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0 August 27th, 2010 DAYS Alison Sweeney partners with EQUL for relaunch of her website!

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Days of our Lives, Alison Sweeney (Sami) recently partnered with EQAL to re-launch her website the destination for daily content, tips and resources for eating well, working out and how best to take care of oneself.

Sweeney stated, “I’m always asked how I balance my jobs and family, and the answer is that I’m learning new techniques every day.  I’m very excited for the new website to create a close-knit community of people sharing tips they’ve figure out along the way and for me to share what works for me, and the advice I’m given by those around me.”

Matt Seigel, EQAL’s SVP of Production, adds, “Alison has all the intangibles that are needed to create a vibrant online community. People of all ages and backgrounds connect with her and she’s driven to engage with her fans directly.”

While her primary role is wife and mother to Ben (5) and Megan (1), Sweeney is also busy juggling two jobs – host of NBC’s hit reality series The Biggest Loser and star of  Days of our Lives, in the role of Sami Brady.  Alison’s new book, The Mommy Diet, will be released in January 2011 and is guide for moms who want to look and feel fabulous, before, during and after their pregnancy. In the book, Sweeney shares straightforward tips, personal anecdotes, easy-to-follow exercises and more – similar to what she hopes to do every day on her website.

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