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38 April 2nd, 2013 DAYS Alison Sweeney and James Scott On The Tonight Show! Featured on Ready For Love NBC Promo!


It’s a big night for Days of our Lives EJami fans when Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ) appear in a skit on tonight’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC!

Sweeney tweeted her fans last night revealing about the duo’s appearance:, “Days peeps! @IamJamesScott & I did a fun sketch w @JayLeno for his show tomorrow night (Tues)! #tunein #uwilllaugh #jamesinarobe #Justsayin“   So translated, that would mean DAYS fans will see James Scott in a robe and clearly something will go down that will make us laugh!

In addition to the guest appearance on The Tonight Show, Ali and James were featured in this new NBC Promo for the network’s new dating reality show which premieres tonight called, Ready For Love, about three bachelors getting dating advice from experts,  in a The Bachelor-esque twist.  Watch the promo after the jump, and make sure to watch The Tonight Show and let us know what you thought of the skit with EJami!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Counting down the minutes until the Jay Leno show begins…can’t wait! Love Ejami!


  2. Michael says:


    I stopped watching this show way back when Rafe and Nicole were in Brady’s Pub talking and the dialogue was like hearing long finger nails on a chalk board. That’s how bad the writing was and most likely, still is. Even as a gay man, I will not watch the show even if Will and Sonny are on. Days’ writing team ruined this show for me.


  3. jimh says:

    Im ready for Ejami but not 4 a another dumb reality show!


  4. Mo says:

    Taped JL. Will watch later. Nice to see Ali and James promo NBC shows. Good to know NBC realizes how popular they are. Would also be nice to see primetime stars promo Days.


  5. pspcindy says:

    I am so thrilled at the promotion of EJami by NBC. James and Alison have such onscreen chemistry that it is just fun to watch them whatever they are doing. The “Ready For Love” promos are so cute.

    Jay Leno and EJami was a winning combination. Late night has now been introduced to Days’ sexiest couple.


  6. PABWECG says:

    Ejami as a real couple…who’d have thought this day would really come? But yes, it’s here, and NBC is taking smart advantage of it!


  7. Lisa Greenway says:

    OMG!!I LOVED it!!The whole family loved it.It was insanely divine!!Ali and James were fantastic and Jay fit right in~~~LOVED


  8. DD says:

    Really enjoyed seeing James Scott and Alison Sweeney on The Tonight Show. Jay Leno did a really good job of playing the “I’m in love w/Sami – not really in love w/Sami” piece beautifully and the double drink in the face was hilarious! The candlestick to the face? Priceless!



  9. Ave says:

    I saw it and I loved it. I couldn’t stop laughing! NBC is doing a great job of cross promoting Ready for Love and Days/EJami. Looking forward to seeing more :)


  10. Sophie says:

    The sketch was so much fun. Great job, Ali, James and Jay Leno. And thank you NBC for finally realizing the potential EJami has.


  11. Monica says:

    Loved the tonight show skit! James & Ali were so funny you could tell they were about to laugh at any moment… I’ve really enjoyed EJami’s story on Days & look forward to seeing more promos with them & NBC!


  12. Jess says:

    The sketch was so funny. My boyfriend actually laughed out loud when he watched it with me! I love to see the network making the most of Ali Sweeney and James Scott with all of this cross promotion. Way to step it up NBC!


  13. Janina says:

    Love all things EJami! I watched Leno last night just for them! :)


  14. Marcy says:

    Loved it. Go Ejami! :)


  15. Kate says:

    Loved the skit and loved the RFL promo. The show probably isn’t my cup of tea, but having Alison Sweeney and James Scott promote it as EJ and Sami was a brilliant idea. If there’s hope for them, there really is hope for anyone! Now who do I thank for finally bringing those two crazy kids together? These past couple of months have been a soap fan’s dream come true. :)


  16. MollyMay says:

    Loved the skit and promo spots. Reminds me of the day when they’d use the supercouples – like Bope – to promote other NBC shows. Guess that seals it…Ejami is Days new supercouple!!


  17. cj08 says:

    YES ! It is clear than NBC and Days has gotten the memo: EJAMI GENERATES BUZZ!!

    They are finally using that buzz in a really smart way and targeting the key demos using this couple to increase viewership on other shows. As someone with a Marketing/Ad back ground my heart jumped when I saw the first RFL promo featuring Ejami!

    Is it any coincidence that this fictions soap couple has trended TWICE on twitter and took Days with it once…not to mention helping Days trend during the Ejami centric Daysaster story line in the Summer!? Yeah…I did not think so! Lol

    They have been demonstrated to be SO popular that they are now leveraging that fan base and popularity to boost other NBC shows! I say its brilliant cross promotion and they should do it more often!

    This is classic Soap Couple marketing and it worked for GH’s L&L and its working for Days’ Ejami too! I am so proud of our long considered ‘under dog” couple. Clearly now that they have been given a chance, they are shining and it seems the network realizes what a golden goose they have with this couple!

    Loved the promos and the Jay Leno skit had me in stitches! Ejami: NBC and all your fans say Thank you!!


  18. Andrea says:

    I am LOVING all the EJami!! The skit was campy and fun, loved it! It’s about time that NBC realized all the potential that they have in EJami and it’s great to see them taking advantage of that finally. :D


  19. Danielle says:

    Loved the skit…. Love Ej and Sami together!


  20. Cheryl says:

    What can I say anything Ejami I’ll watch. The promo for RL is a great idea because Ali is pretty well known and James is going to be a major star someday. One day we’re going to look back and remember the day when JS was on Leno and laugh because it was smart of NBC to use Ejami to bring the buzz to Late night. Also it was just plain funny in a soapy kinda of way.


  21. Cory says:

    My hats off to the writer who wrote such a campy scene. I laughed my arse off!!!
    How James, Alison & Jay kept straight faces is beyond me.
    That being said. The new show “Ready for Love” can’t be any worse than the Bachelor/Bachlorette series. I think I’ll tune in and check it out!!!
    Thanks for the heads up on stuffs Michael!!!


  22. Jill says:

    Loved it! So soapy and so fun! I’ve loved NBC using Ejami in cross-promotions with other shows. Very market savvy if you ask me!


  23. Kisha says:

    Watched it last light and it was really funny and quintessential soapy fun, and more like a play on how flip floppy relationships on soaps can be.

    And I loved Alison Sweeney and James Scott during it!

    Go EJAMI!


  24. Crystal says:

    The last Ready For Love promo was hilarious. Choosing two Days stars to help promote that show was a great idea. I personally would not have paid attention to the promos when they aired if they hadn’t had used JS and AS.

    Also loved the Jay Leno skit.


  25. Lena says:

    The “Tonight” skit was good campy soap fun! Jay, James, and Ali all did a great job. I have enjoyed the crossover promos for “Ready For Love” with James and Ali. EJami is the perfect couple to show that true love can overcome anything, so that is a good marketing decision.


  26. kinda says:

    Feel so bad for Abe, he gets no air time now that his beautiful wife is gone. This show has gone down the tubes, the stories or boring and more ridiculous then ever. Jennifer/Daniel the most boring couple on the planet gets too much airtime!! Nicole who has no real purpose on the show even gets a good amount of airtime. I’m done with this crappy show.


  27. Nancy in FL says:

    James Scott. In a Robe. Chest Hair. Gorgeous Stubble. Nuff said. . . ;)


  28. Maggie says:

    What a fun sketch that was. My husband and I really got a kick out of it. Ali was gorgeous, James was handsome as always, and Jay proved he could start a new career as a soap star. Bully for NBC for providing some great comedy and using their talent so effectively.


  29. Leslie says:

    The Leno skit was a riot, and the promo pieces are fun!!!! It’s all good!!!!!!


  30. JamesRox says:

    Hats off to NBC for its cross promotional efforts that capitalize on the popularity of and fan interest generated by those daytime TV fictional gems Ej and Sami. The Tonight Show skit was a cute and campy cross between a melodramatic DOOL/Ejami interlude and GWTW with a dash of Leno’s own special brand of goofiness thrown in for good measure . Alison, James and Jay all appeared as if they were enjoying their Days spoof. I agree with those who have said that they watched the promos for NBC’s new reality show “Ready For Love” expressly because they featured Alison and James. This recent spate of cross promotional “Ejami-ness” suggest how valuable the Ejami pairing and the actors who embody them are to their parent network.


  31. bettyrj says:

    Loved the skit! It was a lot of fun! Ali was gorgeous and James was handsome as usual ! Glad that NBC is using the most sexy and talented couple on daytime tv to promote their new dating reality show. I might have to check it out just to see what it’s all about even tho I’m not fond of reality tv.


  32. Karen says:

    That was funny as hell!! LOL…. Thanks Michael :-)


  33. Janet says:

    Absolutely love that NBC is using Ejami to promote other shows Good PR for Days and EJami Loved the skit on Jay Leno Ali/James were awesome!


  34. Rose says:

    LOVED seeing Ejami getting exposure during prime time. And having NBC cross promote these shows is a good move. I’ll take any Ejami air time I can get, but soaps can only benefit from air time and cross promotion.


  35. Rocky Reed says:

    I loved the skit and promo. NBC, now the world has seen the most adorable couple on T.V. The huge fan base would love you if we could have a movie with Allison Sweeney and James Scott are at least call Tom Hanks and put a bug in his ear !


  36. Nicky says:

    This was just soo Hilarious, Loved that NBC promoted Ejami while sending off Jay Leno..I thought Jay was a natural (lol) can never get enought of Alison Sweeney & James Scott together. I too feel they should do a Movie Together, natural Chemistry does not grow on trees..Very talented duo.


  37. Linda says:

    I really wish they would get this nightmare of a so called couple off my TV. This has got to be the worst couple with Dan and Jen coming in second.


  38. Linda says:

    Can’t watch Days anymore because it is so bad with the abusive couple getting together and in love (getting sick to my stomach) and I won’t be watching Ready for Love either, wrong couple to adverties for a love show


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