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16 October 18th, 2016 DAYS Billy Flynn Cast In New Film!


While we all love Billy Flynn’s portrayal of Chad DiMera on Days of our Lives, many have also known that he would be great in feature films, too! Now comes word out of Deadline that Flynn has been cast in the upcoming feature, D.O.A. Blood River.

The film is said to be a thriller written and helmed by Stephen C. Sepher. Filming beings next month with Sepher also serving as producer along Rory Fradella, Kim Barnard and Nazo Bravo.  Inspired by Rudolph Mate’s 1950 noir thriller, the film follows pharmaceutical salesman Sam Collins as he travels from Los Angeles to a small town in Louisiana to sign the business deal of his career with Dr. Alexander, a doctor specializing in Vaccine Research.

Flynn took to his Instagram account to share the good news citing, “So excited I can finally share this news!!!! I can’t wait to tell THIS story…with such an amazing cast and@stephencyrussepher at the helm it’s going to be a really special experience.#DOAbloodriver #werecoming#lovehard @deadline”

So, what do you think of Billy’s new film role? Share your congrats and comments below!


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  1. Patrick says:

    selfishly…this MAN surely will stretch his wings and fly

    just remember where home is…. in Salem

    I have to follow his career choices

    DiMera LIVE !

    the one good thing about Salem… resurgence , (for the millionth time – and i’m grateful)

    this time around…

    The DiMera Mystique Lives ON

    Chad, Andre, Kate… w/ Abs coming home … Thomas… and the stratosphere ultra Anna… soon to be

    how electric is this ? sophisticated and sizzle

    once again the DiMera Dynasty takes reign


    Patrick replied

    NEED to give prop to Thaao Penghlis

    whether he’s Tony; whether he’s Andre…. he’s class… he’s funny… if any one wants to talk about “method”

    Thaao is the man to watch

    heck he’s even a bumbling Columbo…

    two things:

    1. I was in delight mode… when Andre met up with Clyde @ the docks… LOL it was a nice cache and repertoire… and exchange of spar… you could tell these two were having fun with it;

    with leads me in to #2

    2. when Andre “shot” Chad… you had me believing it was real… it was great foible and game on… especially with added affect… Adrienne and Lucas. after it was all said and done… Chad acknowledges Andre as they share a glass of champagne… mystique

    never get enough of Andre… plus… when kate and Anna are big mix

    way to go Thaao


    Patrick replied

    Billy Flynn really gets acting

    I love how he’s so in the moment and meets his cast members eye to eye and SHARES the screen.

    his scenes with Jennifer… as he gave her a watch that Abs was intended…

    his family moments with Kate and Andre… are remnants of days of ole… regal, biting, … ok i’m stretching but it’s their – you want more DiMera time

    his scenes with Sonny ARE A MUST

    he’s my dream… what can I say ( I will )


    Patrick replied

    STAT : Anne Milbauer played by the FUNNEST gal… Meredith Scott Lyn

    YES… is staying on @ DAYS past her BFF Jenn Lilly’ Theresa.

    get this… she becomes entranced LOL by


    Lucas Roberts… played by the funny guy… Bryan Dattilo

    taken from SOD… hilarious read

  2. Aria says:

    I don’t watch dool but the guy has movie star written all over !


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    This is good for him-thats if the movie is good and does well…however, this could also lead him to eventually leaving the show…if that happens he and nuAbby should leave town together before recasting or bring in more Hortons and slowly introduce a new family or bring back Rory and Bev and introduce their families!!! Maxine too!!!


    davlestev1 replied

    They say that the seasons are four. Peyton Place. America’s British soap. Why this.? Cuz Jim knows it’s the truth…


  4. Mo says:

    We don’t all love him as Chad.

    Wouldn’t mind if he had to leave Days for his movies and the role were recast.


  5. Llanviewer717 says:

    Congratulations to Billy Flynn. What a great opportunity for him. I know he’ll do a wonderful job.


  6. Steve says:

    So happy for you and it will be great live you as Chad


  7. eileen hargis says:

    Days giving him enough time off to do a movie?


    Mary replied

    Everything with see on Days now was filmed six months ago. So, it’s possible that Billy is using his on “off time” to work on this project.


  8. Celia says:

    Good for you, Billy. I am one of your greatest fans.

    I would, actually, love to see Billy in one of those old-fashioned swashbuckling movies. He looks the part….acts the part….suits the part. Maybe it has something to do with his name? Flynn!!!!


    Linda replied

    Great response! I think Billy would be great as a swashbuckler too! I love his eyes and good looks! Can’t wait to see the movie, or Billy in anything he may do! Congratulations Billy Flynn! Love you!


  9. James R. Poissant says:

    This could be the beginning of the end for him. Now that he will have this feature under his belt, it could bring in more offers. He’ll most likely be off the canvas for a few months anyway.


  10. janet says:

    Congrats to Billy. I am not the least surprised by this. The young man can act. he is handsome, talented and I hope he has nothing but success. As for turning this into a Thaao thing. I also like the actor but acting with him can only help Billy.
    Chad ands Abigail kept me tuning in. Best to both actors.


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