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23 July 27th, 2014 DAYS Alison Sweeney: “I’d Want My Epitaph To Be, ‘Ali Sweeney: She Worked Hard!’”


Alison Sweeney (Sami) has been burning down the house on Days of our Lives in recent weeks with some of her best performances in her extraordinary two decade plus career on the NBC soap opera!

The fan favorite departed the series following her last tape day on May 23rd to devote time to being a more full-time mom to her children, and to concentrate on other aspects of her very busy career including: her hosting gig on The Biggest Loser, her novels including her latest book, Scared Scriptless and directing! Alison is said to be  directing over at General Hospital filling in for one of the directors. chatted with Alison about life after soaps, and putting her family first at this time in her life when she is one of the most fearless, hard-workers out there! Alison revealed: “I’ve always been willing to work hard.  I love what I do, and I’m passionate about it. I’d want my epitaph to be ‘Ali Sweeney: She worked hard.’”

What do you think about what Alison would like her epitaph to read?  We would certainly agree that it would be a great choice given all that she has accomplished in her life!  Have you been enjoying Alison’s recent scenes as DAYS Sami continues to inflict her revenge on Abigail (Kate Mansi) and EJ (James Scott)?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    The Sami’s revenge on Abigail and E.j. is an emmy winning for A.S.,performance(the others were good too) and i loved it…it was a good five ‘DAYS’ there but now im ready for the revenge part of the plot to be done and move on…


    Omar replied

    I agree Alison Sweeney’s performances during the week were Emmy worthy..I love DAYS but the one thing about the show that irks me, is the stories drag on and on..I hope we get a satisfying finish to this storyline without it lingering till fall.


    phil replied

    I would rather it take longer to tell a story than have quick stories with very little depth…just sayin!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    And Jordans story is the one that really drags…hope it picks up soon…and i too hope Sami’s story has a satisfying finish!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Maybe Kristen kidnaps Danial so E.J. can take his place…E.J has cosmetic surgery to look like Danial to avoid past crimes and because he doesnt have medical knowledge he leaves the hospital to work for Victor…to take over Victors business and all his money after Sami leaves him penniless! Then as Danial he decides to make a play for Abigail as E.J./Danial is really attracted to her after all…real Danial escapes Kristen and comes face to face with fake Danial in the Horton Square in front of Jen, Maggie, Victor with both men claiming to be the real Danial Jonas…wouldnt you just love two Danials living in Salem…lmfao!!!


    dmr replied

    Sami has never been my favorite character. I have always thought that she was very immature, which is why I never bought into someone like EJ Dimera being involved with her. But, I think that the writers are doing a good job at going through the emotions of someone being cheated on and humiliated-the shock, anger, sorrow, etc. I agree, Jordan’s story is beyond boring. Are we to believe that her BIG secret is that she stole some money and ran off with her brother to protect him? How boring.


    Father Time replied

    I’m sure there’s a lot more to the Jordan and Ben storyline. It will all be revealed in due time.

    CeeCee replied

    I agree with you to a certain degree dmr, but I think the writers are taking Sami’s “anger” a bit too far. I had previously posted that I don’t know how I would have reacted had my husband cheated on me. Sami is well within her rights to wield her “weapon” of payback against both EJ and Abigail. But, this has become an obsession and a thirst for revenge which is not very becoming, nor is it apropos for someone of Sami’s “loose” past. EJ and Sami knew each other’s shortcomings, including their frail sense of fidelity. So what is she carping about? Because it was done to her? She could cheat on her mate, but watch out if the same is done onto her. No one crosses Sami? I am no fan of Abbi…frankly, I do not like her much. However, Sami is being made out to be a regular old biddy…..a virago. That just isn’t Sami. That’s more like Julie. What gives? Is it to ease our pain in watching her exit, lol? Why make the audience hate her? I am not liking Sami very much right now…, I hate this behavior.
    Please writers, allow Sami to walk out with dignity and integrity. As it is, she is losing whatever self-respect she has.

  2. Tina says:

    No Michael. I hate that Ali’s last months are wasted on this story. Both Ali & James deserved better story with more competent actors.


  3. Maggie says:

    Ali has been turning in extraordinary performances, one after the other. She’s been phenomenal. She’s taken a story that was a horrible slap in the face to her (and to James Scott) and turned it into one more memorable Sami story. As Ali said, she was handed lemons and she proceeded to make margaritas out of them. While I’ll never forgive Days for this story and for the destruction they dealt to EJ, Sami, and EJami, I will always remember Sami’s heart breaking over what should not have been.

    I’m going to miss seeing my girl Sami – thank heaven for you tube – but I’ll be following Ali wherever she goes and cheering her on.

    Go Sami! Go Ali!

    Work hard!


  4. kazzy says:

    really getting sick of anything sami and ej. Sami’s best pairing ever was Sami and Lucas, the scheme team. I just want ej and sami gone at this point. yes I am a hater and will never ever change my mind so lets not go there, shall we?

    I think Ej’s best pairing was Nicole, she was the prefect Dimera wife.

    I am not enjoying sami’s revenge as she is taking it to far and will proably just end up back with her lying cheating rapist anyways.


    phil replied

    Both are leaving, and EJ is before Sami…I think he is going to die by the way and Sami will move away.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You are not alone…i always liked Sami with Lucas…and Nicole with E.J.,…it shouldve been E.J. cheated on Nicole with Sami and then Sami and E.J., runs off together…imo!!!


    Mary SF replied

    EJ did cheat on Nicole with Sami—that is what broke them apart, when Rafe told Nicole who was married to EJ that Sami and EJ had slept together the day Johnny disappeared and they thought he died. Nicole left EJ only to soon find she was pregnant with his baby and convinced Rafe to claim to be the baby’s Daddy. And Sami and EJ did end up together after their marriages blew up– so in a way your story idea did happened, so that should make you happy.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Thanks Mary…you are correct…i dont know why i can remember Days plot from 40 years ago…like when Phylis planned to shoot Julie but by mistake shot her own daughter Mary but then i almost forgot E.J. did cheat on Nicole with Sami…another one of my brief memory loss problems but i guess it was there in the back of my mind when i put it in my comments in reply to kazzy and not realizing it already happen…i keep doing things like that too in my personal life…i try not to let it get to me…grateful that you reminded me…thanks, Mary!!!

  5. Ann Marie says:

    I thought Sami was the one who befriended Abby not Abby. I would feel bad for Sami if Sami had not cheated on Rafe


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sami is a hypocrite…


  6. Mark says:

    Sami is ok but the real loss at days is EJ


  7. Chaz says:

    I think Alison Sweeney has been turning in the best performances out of her whole run on Days the last few weeks. In the past Sami could be nasty, bitchy & vengeful but she somehow came off as a spoiled little girl. With this revenge story AS is putting out performances as an adult woman out for blood. Even her facial expressions seem different, harder and more cunning.

    Perhaps AS did need a break and the burden of having so much story all the time took its toll and she felt more dynamic as her run was coming to an end.

    That said, I hope that they do bring Sami back from time to time. For a legacy character to just fall of the earth makes no sense. It has always bothered me when major events happen & close family is absent. In real life people try to be present for this like weddings, funerals and such. And when soaps ignore years of family ties with either little or lame excuses it always makes the audience shake their heads.


  8. dmr says:

    I absolutely loved Sami’s scenes with Caroline and how she finally broke down. I’ve never been a huge fan of Sami; but, those scenes were genuine and raw.


  9. Iakovos says:

    Sweeney is one of the reasons DAYS has become my soap of choice (even tho I follow all the remaining four). Her Sami is a rich legacy character and even if the plot seem wrong, I enjoy watching the actor. She will be missed but we will remember these great moments until Sami visits Salem. I cannot imagine there will not be guest appearances or a short-term storyline down the road.


  10. Engrady Pind says:

    The role of Sami Brady that Allison Sweeney played on Days has so tainted my opinion that I have difficulty separating the character from the actress. Anyone can play a self-absorbed, over-the-top, immature, undisciplined, screeching shrew.

    I am waiting for everything to blow up in Sami’s face, at which time I will say, Bien hecho, bitch.


  11. Elite Advisors says:

    Change is Good…she has done this gig for many many years… I was shocked to hear she is directing a GH episode…isn’t that what Kim MC ( Robin) has always wanted to do? If there was a ‘opening’, why would they not have offered it to a long GH alum? I am sure there are reasons, but honestly, that’s just not cool….

    Only my little bitty opinion…. ;)


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