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11 April 20th, 2015 DAYS Australian Finalists For Role Of Finn: Andrew Steel, Alexander Bruszt & Tom Dalzell Discuss Their Audition! Watch The Video Interview!


Last week Australian actors, Andrew Steel, Alexander Bruzt, and Tom Dalzell had their big shot and a chance of a lifetime to land a role on Days of our Lives. 

The three young actors were the three finalists in the talent search that looked far and wide down under for a new hottie to come to Salem just in time for the series 50th anniversary storylines.

While the winner is yet to be announced, you can look for the character of Finn to debut sometime in October! As fans have previously heard the role of Finn is set to be a new resident who comes to Salem under the tutelage of Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) at University Hospital.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman sat down with Andrew, Alexander and Tom immediately following their audition on the set of DAYS.   The three Aussies revealed what happened in their screen tests with Arianne Zucker (Nicole), and even revealed they saw Peter Reckell (Bo) and Stephen Nichols (Patch) in the hallways!  Fans know that those two fan favorites are already back taping shows for the big anniversary splash later this year.

Watch the video interview with the three Australian finalists after the jump, then let us know after hearing them talk and watching the on-camera, who do you think has the best personality? Who is the hottest? And, who do you think will ultimately land the role? 

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  1. Christine says:

    Must we only pick one??? They are all wonderful. Good luck to all of them.


  2. Patrick says:

    Australian accents rank right up the top of sexy

    with a good looking person twofold

    assessing from this interview

    I am now caught, with: Andrew Steel !

    doesn’t Alexander Bruzt “look” like a younger Brad Pitt ?

    I still think it’s between these two….

    C’mon “DAYS” give us the lowdown on what’s past, September, 2016


    Jeremy replied

    Alexander Bruzt!!!!


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Im going to wait and see how this character plays out…hope he is not another long lost relative of someone on the show…im more interested to hear who else is showing up for the shows 50th…and please cant the writers think of anything else for Nicole other than a break up with Daniel or Erik and the usual confrontation scenes with Theressa or whoever is on the show that day…this is all the character seems to get storywise…the actress deserves better!!!…jmo!!!


    Patrick replied

    she truly does

    I honestly thought this

    she’s no longer “fun” interesting and character driven

    watching her “breakdown” with Daniel is unbearable

    at least her acting is trying


    as she attempts for the umpteenth millionth time to meltdown and lack respect for herself

    I don’t know how, AZ, manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat

    she really needs a new direction… as i’ve always said… just “magically” bring back, her mother, Fay… and this will work wonders

    I wonder if down the road… after Serena leaves… are we, the audience going to “suffer” through another Nicole/Eric trial ?!?!

    it’s amazing… how much , a different outlook one can have… after a two week haitus… LOL (me) from Salem ! i’m still 8 eps behind…. baseball season is ON!

    LOL… still PRESSing

    at the very minimum… she needs a bff
    I didn’t really see Nicole and Jennifer hanging

    what if Nicole and Adrienne started relating?


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Victor is a hypocrite…he had an affair with married Caroline which resulted in Bo but goes balistic because Adrienne is cheating on Justin???


  4. mike says:



  5. Mo says:

    What’s up with that baseball cap? Looks strange.


  6. Robert says:

    I think it will be Alexander, during the video interview, demonstrated a playful ,boyish energy that I think will be perfect for the role


  7. Gmbenet says:

    My choice is Tom Dalzell – hands down – not even close!!!


  8. maddiehayes says:

    Let me guess .. Finn is gay


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