It made more sense for him & Ciara to be peers-he is too old. Why did he come to town? Why did Stefano want him with Hope? When, where & why does he gamble so much? How can you go online & change someone’s life insurance policy? I imagine you would have to go in person to an agent’s office & sign in front of a Notary, witnesses, etc. for something that important! I cannot wait for Bo to come back & kick Aiden’s ass straight to prison! What a creep to say the least. GO AWAY. Bo & Hope forever.

  8. blake says:

    That means Bo will be back soon to take Aiden down.


  9. Carla says:

    I just started watching Days in anticipatio of Vincent Iziarry. I know he will be well worth the wait.


    elm51 replied

    i can’t wait for vincent to come on the scene either…………………


  10. Tim Welles says:

    GOOD GRIEF who the heck came up with THIS? It’s sounds sooo stupid and for this show that’s really saying something.
    Plus, the character of Andre is ridiculous, he just seems “thrown in the mix for the sake of the good ol’ days” even though I didn’t watch way back then. Right now, the only thing remotely interesting on the show is Abby finding out that Ben is the necktie killer and having Rafe find out – and a surprisingly good performance by Rob Wilson as slightly crazy Ben. Other than that, the “secondary peripheral storylines” are pretty inane -


  11. Ray says:

    The show was amazing today (Monday) and I look forward to the rest of the week. DOOL has had an embarrassment of riches lately in the acting department. Kate, Abigail, Chad, Ben, Hope, Marlena and SAMI!! The show is so good I can’t wait to watch it every day. Now, let’s get Bo back to Hope. Patch back to Kayla and have some happiness for a while.


  12. Carmen says:

    I knew he wasn’t a good guy since his son told Hope that he married his mother for her money, so she knew who he was!


  13. sonniorsolita says:

    How can this possibly make sense? It is a HUGE leap from desperate man to coolly deciding to murder someone. That’s more depraved than Ben the necktie killer. I mean, Ben is clearly sick, but we’re supposed to believe that Aiden is suddenly evil through and through? I just can’t buy it.


  14. Renee Eller says:

    I like hope and bo together i never aiden he was someone you never could trust i think bo and hope should be together i hope bo stays on the story its not the same without him


  15. Carol says:

    How can Chase and Ciera be kids one day and teens a month later. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Days needs to get a grip on reality.


    carol replied

    I thought the exact same thing maybe they ate some miracle grow and they grew fast I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I saw Chase ,I did remember reading though they wanted to make him older,,,


  16. Carol says:

    How can Chase and Ciera be kids one day and a month later be full grown teens? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on a soap and I’ve seen some pretty crazy things over the past 30 years of watching soaps. Days needs to get a grip on reality.


  17. carol says:

    Aiden is a lawyer don’t they make a lot of money?Then he should have plenty of it unless of course he lied about being a lawyer to just like he does with everything else,I hope he is the one who dies. Perhaps that is what he did to his first wife ,I never believed that his son killed his wife by accident.I do hope the bass- turd gets caught


  18. carol says:

    Maybe Aiden isn’t really Aiden perhaps he is another one of Stepahano’s lost kids,On ths show you may never know did Know that Chase was going to age but I also remember reading something about him leaving the show unless of course they met the young actor who played him first.Now what I cannot understand iis why bother to age him when Aiden is leaving the show ? Oh here is a thought maybe we think we see Aiden but it isn’t really him at all,you do remember when we had the Salem slasher we all thought it was Roman or Don but they had a latex masks made to look like them… I wonder if Aiden is even a lawyer,, he is one character that I could care less about leaving the show , to bad they dont take that stupid foolish girl Abby and her just as dumb of a mother Jen with her I can stand any one of them,and why does Roman even have to stay he serves no purpose there big deal he is a cop.I have nothing against Josh Taylor I just think his character is a big waste of space,,


  19. Minnie says:

    Daniel Cosgrove wasn’t thrown under the bus, he was run over by a fleet of buses, backed up and run over again. I have never seen such horrible character assassination. He had the nearly impossible task of becoming a viable love interest for Hope after PR CHOSE to leave. Haiden worked and he/they have a ton of fans. New writers have rewritten the history and insulted all of these fans because PR decided he will come back for his moment of glory and leave yet again. Daniel Cosgrove gets fired and his work over the past 2 years destroyed. This all leaves Hope alone again until Rafe steps in. Nobody will invest/support a new pairing for Hope after what they did to Haiden. DC could have remained on the show without being paired with Hope. It’s almost as if the writers had an ax to grind. Fire DC, destroy his character and kill him off. No room for redemption or coming back. Shameful. Putting Rafe front burner is Dena’s doing. He will be another Dr. Dan. GG is not leading man material. He is a supporting actor at best. His lack of Emmy nominations proves that. The sudden change in direction of Aiden’s story is insulting and not believable.


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