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19 December 13th, 2017 DAYS Alison Sweeney Delivers Emotional Tearjerker As Sami Says Goodbye To Will, Marlena, and John!


Over the past few months, Days of our Lives viewers have witnessed one of the most well-written, and well-played story arcs of the character of Sami Brady DiMera, and one of our favorite all-time performances by her portrayer, Alison Sweeney.

Throughout her return visit, which took Sami to Salem and Memphis and back to find her believed-to-be-dead son, Will, there were plenty of story turns, including: Sami kidnapping Ben (Ben Weston) and getting him to re-enact strangling Will (Chandler Massey) in an attempt to get her son to remember his life, sleeping with her ex Rafe (Galen Gering), and so much more.

But the emotional heart of the story came to its full conclusion on Wednesday’s episode, when Sami decided it was time to leave Salem, but before she goes she tries to reconcile with her son.  In story, Sami says there are some of Will’s belongings in her car, so he steps out to get them, while Sami has an emotional moment with her mother, Marlena (Deidre Hall).  Sami thanks her mother and tells her how much she loves her.  Next, it’s John’s (Drake Hogestyn) turn, who Sami has not always had the best relationship with.

An overcome Sami, tries to thank John for all he did in tracking Will down in Memphis.  An emotional John hugs Sami, and says to her: “I’ve always been on your side.”  Now it’s time to grab some more hankies when Sami tells Will that she is excited to see what’s to come for him in his life, and how proud she has always been of him.  Sami is struggling with having to walk out the door and leave her son behind, since Will has never hugged her or shown much emotion where Sami is concerned since he returned, and especially what she did to him.  But as Sami heads out the front door, Will finally goes to hug her.  Sami hugs her son back, and is reduced to tears of joy as John and Marlena look on.

And then, you need to grab some more hankies when Will says, “Bye Mom” as Sami replies, “Bye, sweetheart.”   That moment was played to perfection by Chandler Massey and Alison Sweeney, and rang true as any mother saying goodbye to her son and having to leave him behind.

Alison Sweeney finishes her run as Sami on tomorrow’s episode of DAYS, but we will always remember this visit as one of the best of the best, and those goodbyes scenes as good as they come on the soaps. 

So, what did you think of Sami and Will’s goodbye? Alison Sweeney’s performance during this story arc? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Andrew Hass says:

    First i loved Sami’s goodbyes to Will, Marlena and even John and mostly i liked Sami’s goodbye to Will.Plus i’m wondering if some real life emotions surfaced between anything could happen in the future and this might have been the last time Alison Sweeney would be on Days or at least for a very long time.So just in case the show may have wanted to give Alison Sweeney some goodbye scenes in that while Sami is saying goodbye to the characters she is saying goodbye to the actors.


  2. Mo says:

    I don’t want her leave. Loved it when Will said, “Bye Mom.”


  3. Max says:

    Their is only one Samantha Brady. Both Villian and Hero. Ron wrote her Beautifully and Alison is amazing as always. Cried at those scenes and had to watch them twice. You will be so missed Alison but I know that Ron will bring you back again with another great Arc and I can’t wait.


    Val replied

    She shouldnt have left the show. I love on the show she brings it to life.


    Patrick replied

    this completely took me by surprise – this is high yield drama for return

    Sami leaves knowing her son is “home and safe” and even with no memories…

    this is just that much more down the road for Sami to REEL

    PLUS – she’ll return with Rafe baby.

    i’m 6 epi behind AND DARNED IT ALL – of course I cried, just reading about Sami and Will


    Patrick replied

    i’m gobsmacked… all the REELING going on in Salem –

    from the time Sami came back from Memphis… she’s been the highlight

    watching her flit to and fro… reign herself in … catching a fair shake ? woah

    Ali Sweeney has done it… the one thing she voiced an opinion about.

    made me cry… because she got her son back…no matter the cost to her

    like Will, Sami has a connection to the whole canvas

    have to do a stand out… Martha Madison , sisterhood Belle and Sami
    as Sami berates Belle for “giving” the DiMera 1/2 the money back. and Belle questioning Sami motherhood with Will. it was on the mark what you expect from sisters.. and Belle was given the boot .. but she held her own.

    chutzpah , no?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bele back on the show… since Claire of ALL the SORAS teen set has taken… it’d be nice to see more interaction with Marlena, Belle, and Claire. Martha Madison’ Belle would make a GREAT biatch

    EVERY STORY in and around Sami… startling show.

    which is further proof.. that after Sami leaves… the show has all it’s legs full throttle… ie: ED came and went.. and we all want her back. Ali as well.

    Patrick replied

    thee – NEW – and MUCH improved Ciera Alice Brady – IS – a HIT

    wow she has an attitude that is nothing like Hope.. and that means something

    she is so natural and fits right in with : Claire, Tripp, Theo… NICE

    the younger set is moving right along

    Ciera has so much too much energy in and around

  4. Jimh says:

    i missed the episode…


    4ever DAYS replied is a good place to catch it, Jimmy! Traffic to their website is a plus for DAYS!


    Jimh replied

    I forgot i get it On Demand too…and thanks about will catch it there too!!!

  5. James R. Poissant says:

    My gripe is that since we know for sure EJ is alive thanks to Kristen’s appearance, just how long could Sami stay gone? We have to have some kind of closure to that part of her story if she won’t come back to continue the character’s journey.


    Andrew Hass replied

    My guess is when the show brings EJ back he might have amnesia too and has been brainwashed by Kristen into thinking he’s someone else.So that could mean when we see a new male character it could really be a brainwashed EJ but maybe we won’t know it for awhile.Plus EJ having amnesia and brainwashed into thinking he’s someone else might be the only way to have him on the show without Sami at least for the time being.


    Grant Putnam replied

    What was the ending about her wearing the wedding ring all about? Was it to signify that she is going back on the hunt for EJ? I like the idea of another Sami adventure out of Salem to track him down from Kristen’s clutches and then returning with a Rafe baby in tow.

    4ever DAYS replied

    But “alive” doesn’t necessarily mean in the same form, James. The character returning could be EJ…or rather, have EJ’s brain.


    Chrystie_Delancey replied

    Maybe May sweeps or the summer. Crossing fingers!!


  6. joanne wolfer says:

    I will miss as/sami love her and lucas


  7. Satan says:

    Come back soon, Sami. Salem just ain’t as unholy without you!


  8. blake says:

    I really enjoyed Sami’s visit. Everything Ron wrote for Sami and the others was an amazing umbrella story. Sami sure knows how to bring fire to the show.


  9. xmascarol says:

    I am sad to see her go.Come back soon Sami. It is a shame that they wont let her move back to Salem.I feel like she is a very important part of the show.Now everyone here have a very Merry Christmas,happy holidays to all of you and to Days God Bless and happy holidays to you too.


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