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12 July 27th, 2017 DAYS Bad Boy Rob Scott Wilson Lands Major Role In New Film: ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’

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Looks like Rob Scott Wilson who easily can play the good-looking guy with a dark side, as we have seen from his memorable performances on Days of our Lives as serial killer Ben Weston before his exit, has been cast in a major role in an upcoming motion picture.

According to Deadline: Wilson plays the role of Brad, a millionaire bachelor star of a reality show, who quickly becomes obsessed with a teenage girl named Kendra. Known to lie as a tool to lash out, everyone think’s Kendra is just “crying wolf” about the harassment. By the time Kendra convinces her mother that Brad poses a threat to them both, his behavior has spins out of control, leaving both in danger.   No word on who will play the key role of Kendra, opposite Wilson.

Ken Sanders is the producer on the project and the thriller will be  directed by Rob Malenfant.

So does this sound like the perfect role for Rob?  Sound intriguing? Comment below

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  1. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’m very happy to hear he’s working. Congratulations to Rob. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Second the motion; he worked hard as Ben.


  2. Celia says:

    Good for him ….he will excel in anything he does. He is that good!!


    Soaphound replied

    I agree. So why the heck couldn’t he have played Scott Grainger on Y&R or fire Nurse Amy, Nelle, Jordan, TJ, and Charlotte from GH and create a role for Robert. He’s a surprisingly good actor (anybody who looks that good and you sometimes wonder) and certainly a feast for the eyes.


    Celia replied

    Right, Soaphound.? Lordy Lord, Rob would have made the perfect Scott—fits the age profile, albeit I couldn’t see him with Sharon—stunning with Abby, though!!!!
    Hmmm, why, you ask? Because sometimes, the PTB and the writers go around with their heads buried in the sand, or wear blinders.

  3. Nk3play2 says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to start booking gigs. I’m happy for him.


  4. Mo says:

    Good for him. He did a great job on Days.


  5. Jim Larson says:

    He started out on Price is right as a male model, his looks helped him get the role of Petey Cortland on the brief reboot of ALL MY CHILDREN, and he did improve acting wise on Days of Our Lives. I don’t think he’s Robert DeNiro in the drama department but he’s certainly always showing improvement – good for him for landing a good role.


  6. blake says:

    Great news for Rob! Being hot and sexy I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron C. brings him back to Days, and that would be fine with me!


  7. James R. Poissant says:

    I thought i read somewhere that he’s coming back to DAYS. I didn’t know if that was true or just a rumor?


  8. Tina says:

    Congratulations Rob!! I’m so happy for him. He will be great in anything he does.


  9. JMER says:

    I only watched him for a short time on Days during the anniversary but was impressed with his skills and happy that others are too.


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