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35 September 15th, 2017 DAYS Bryan Dattilo On Drunk Lucas: “It’s My Favorite Storyline Ever. We’re Getting To The Root Of My Character’s Pain In A Way We Never Have Before”

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Days of our Lives enduring fan favorite, Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), is delivering powerful performances as Lucas Horton’s battle with a booze and his addiction takes over his entire life, after thinking that Adrienne (Judi Evans) dumped him when it actually was doppelganger, Bonnie!

Add to that the fact that he woke up passed out with a dead Angelica Deveraux (Morgan Fairchild) next to him, and things aren’t looking to good for the guy.  Now in key episodes that begin to air today on the September 15th episode and on Monday’s September 18th episode, the highly-anticipated and publicized moment will go down when Lucas sees the vision of his “dead” son, Will Horton, played by Chandler Massey. This was Massey’s first episode back now that he has officially returned in his soap-famous role.

Dattilo spoke with TV Insider about the storyline where he expressed on the moment Lucas “sees’ Will:  ”We keep it mysterious. It’s all shot very cinematically, so you’re not quite sure what’s really going on. But Lucas doesn’t want to believe he’s talking to Will’s ghost. In fact, he rejects the idea. He thinks it’s all in his mind or that maybe God is messing with him. He’s playing the victim and blaming his drinking on his rotten life and on Will’s death. Meanwhile, Will’s looking at his dad like, ‘You are so in denial about your drinking.’ And it’s true. Lucas passes out and wakes up in the hospital. But he’s committed to staying drunk.”

As to where Lucas’ current downfall rates in the 24 year history of playing Lucas, Dattilo adds he is enjoying both the comedic and dramatic elements of the writing under Ron Carlivati: “It’s my favorite storyline ever. We’re getting to the root of my character’s pain in a way we never have before.”

On if Lucas is truly resenting the upcoming nuptials of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul )Christopher Sean), Dattilo revealed: “Sober Lucas would never react this way—in fact, he would support the wedding—but drunk Lucas is pissed off. He blasts Sonny for not honoring Will’s memory, and he blames Paul for having sex with Will, which is what drove Sonny and Will apart. He even thinks Paul had the whole thing planned from the beginning.”

So ready to see Dattilo in major emotional scenes with Chandler Massey on the next few episodes of DAYS and the fallout? Comment below.

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  1. Judy says:

    wow sounds like a winner to me wow Lets just hope they dont break in with news up date


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I was hoping there would be more about Lucas falling off the wagon after faux Adrienne dumped him. I started watching Days during Will and Sonny’s wedding. From the first time I saw them, I have been very impressed by Judi Evans and Bryan Dattilo and wanted to see more of them. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about Lucas and his alcoholism. (Having seen his so called mother and knowing he was once married to Sami, I’ve got a pretty good idea already.)


  3. James R. Poissant says:

    So glad to see Lucas involved in good story. I felt he had gotten short-changed several times in the past and didn’t like how his character was written at times or his lack of airtime. DAYS is in such a good place with me right now that I can’t wait to tune into the day’s episode.


    Judy replied

    Me to. have watch it sense it started. I cant wait to see was next


  4. 4ever DAYS says:

    It’s always a pleasure watching Bryan as Lucas in scenes with everyone! I’m loving Lucas central to story. Losing Lucas for months at a time with no big story is stupid. Ron Carlivati was smart enough to change that. Lucas as a lush is good, funny at times and also sad. I can’t wait to see his scenes in the church. Hopefully, Lucas hasn’t lost his “will” to live!


    Patrick replied

    @4 – i’m teasing you here

    n-I-c-e post. emotional… some heart pull and tug , no? I like

    Bryan Dattilo – like @James R said above… Lucas does get the short end of the stick… and has to climb, clamor, claw his way back… which is always a treat .

    every SOD issue I read. the number one thing that’s always mentioned is Bryan Dattilo sense of humor… his good natured appeal… and his contribution. he’s just a boffo mega in his own right.

    i’m going to cry , when Lucas finds out that his “Will” is the real deal.

    hip hip hooray for BD and Lucas Horton.


  5. Jimh says:

    This is long time coming…i never understood why the previous writers made Lucas played by a talented actor more like a prop but wrote for the terrible teens…Ron C. has his hits and misses but im glad he uses some of the iconic actors/ actors more including Josh Taylor who has been poorly underused for ages whether anybody likes or hates his version of Roman-previous writers never really allowed him to make the character his own…sometimes it was hard seeing him as Roman but because i had watched him play Chris for so long…but im now ok with him as Roman!!!


    Jimh replied



    Patrick replied

    Josh Taylor – Roman Augustus Brady.

    read that in wiki… middle name.

    it’s been a hoot plus watching him with Hattie and Kate.   his being the Brady Patriarch , it seems is coming out more and more often.   thanks to RC.

    I read in a SOD issue and someone’ post.   ” I miss Caroline Brady “.    yeah, right ?  I certainly do.  

    what better time to flesh out Roman, for that reason.  Peggy McKay :  god speed we miss you.

    off topic : ie: Ari Zucker, Nicole Walker. taken from SOD

    Q&A :

    Q – On the August 4 episode of DAYS, Nicole said that she had taken a bullet for Victor. When did that happen, and what were the circumstances?

    A – in 2002, after Victor revealed the secret location of Stefano airstrip, a hit was put out on him. Sami spotted the gunman and pushed Nicole in front of Victor. Nicole was shot in the abdomen and later learned that she would be unable to carry a baby to full term.

    I ALWAYS WANTED to know why Nicole could never carry to term. course now that I think of it.. I thought it was a genetic defect ? wrong choice of word. nevertheless, this would spell out why Sami and Nicole often never saw eye to eye.

    Ari Zucker certainly managed boffo to carry herself , on her own, throughout her whole career @DAYS. that’s saying a whole heck of a lot.

    I WANT that @DAYS just make Fay Walker alive… now wouldn’t she be something to show up in Salem.. and romance them all… from Abe to Roman, to Victor… to even Andre… just saying… she’s a heck of an actress.

    so.. all my heartache for Nicole has been answered.. alas she has Holly now.. so i’m resting easy.

    it’s been a bang up job watching DAYS… with Roman and Lucas.


  6. Karen Clark says:

    Bryan has been one of my favorite Days actors since that first day he was at Sami’s door in dress uniform to pick her up for their first date. He was unforgettable .


  7. dmr says:

    I remember “Drunk Lucas” from the 90′s era. This era’s “Drunk Lucas” has got great comedic value! I laughed so hard during the “Drunk Brady” and “Drunk Lucas” scenes at TBD a few weeks back. I know that alcoholism is not something to poke fun at, but those scenes were really funny, and the scenes really capitalized on Bryan’s comedic skills. Also, I loved his scenes with Lauren Koslow when Kate discovered Lucas was drinking again.


  8. boes says:

    I’m so glad BD is getting this storyline. So often he’s been IMO taken for granted by the show, which has been a real waste of his talent.
    He was spectacular in the wake of Will’s death so watching him get another chance to show us his talent is really wonderful.
    Good job, Ron C!


    Paul replied

    I completely agree. You post echoes what I’ve been saying. HIs stuff following Will’s death was Emmy worthy.


  9. Scott K says:

    Is Chandler back as a cast member or as a guest star? I certainly hope it is the former!


  10. Boop says:

    I am loving Days and Lucas.


  11. Violet Lemm says:

    Very good show today. Will looks the same good looking young man, as he did when he left. Hope he is for real, and not just in Lucas’s drunken mind.
    I also thought the whole thing with him and the two couples, was a disgusting thing to be happening in a church, foul language, etc.


  12. Celia says:

    WOO!!!! It seems that Will will regarded as an apparition from the netherworld to Lucas. The Church a perfect backdrop/setting.
    Poor Lucas must think he’s losing his mind in a drunken stupor.


  13. Eddie says:

    For me, it’s too little too late. Will Horton should never have been murdered off to begin with, and I’ll never get past the stupidity of that story. If the TPTB were unhappy with Guy Wilson’s acting then they should have recast the character—not killed him off.


  14. su0000 says:

    I see RC is working his magic..
    delivering his Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue and strutting his mastering of the twist & turns with surprises..
    Luck Days !

    RC will not bore you ..


  15. Lou piikes says:

    What happened to Corday’s promise of “no back from the dead ” storylines?


    4ever DAYS replied

    That was his doppelganger who said that!


    Lou piikes replied

    Lawd have mercy. Tell his doppleganger to stop rebooting. Days.

    Celia replied

    Ahh-ha, 4ever…cute…love it !!

    Mo replied

    I don’t care. I’m glad to have Will back.


    Lou Piikes replied

    Will is just another generic Horton.

  16. Patrick says:

    I have to prop Deidre and the production team.

    god- I cried for Hattie.

    when she was found out @Salem Inn , by Hope. when her suitcase spilled open.

    she “fell” to the floor

    as she repeated to Hope… “don’t touch my things”

    ??? it still affected me. Hattie lost touch with reality


    Mo replied

    I don’t like people touching my things either! :-)


    Mark replied

    It depends on who is doing the touching and what they are touching.

    Mark replied

    Agree totally. Actually, I think it was Deidre’s first real acting challenge in a long time. It was the first time Hattie actually felt like a separate character.


    Patrick replied

    “Mark ” thank you

    of all the posts… this one means something

    I’m happy for Deidre .. that she got this opportunity WITH Judi Evans

    I thought this was a welcome way to move on. and YES, Deidre went out on a high note

    because I thought… it’s time to move on to Will… plus Sami

    plus John.

    so this is a lot of drama on the horizon.

    couldn’t be happier for the show.. and all the individual performances being REELED by the “CAST”


    Patrick replied

    *of all the posts… this one means something

    * should read… i’m just glad that you and other fans of the show may have gotten the same read we did

    all these threads 4 DAYS….

    thank you MF

  17. Mo says:

    Bryan has been doing a great job. Can’t wait to see more. Really enjoying Days lately.


    Celia replied

    I know, Mo….Bryan has really taken the bull by the horns. Admirable!!
    I am somewhat upset, though. Is this all we get from Will? I must be really dumb….I actually thought Will came home to Salem. Permanently.
    He’s a ghost? What a disappointment.
    I get it…..Will appears to ‘save’ his father, as it were, but not in human form. Sigh. Me no like. LOL.


    Mo replied

    I believe Will is returning in the flesh.

  18. Judy says:

    I through that they were bring Will back as humon being not as a ghost


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